EYE forgive you.
EYE forgive you in your need to compete
Your need to repeat same mistakes
That keep you in the same place
And, instead of looking in the mirror,
You use MY face as the source of your pain
Because the shame of your own insecurities
Weigh you down from being free
To see
EYE was only there to help
Not to be a mere entourage
To your misery
Not to facilitate 
Your own self-hate
And share the burden with you

EYE forgive you
For separating friends and ends
Simply because your own life now depends
On the drama and distraction
Of not addressing your own sin
Denial NEVER makes amends
With reality....
And it is at this point
Where MY new life begins
Because EYE sadly realize
We were probably never friends
Because HOW can someone be a friend to YOU
When they can't even be a friend to themselves?

Wasted dreams like old dust on the shelves
Ignoring your real self
And trying to be someone else
Will not free you from YOU
And that's when EYE realized
There was nothing else EYE could do

But free...me
And just let it...be

EYE took my hands off the "hope"
And let my happiness lead me on to better
Realizing that this is no longer a path
We can share together
We were just 2 points meeting
At a familiar intersection
Moving in different directions
Introspection suggests
The understanding that lessons...
Are personal

And sometimes...
You just have to let the student
Get burned
Especially when it's earned and their turn

Tiz why elders cry
And say goodbye

Because someone
Has to be left
To breathe breath
Into the babies
Who truly search
For better wealth


EYE forgive you
And the fact that you can't even forgive yourself
And that's why our story has to end

Because self-hate is something
EYE will NEVER cater to
Nor recommend 
Goodbye, my "friend"

Thanks for the lesson in letting go

How you break ties with fading shadows from your past