Gil...Amiri...Langston...Sonia...Last Poets
My top 5
The poets EYE grew up to...listened to...read...embraced.
The poetry...the writing...the POWER
That fed MY soul.

Bold soul
Black soul
For wanting and doing
For making "fast food junkies"

Maybe that's how winos feel
Whey they forget what fresh water taste likes
The clarity
and the clearness
Scares the hell out of 'em

And they can't taste the power
In the purity
Because they've grown accustom 
To the swill

EYE never grew accustom 
To the swill
In fact,
Too much swill
Makes ME ill
So EYE had to give myself 
The red pill of poetry
And a little CoQ10
Aka FRESH AIR with a punch
For breakfast, dinner
AND lunch

Now THAT'S my taste!

See why EYE'm different than
The rest


Not knocking bologna sandwiches
If that's all you know and got
But giving thanks
That EYE actually DO know what 
REAL unprocessed food tastes like
And can make my own
And still grab some vintage wine
Out of MY cellars

You are what you eat
And drink
The point.


EYE love MY people....emphasis on MY people.  That is not color nor gender specific.  It's a love thang.  A spiritual thang.  A true connection to my presence...and presents.

Worldwide...EYE have the most wonderful connections
And giving thanks as you hung thru my trying introspections

You just can't believe
Some folks don't want to
Nor want YOU to achieve

They'll spend more time deceiving...themselves
And try to strip YOU of your story...and wealth
And that....struggle...of seeing "death"
(And not necessarily for YOU  ;-)  )
Had to find a creative way to come out and be felt
By those
Who you truly feel comfortable with

Ahhhh...and there it be
Dealing only with the audience that's made
Just for ME

The blessing to end ALL stress
MY heaven on earth...and a shelter from all this mess

Just sharing....as always
Better days
Are here....

EYE have learned the reason why you don't cast pearls to swine.  EYE have learned hard lessons thru the test of time.  EYE have LEARNED that many can be blind...and choose to be.  They will blame their insecurity on YOUR efficiency.
They will want company in their misery and will NEVER obtain their destiny
But none of that, in REAL time, should ever stop ME
From BEing or DOing ME

EYE have learned to embrace MY gifts...and drink the wine EYE make...first.
EYE have learned that some can be like "Cain"...and will always do their worse.
EYE have learned that with some...you don't give a second chance  
After the 3rd time.
EYE have learned....that the REAL reason EYE shine
Is because EYE CHOOSE TO...
And EYE CHOOSE to apply and stay focused 
On MY happy and MY gifts
And when EYE treat MYSELF like EYE wanted to be treated
EYE naturally uplift
Someone who is worthy
Of my presence
And presents

But some....
Will NEVER touch my "bow" again

And please believe a fake smile
Does NOT hide the heart that pretends
And just because EYE no longer harbor the pain
Nor the unnecessary drain
And just toss it to the wind
EYE am WELL aware
You don't give 2nd chances for the 3rd time
To folks who have proven NOT to be friends

You move forward to what IS...for YOU
Not what isn't....
True...and truth 

Just basic common sense and cents
Not always applied
Until now

are gifts too!

Yup...THIS is going in the book...
AND the play! 



Is NOT a given
With ALL things
And ALL people

Is ONLY a given
When it's for YOU...
A reminding action
And blessing
That YOU were given
From the GREATEST builder(s)
Who gave YOU 
From the start
What YOU need
To support 

The gift stealers
The takers
The fakers
The NEVER reciprocators
Always watching
Always thirsty
Always....doing what they do

But never fear
For they can ONLY do
What YOU allow

Support for self
Support for and from
Everyone else
Is a gift
Not a given
And once given
And not appreciated
Nor reciprocated
Becomes like the rains
In a forest

It dries up

And this goes for ALL things
And all people
Even YOU

Because even the MOST HIGH
Loves to be appreciated
And when the Parents are happy
The child is always blessed

Proven...and Proving

First and foremost
Support SELF
Because no one in their RIGHT mind
Puts the weight of the world
On a table with broken legs

Re-establishing my link
With the TRUE builders
And rebuilding MY legs
And securing my OWN support

So EYE can have
A table
To eat on


Poetry did NOT start in an "open mic."  
With a three-minute clock
To impress those
Who never read
Anything beyond
Their own prose
And who cater to whatever trend
With the wind

Started with minds
And brave hearts and mouths
That dared to speak
What scared teachers wouldn't teach
Or preachers NEVER preach
Words that jumped from the brain
To a book
Which many now overlook
Or don't bother to read...

Freedom did NOT start on a cross.
It started when someone decided...
There would be no more lack
Nor loss
No catering to some "undeserving boss"
Freedom started with a will
And an act
To get UP off the cross...
And refused to stay on their knees
Just to please a master
Who kept perpetuating the disease
Of non-reciprocal servitude
To please THEIR needs
While controlling others 
For nothing
And promising a lie
Of what will be received
When they die


HOW would THEY know

Since NO one has come back
To say



All people who do "spit poetry"
Are not necessarily poets

And all slaves
Don't want to be free

At the end...or the beginning
Of the day

The outcome and tolerance of such
You and Me

And that's why it's called

And choices are personal

Even GOD knew that
that's why SHE gave you


Is a walk; not just a talk 


Just keeping it REAL...
They LOVED Gil in the end 
But not in the middle...
Nor the beginning
They loved Gil's style and his smile
But they didn't love Gil's words
Because his words were too real.

See, people would rather drink or pop a pill 
Than feel and see and acknowledge what's really going on.

But Gil....
He had to numb his pain to keep from going insane 
In a world that seemed to only operate on a limited brain
And no heart.

They loved Gil in the end
But not in the middle...
Nor the beginning
They were so busy pointing at his "sinning" 
They didn't see he was winning the race for humanity
Dropping the wisdom with such vanity
You'd have to be blind and crazy not to see

And while imitators and fakers use his words like a fad
They will NEVER have the courage nor the knowledge
Gil had

Doesn't come from a poem
It comes from a purpose
And the courage to live it...

And the BEST
Always struggle
Til they see the light
And get it right
And realize the truth
Apparently causes more fear and fright
Than freedom
In slaves

The reason why many misbehave

And that was his message
That saved
That was Gil's lesson was for me
And I got it.

Thank you, Teacher

(Dedicated to all pioneering artists & activists who dare to keep it real...regardless)


Don't worry about trying to understand the masses...work with the masses...or constantly deal with the masses.  The masses, as a rule (their own Stepford one, no doubt),  NEVER follow the steps of an explorer or true pioneer.  They wait...watch...see if anyone else will...and will follow whatever they see a whole bunch of others doing.  

Mindless "sameness."  And WHAT can you accomplish DIFFERENTLY with THAT?!  #pointprovenEVERYday

And let's be REALLY real!!  ANYONE who dares to stand out, defy "assimilation," refuse "degradation" and spit total TRUTH is ALWAYS the FIRST to be criticized and crucified.  Countless stories of that time and time again.  So WHAT have we learned from THAT, boyz and girlz?!  The "fearful" have learned to do a "jig" in an ass-up position.  The "smart and true"....have learned "creative survival" and self-preservation.  Ahhhh....THAT'S what the true elders were/are teaching.....

TO THOSE WHO ARE DESTINED TO BE DIFFERENT:  CONTINUE TO BEAT TO YOUR OWN DRUM.  THERE IS A REASON "YOU" HAVE THE COURAGE AND SKILLS TO "STAND OUT."  Never allow someone who can't be different or original or "stand out" from the "mindless sameness" tell you that you shouldn't.  Remember, EVERY "Abel" has a "Cain."  And either you ARE an "Abel" or a "Cain."  Actions...will speak and show which is which EVERY time.  Wait for it...wait for it.....BAM!!!  There it is.  ;-)

Digressing to progress:  You can get a LOT done with a choice few than a LOT of nothing blocking you, stopping you, just there taking up your space and time AND food and wine just to say "wees in this togethers in the same boat" (no...no, we're NOT) and stinking up your garden like "doo doo" (or should EYE say "don't don't" as in "don't have time for THAT mess!")

EYE'm just saying....find the team that works FOR you and WITH you and ADDS to your life and succe$$; not drain from it and cause you all types of unnecessary distress.  Some want you to succeed.  Many want you to fail...simply because THEY can't succeed.  But THAT...is THEIR issue.  Don't make it yours.  Too much beauty to REACH for than to hold on to nightmares that will NEVER become dreams. YOU WANT TO SAVE THE COMMUNITY?!  SAVE YOURSELF FIRST!  Like everything else, it takes ONE step at a time.  DON'T miss the FIRST crucial one.  

That is why folks keep slipping and sleeping.

TIME TO WAKE UP NOW!!  ENJOY "YOUR" SUNSHINE!!  Save YOURSELF and protect YOUR home FIRST. Stay focused on and enjoy YOURSELF the gifts given to YOU from birth.  NEVER let ANYONE diminish or abuse your worth.  

And the Universe with do the rest.  Proved...Proven...and Proving.