No doubt my FAV day of Kwanzaa. Giving thanks for my wONEderFULLY
Divine Parents for giving me the name AND the spirit to always fall back on when times get tougher than impossible.

OH PLEASE UNDER/INNERSTAND that REAL "faith" is something that comes from within...not without. So if you don't have natural access to it, you can pray til the cows come home...but nothing ain't gonna happen...until you recognize.....YOU.

Or maybe that's just MY story.

2015 was perhaps the worst/best year of my life! And during this year, I found MY walk...MY balance...and found ME...again.

2016 will be an even MORE personal walk. Personal...AND UnIversal. Restoring my fragmented pieces and upgrading MY matrix. It's a NEW YEAR. Time to do some more NEW things...in NEW places...with NEW faces.

After all, that's what change and evolution is about: GROWTH.

Channeling the GOD/DESS in me and releasing the devils in others. Don't bring people's baggage on your path who never belonged on your path anyway. Their lessons are not YOURS to learn! And while YOU were a lesson for THEM, sometimes they are merely "tests" for YOU to stay focused and put your faith to practice and not mere lip service!

STOP waiting on a miracle while still embracing a tragedy. SAVE YOURSELF! Learn YOUR lessons. Do better math. Change the equations for a productive sum. And kick that "minus shit" to the curve.

Look at people by their inner spirits...not their outer statuses or labels. Hear the talk, if you want. But LISTEN to the "walk."

And if ya can't, well the ONLY thing I got for you is a prayer...and I gotta keep moving. Very important things to do...for MYSELF and my own movement! #TEAMFAITH

Kinda loving this "harvest" thing where I actually get fed on EVERY level and reap the benefits FIRST from my work and planting. Funny...it's nothing I didn't already know. I just had to be reminded of who was who...and who wasn't. But mainly....GODDESS had to recognize SELF without seeing me through the limited eyes and minds of others!

And it's all GOoD. Revelations usually are. #truth


FAITH ORACLE....rebooting and upgrading.