EYE've been thru and survived a LOT to get to THIS place in space and time when the smiles are real, the feelings are mutual, the darkness is fading, the awareness is clear, the wisdom is awakening, the air is fresh and the health, wealth and happiness are rising.  Do EYE regret any of it?  No.  It made me who EYE am.  Am EYE bitter?  Used to be...before EYE unplugged from that which made me bitter instead of better and focused more on what makes ME happy and tick.  Do EYE wish it could have been different?  Doesn't matter.  It is what it IS...it ain't what it AIN'T...and that's why EYE do what EYE DO.

Would EYE go back thru it again?  HELL TO DA NAAAH!!  That sounds like some fool who just wants a 2nd chance to "fuck up your happy" and make you blow YOUR blessings on repeat lessons just because they can't keep up with YOUR pace.  Some things aren't YOUR race.  And SMART kids don't repeat the same classes!!  IJS

Why REAL movements require moving FORWARD...and not backwards.  ;-)


U ever notice how a hater will align themselves with the very same people they talked about to YOU just to talk about YOU because YOU confronted them (in love) on some bullshit?! See?! Some just prove your point...COMPLETELY AND NOT SO DISCREETLY....and further justify your move away from them without wasting another conversation or second in their draining non-presence.

Jealously...Insecurity...Ignorant Arrogance..."Closet Hating"....it's all still the signs of a hater...and a person who hates the truth. And a person who hates the truth doesn't even know how to love self, so they'll always hate YOU and all you represent.


(That moment when you walk away in love -- for YOUR self and THEIR sake -- and allow others to learn THEIR lesson that is no longer meant for YOU. And for THAT, "they" say EYE have an "attitude." LOL Whateva!  #buhbyeboo)


We are all in a war
Dying from wounds occurred on the battle field
Whatever your battle, it's very real
Just because others can't see
The endless casualty
Doesn't make it less real
For you and for me
To my soldiers still suffering
From your wounds and your scars
Take a second to acknowledge
Who and what YOU are
A soldier...a survivor
And few can compare
While YOU were in midst of the battle
All "they" did was just stare
While YOU were in the trenches
All "they" did was compare
But when you do it for them
Do YOU see "thanks" anywhere?!

Oh a few fake parades
Maybe a glass of lemonade
But reality is you get "shade"
From most folks that you saved
So to my soldier survivors
THIS message stands true
On this next journey and battle

From one who knows....



REAL'ISDOM:  Self-love is not "selfish."  "Selfish" is thinking everyone else will fulfill your needs...or should.  They won't...because many don't even know how to fulfill their OWN needs, more or less YOURS.  "Self-love" is knowing all your needs start and end with YOU...and never allowing someone else to misuse, abuse or co-opt your process and flow of filling yourself up with all the love and prosperity you can muster and enjoy.  

Anyone who blocks your flow of love and prosperity does not deserve to be in your world.  Leave them to theirs....and continue to build YOURS with love and prosperity and those who show they deserve to be a part of your process of happiness and growth.  It's YOUR choice.  YOUR world.  Make it better...not bitter...and love yourself enough to discard anything that makes you focus on THEM more than yourself.

Self-love is the beginning of ALL love and life and your greatest power and gift to self. It's a solo and very personal inner journey to a much bigger outer connection.  It's the light and life from which all things flow.  It's the magic that creates the miracle.  When you truly learn to love yourself and treat yourself as such without sacrifice or concern to another's thoughts or labels, the Universe will open doors and allow you to find others who will love you for just being YOU.  A win-win all the way around.  Proved...Proven...and Proving.


Broadcaster, Writer, Poet, Liver of Life

My parents were big readers. And they encouraged me to read....EVERYTHING! EYE was reading Abraham Chapman's "Black Voices" by age 7. EYE was reading my Mom's medical journals by age 9. EYE was reading about Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and the Rosicrucians by age 12. EYE was reading Dick Gregory's "No More Lies" by age 15. When EYE would ask my Parents "hard questions"...about the contradictions of religion, the strange doings of politics and society, about anything they couldn't give a reasonable, rational and intelligent answer to, they NEVER said, "Just because WE say so!" THEEy said, "You research and read and find out. Then come back and tell us what you found and let's talk about it."

Gotta love the brilliance that promotes brilliance...without fear or insecurity. IJS Reading has ALWAYS been fundamental with ME and my family. Perhaps that's why EYE "scare" folks.  EYE been told on many an occasion, EYE'm "too smart.'  What the hell does THAT mean?  Or is it, it's just hard to "control" someone who's more than aware of what's happening. And perhaps THAT's why my Parents encouraged it so. They didn't give birth to a "slave"...and wanted to make sure that, even when gone, EYE would remember WHO and WHAT EYE am...and not be anything less.

Anywho....back to the point. Broke out an ole book in my library...and at the most perfect time. Re-learning the wisdom and treasures in my own vaults. Once you stop paying attention to lack, labels and irrelevance from the outside, you'd be amazed what wonderful substance and sustenance you might find on the inside. Upgrading and moving back/forward to the ole/new ME. (Toltec spirit rising again...right on time.)

And THIS book right here?!!! BE ON OF THE BEST!! Gotta looove Don Miguel Ruiz...one of my favorite authors!! A MUST READ AND DISCERNMENT! 

GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE! It's Memorial Day Weekend. And this weekend, EYE'm spending in quiet reflection and upgrade mode as a tribute and memoriam to the 2 people who gave me life and always reminded how to live it: To the BEST and the fullest, without boundaries or limitations. My Divine Parents never "controlled" me; they guided me. They nourished me. They encouraged me. They LOVED me. They STILL do those things...because THEEy were just THAT special...and different. Of course! Who else could have given birth to ME. 

This weekend, EYE'm going to show them that "EYE GOT IT!!" All the lessons and blessings up to this point: EYE GOT IT! All the teachings and discernment up to this point: EYE GOT IT!! All the messages in the wind, the air, the trees, the birds, my soul and my heart: EYE GOT IT!

And THIS weekend....no need for me to be pulled in a thousand directions, smiling when EYE don't feel like smiling....pretending that EYE'm enjoying myself when EYE'm not....trying to make something "pop off" for someone else when it's draining me and NOT "popping" off in MY world. No drama, no negativity, no downgrading. NOT this weekend!! And perhaps the REAL tribute is NEVER AGAIN. 

Note: If the people who loved/love me the MOST and provided for me the BEST never "controlled" me, WHY OH WHY would you think EYE would allow lesser irrelevant people to do otherwise? Do THESE people look like they raised someone "stupid and weak?!" To do and be such would sooooo dishonor them. And even in their "transcendent/ascended state," they are STILL guiding me and watching if EYE am being true to ME. Think MORE; BE MORE...and always follow YOUR heart.

The lesson: When there is nothing more to learn...or to be taught...and when the love is no longer there, it's time to move on....because there is ALWAYS "more"....somewhere. Don't try to find it where it's not...and don't force it where it can't be received. Small bottles don't hold oceans of wealth and limited minds can't think nor move beyond. Sometimes it IS what it IS and it ain't what it ain't. And it's just that sometimes we reach a "glass ceiling" where we are. And at that time, it's time to break that ceiling and fly away to the next level...the next big thing...the newly opened path of destiny for YOU. MY Parents always taught me NEVER to cater to another's "glass ceiling"....because MY skies were "unlimited." And when it's time to be a soldier? "Handle your business, baby!! WE will always have your back!" Indeed.

From their biggest proof.....ME - Valerie Faith Jones. And giving thanks to my biggest blessings....Robert and Frances Ruth Jones.   


How does an Oracle get over it?


Second:  EYE don't take no shit...not even from myself.  So WHY would EYE take it from somebody ELSE?!

Third: EYE've learn to release IT...all the "sh" that is not MY "it."  Can't fix what you didn't break.  Can't make crooked straight.  Can't expect stupid to be smart.  Can't expect a hater to have a heart.  Can't be anyone else but yourself.  Can't expect proven leeches to not attempt to drain you from your wealth.  Can't expect sheeple to be courageous people.  Can't expect everyone to treat you as an equal. Can't expect the blind to always see.  Can't expect someone else to fully see YOUR destiny (especially when they can't even see their own.) Can't save the world, but you can save YOU.  And talking to yourself is fine; but at the end of the day it's about what YOU are going to DO.  RELEASE what doesn't motivate and bless you and let go of everything that tends to stress you.  NO flight can reach maximum heights with too much baggage.  And seriously, YOURS can get heavy enough! Other folks' baggage is just NOT yours to carry...especially for free!  Even Delta charges for extra bags!!!

Fourth:  EYE do ME.  There is and can NEVER be ANY competition in that.  NOBODY can do ME better than ME...no matter how hard they try.  And learn to laugh more at those stupid enough to "attempt" it.  Some/many will never be able to "find themselves."  But what does that have to do with YOU?  Let their life lesson be THEIR "LIFE LESSON" and YOU continue experience and enjoying YOURS.  If everyone was a follower, we would have no pioneers...no inventors....no one to raise the bar or question the "control sameness" of those who can't think beyond their own noses or false teachings.  Do YOU....and LOVE it!!  If you don't, perhaps there is a lesson in that...which is, "STOP doing the "you" that others think YOU should do and have the courage to be a thinking individual."

Fifth: Humor is indeed healing.  It clears the mind, lightens the spirits and helps you to breathe and refocus.  Revisit the 3rd and 4th steps.......laugh more....and learn from EVERYTHING.  Friends, foes. life's wonders AND woes.  EYE learn from it all...and make a clear conscious effort to NOT REPEAT the same classes twice.  Graduation doesn't come by being held back or sitting in the same class day after day.  Life goes ON...with or without you.  WAKE DA FUKK UP AND GROW...or miss it and miss out.

Sixth:  Learn from ALL but gravitate to those who are MORE successful and "together" than YOU.  If you are the MOST successful and smartest and most talented person you know, you reeeeeally need to upgrade.  And egos don't fuckin' count.  Gravitate to those who are SHOWING it and have actual proof.  NOT just that "legend in their own minds" bullshit.  Someone else's "pipe dreams" will NEVER accomplish a damn thing for YOU.  LAW OF ATTRACTION!!  What and WHO are YOU attracting?!  Success....or stress?  That's why EYE try my best to upgrade "something" every day!  Even if it's just my "vibration."

Seventh:  Embrace YOUR spirituality.  Religion and spirituality are TWO different things.  One is controlling and limited and only truly connects you with the one who wants to be empowered by YOU, your mind and your money.  The other is freeing and connects you directly to the Source which serves to empower YOU so that YOU have a clearer picture and direction to YOU, your mind and YOUR prosperity.  One makes you feel "scared" and forces you to deny everything that's different from it.  The other frees and opens your mind enough to see and discern all points of views...and clearly pick the one which works best for YOU with respect to another's culture which may work best for them.  Religion is a "mass" event.  Spirituality is personal.  So is death...and life...and the ULTIMATE connection.  Get my point?  #nuffsaid

And when all's said and done, a soldier queen doesn't look too bad for all the wear and tear of being on the planet for 5 decades (in THIS lifetime, anyway) and walking the path of my bloodline warriors/seekers/teachers/pioneers.  STILL here...and rising to reclaim MY throne.  And this isn't even my best yet.  Rebirth....and REbuilding...again.  This time....MY way.  Game of thrones?!  Nahh, baby.  Game ova!  NEW MATRIX!!  And the ONLY games EYE play are the fun ones with REAL players who know and respect the REAL game.

Watch and learn (or not). After all, choices are personal.  And one should always choose what works BEST on ALL levels for the individual.  THAT'S how you learn how to, not only survive, but strive...and get OVER that hump.  Proved...Proven...and PROVING!  HAPPY HUMP DAY!!


It was at that moment of realization and total awareness...that we live in a society that would rather watch a train wreck than help an ole lady across the street.  A society that would rather watch Honey Boo Boo and Worldstar than read a book or occasionally view world news to actually pay attention to what's REALLY going on.  A society that will talk about how crazy our children are but will promote and praise a pedophile over someone who could really help them see the light.  A society that feels those with the biggest hearts and compassion should ignore and continue to help feed the beast "just because."  

EYE realized that either my situation wasn't "tragic enough" or EYE was expecting far too much from the folks EYE have helped in the past.  Note:  Help does NOT always come as reciprocity from those who should be most expected to return or offer the favor.  What DOES come is jealousy...insecurity...an overwhelming awareness that because some can't they hate because YOU can.  And the true fact of the matter, more than likely reciprocity and respect will RARELY come from those in close proximity to you who are too used to using you to their advantage. (Hometown hatred from those who choose to stay in the "Stepford box" while YOU choose to do MORE.  YET, they expect YOU to repay the hatred with love and the prosperity you NEVER got from giving all your pearls away to proven unworthy swine.  Ahhh....the endless ageless lesson and parable that STILL teaches and preaches truth to this very day.)

Ironic how people ALWAYS expect more of those who always give it...even when there's nothing left to give.  And they expect you then to buy into the "pie in the sky 'heaben' philosophy" that your real blessings will come on the "other side."

Note:  EYE've gone to that "other side."  But it's not the "side" some speak of.  It's the side of AWARENESS and REALITY that some would rather see you starve and die and blame it on you treating yourself and your sorrow to a GOOD dose of coffee rather than the reality of the money and support they owe you.  Tiz today's society....a tragic and hypocritical paradox....IF you allow it.

That's why those who KNOW go beyond those boundaries and environments and miraculous pull from that powerful essence within that you don't necessarily recognize until these critical times.  Times like this...when it's either do or die.  And failure is NOT the option.  And neither is Worldstar.

Just saying....there really IS a BETTER world and Universe to explore.  It's just that many don't have the courage or confidence or skills to make that flight.  It's a lmited field indeed.  That's why the skies are wide open the higher you ascend.  Many "talk" it; but few can walk the walk to the higher elevation of consciousness, success and the ultimate awareness that saving self comes from within...and true self love with bring pro$perity even in the midst of the biggest drought.  

The "drought" was the lesson.  Only moving away from it and everything connected to that drought will YOU achieve YOUR ble$$ing. It's okay to say NO to the world and those who drain and pain you.  It's okay to want to feel GOoD and do those things that put a sincere smile on YOUR face.  It's okay to get PAID for the brilliance that you share.  How else will you pay YOUR bills and make YOUR living?   "Some" may choose; but true Kings and Queens know WE will NEVER be used to being abused.  Slaves are NOT "us!"  It's okay to leave all those in the past who have proven to be nothing more than lessons in the present...and the true present for YOU is the gift of recognizing folks for who they are and who they are not...and acting accordingly.  

My motto these days:  It IS what it IS.  It AIN'T what it AIN'T.  And that's why EYE DO what EYE DO.  And if folks can't accept that, they can enjoy the view (or not)...from a distance.  

With the few remaining pearls EYE have manage to keep, EYE'm planting in fertile soil so that a GOoD crop will bloom from it.  And please know that EYE will be the FIRST one to eat off of it.  Lessons learned from the past of what happens when you share all your food: unworthy folks will eat it all, throw the scraps down on your carpet, shit in your toilet without flushing...and expect to get invited back again to your house.  

And THAT'S the moment you know you need to move you "house" to a better neighborhood.  It feels GOoD to laugh as such foolishness knowing that will NEVER be repeated again.  #buhbyebadneighbor

Thanks to those who have truly supported me...and are still in my corner.  The only thing YOU wanted from me was for me to be the best EYE could be, while others only wanted to feed and offer nothing to the meal or the pot.  My "true ones" saw that if EYE was okay and rising, ALL in my world would be okay and rising as well.  After all, we ALL need real examples to learn from....even if that example is YOU.  EYE'm glad EYE woke up in just the nick of time. Or else...it would have been one of those tragic "Behind the Music VH1" stories.

And if you're like me, ain't nobody got time for that!!  Got some living to do...money to make...haters to make mad....lovers to make glad....and a new Matrix to build.  It ain't for everybody.  And THAT'S the point.

And through it all, EYE found ME again.  ME!!  Not someone's "version" of me; but ME.  The "ME" my Parents always knew EYE could be.  The "ME" the ancients, the elders, and the "futures" have been waiting for me to become.  "ME"....reloaded and refocused.

Sometimes endings are just beginnings for something better.  If you know how to work it.  EYE do....because EYE was born for the role.  And now, EYE'm fully living and enjoying it.  Without meaningless distraction. Faith....in action and clear view.



The day EYE realized EYE was born to BE...born to BE ME...and born to BE DIFFERENT...was the most freeing and awakening day of my life. Too bad it took several decades to wholeheartedly take affect. Better late than never. And THAT'S why EYE don't attempt to "fit in" to other folks' "movement." It's like fitting an ocean in a fish bowl. EYE love the water...but small spaces give me claustrophobia of the mind body and soul. Perhaps why Mom and Dad always said to do ME. And these days, in particularly, EYE do no less than that! 

And when you know who REALLY has YOUR back, that's exactly what you do. BE the obedient child and DO YOU!! Proved...Proven...Proving. Thanks again, Daddy...for ALWAYS teaching and preaching to have my own. And thanks to you and Mom for giving me the ultimate reminder....my name "Faith." Better to fall doing YOU and learn from the lesson than fail doing someone else and lose YOUR blessing.




to s



Been there...done that....sometimes the only thing you can do is let it all go and let it all fall. You can love someone til the cows come home...but when they're in the "midst of the madness," they don't recognize friend from foe. They don't even recognize themselves any more. It's like trying to save a crack addict: Until the crack addict acknowledges he/she is a crack addict and there IS a very real problem...and that problem STARTS and can END with THEM, there is not a DAMN thing you can do. EVER. And isn't it funny how the one usually in the right is the one who's painted to be in the wrong and thought of as the one that's wrong by those dumb and dumb to the fact? Those damn trouble-making saviors!!! Crucified EVERY time. The society and "beast-mind" that never changes....only the times and faces.

Just saying......take it from someone who KNOWS!!! Let it go...let it go...let it GO. That's the only thing YOU can really do and have a valid say and action in. Whatever's gonna happen...is gonna happen...because that other person CHOOSES the circumstance for it to happen. Save the only person you really can save.....YOU. And when and if they make it out with their mind intact, they'll remember...who was REALLY the one that was the "true" friend. Either way, don't hold your breath...don't expend any more energy. Live YOUR life. Spend more energy on YOUR peace. Love from a distance. And stay clear of daggers that may come too close because of the madness that's just not yours to suffer. That mess is not your path or destiny to have. Destiny....ironic, isn't it how some words can come back full circle?  

To S.