REAL'ISDOM:  In order to be truly successful, you must be purpose-driven and focus.  If your purpose is SOLELY about money, you'll never achieve true happiness...for the wealthy have problems you can't imagine.

However, if your purpose is totally lacking of money and finances, you have no foundation to build mission on.  And poverty and success will NEVER be good bedfellows.  

YOU MUST FOCUS on YOUR dream and YOUR vision.  Too often, we get pulled off our own vision to help facilitate another's.  If their vision is something that is beneficial to our vision and helps us to grow and move successfully forward, then that is a BE-YOU-TO-FULL thing.  

HOWEVER...you can't be ALL things to ALL people.  And you should never be ALL "anything" to ANY ONE unless it's to GOD's greatest gift to you....YOU.  And if you find yourself drained and strained by a relationship with another, perhaps they are not a good fit for YOUR growth and vision.  Learn to discern.  And earn YOUR blessings; don't just throw them away or push them to the side because someone else is having a hard time learning THEIR lesson.  

THEIR failure to learn is not YOUR reason to fail. Alert!  Alert!  Communication failure!!  Drop line and connect to another one with a clearer connection.

Experience, wisdom, faith, courage, the ability to whether the storm alone as well as the humility of always being in a state of gratitude and learning will lead to some interesting stories of trial, tribulation and triumph.

And EYE don't know YOURS.  But EYE can only tell you and live MINE.  
P.S.  True storytellers aren't made.  WE are born.    We just get much better along the way at telling our tales of life.  The more you live; the more you learn.  Maybe.



REAL'ISDOM:  If EYE have never killed you (illegally) or stole from you, EYE don't have shit to apologize for.  Especially when it come to living MY life on MY terms.  EYE wasn't born to be your nursemaid, whore, janitor, personal psychiatrist, free facilitator, savior or your fat calf to feed off of.

EYE was born to BE...ME...and the BEST and most interesting EYE can BE.
And somewhere along the journey, EYE ran into people along the way that EYE could never please.

But the lesson was NOT about pleasing THEM.  It was finding out WHAT pleases ME.

And when EYE figured out what that was, EYE WENT FOR IT....like anyone else.

And folks got mad.

And now they wanna, but they can't.  Because they should've, but they didn't.  Because talk is cheap.  And "temporary public stunting" is as accountable as our Congress.  Because these people, after all is said and done, are STILL the "same" people with the same energy EYE ignored initially....a "Cain" spirit.  One of control, "ego-importance," jealousy, fear, close-mindedness and insecurity.  And they are either in denial about it or expect ME to be.  P.S.  YOUR GOD IS NOT MY GOD!!  AND YOUR WAYS ARE NOT 'MY' WAYS!  #recognizeandaccept

EXCLAMATION FOR EMPHASIS:  If EYE have never killed you (illegally) or stole from you, EYE don't have shit to apologize for. And WON'T.  EYE don't take beatings for another's misbehavior or failed lessons learned.  EYE am BEing ME!  And when it comes/came to YOU, it's clear to see and prove that EYE never lied nor didn't TRY.



How EYE get over the hump.  Take a morning dump...then keep moving!  :-)


BUSINESS SENSE 101:  REAListically speaking, EYE don't do business with those who don't do business with me.  It just makes no sense...and definitely NO sense at this stage of the game.

See....been there; done that.  Supported those who never supported back.  Found absolutely NO value or benefit in the constant support or giving to others just to get.....what?!  And there we have it.  A LOT of drama....NO dollars.  A LOT of excuses...but no income.  A LOT of BS...but no business. A lot of "fake camaraderie" but very few real friends.  And there was the lesson for me.  A lot of folks just don't KNOW how to do business...or just don't care...or BOTH.

But what did THAT have to do with ME?!

Here's a fact:  People will want to share in your gain; but never in your pain.  They'll want to be included in your blessing; but never share the lesson.  They'll want to share your glory and story; but never YOUR struggle.  And at some point, YOU have got to make smarter decisions for YOU without giving a damn about those who have proven time and time again that they clearly just don't give a damn about YOU....only what YOU can do for THEM.

Now....SELF-CHECK!!  Are YOUR business skills on point?!  Are YOU doing all YOU need to do for YOU?!  Are you professionally promoting your business and promoting YOU....or are you too busy looking at what other folks are doing and spinning your wheels in the same mud you were in last year?!  Here's a tip:  Come closer....closer...CLOSER.  Okay....here we go.....IF IT AIN'T WORKING, IT AIN'T WORKING!!  PERIOD!!  SWITCH UP YOUR SHIT!!  And stop waiting for someone else or a miracle out the sky to come down and fix everything!  

Please believe!  EYE am a "faith walker."  A "miracle child."  A "manifester" against all odds!  But EYE never took MYSELF out of the equation of the miracle manifestation.  GOD...the MOST HIGH...the UNIVERSAL POWER...the whatever YOU want to call it will do NOTHING without YOU.  YOU are the key.  YOU are the vehicle for which the fuel is poured into.  YOU can either make the vehicle GO.  Or it can sit and stall and do nothing!  YOU GOTTA MAKE SENSE!!  Faith without works is DEAD.  And without common sense, it's just plain stupid.  

There's a VALID reason why the Sun comes up in the day and the Moon comes up at night.  There's a valid reason why flowers and plants bloom they way they do.  There's a valid reason for the storms and Mother Earth to be RAGING right now ('cuz mankind has done some FUCKED UP SHIT and NO ONE wins over Mother Nature...not even arrogant mankind).  There are valid reasons for EVERYTHING.  For EVERY effect, there's a cause.  And for EVERY cause, there is an effect.

WHAT are YOU causing...and what are YOU effecting?!

Which brings me back to the point:  EYE refuse to continually pour my time, money and effort into something EYE get NO value from whatsoever.  EYE am an artist; an entrepreneur; a messenger/teacher....and ALL of that is MY JOB!!  EYE have bills!!  My last name is NOT "Trump"  nor "Goodwill" nor "Greyhound."  And even buses don't ride folks for free!!  EYE don't need YOUR exposure; EYE GIVE EXPOSURE.  CLEARLY many of you KNOW that since you have tried to use MY page like it's CNN Central.  It's sad when EYE have to shut my page on private and make it harder for my REAL friends to promote on my page...or keep it clear enough where EYE can promote MY OWN SHIT when all the BS mofos wanna drop THEIR shit on my page and THEY don't patronize ME...my friends...or anyone EYE really care about.

Some of you wish to be speakers and professional "poets."  Yet your skills are sorely lacking!  And instead of seriously taking classes or training from those who KNOW, you'd rather shut them out and let your ego take control.  And you wonder why the truly BEST never pay you any mind?!  P.S.  EVERYBODY IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER OR SPOKEN WORD ARTIST OR RAPPER!!  EYE could "train you."  But know...you'd rather me "co-sign" the madness and waste MY time and money doing it.  And what do EYE get out of this "venture?"  Another reason why EYE choose to do my own thing and offer classes to those who are SERIOUS.  IJS  You are what you hang around.  And if you're always hanging around "wack and limited," "growth and expansion" just doesn't take place.  #lawofattraction

EYE DO COMMERCIALS!!!  And some of you have some of the WORST commercials EYE have EVER heard in my life!!  WACK and classless.  NO appeal to the audience you "say" you want.  And here EYE sit...A THIRTY-PLUS YEAR PROFESSIONAL WHO HAS DONE COMMERCIALS FOR EVERY FORMAT AND WORLDWIDE who can't even get a "local" bite.  Even when EYE offer amazing discounts, YOU want to NOT do business with ME...or NOT pay me what you OWE (Some of you RIGHT NOW owe me money!!  Be glad EYE don't name names...YET!)...or expect ME to do it for "free" as a show of support.  SUPPORTING WHO?!  BAD BUSINESS?!!  RECIPROCITY NEVER RETURNED?!  And then when your businesses fold or don't do well, you want to come back to me...and STILL want me to "save you" for FREE...or FOOD!!  

WTF?!  Darlings....Food and coffee EYE can give MYSELF.  And your "sex" EYE damn sho don't want.  Not from YOU!  Please...desperation does NOT live in MY household.  EYE'll take my "nothing" and make it "something"...and THEN multiply it into "something GREATER."  But if you want to jump on the "bandwagon" after never building the band or the wagon?  Naaah, dawg!!  That ain't gonna happen.  That's nonsense and non-cents ALL THE WAY 'ROUND!

If you're not talking DOLLARS...REAL DOLLARS...then you're not talking business.  How you gonna be a "BALLA" and got no business acumen?!  Oh...excuse me...went "thesaurus" on ya.  How you gonna be a "BALLA" and got NO "business skills or savvy?!"  And no matter WHAT you SAY...actions tell ALL.  Always!

For the record:  EYE am NOT interested in ANYONE'S dreams or schemes or "fake teams" that don't understand reciprocity.  Pick up a book.  Take a business course.  Learn how shit works.  And get back to me....with dollars in the bank...FIRST.  Because THESE day, EYE ONLY BUILD WITH REAL "BUILDERS!"  Paid dues; earned the privilege.  And NO ONE eats off the crops EYE make FIRST but ME!!  Makes sense AND cents.

So, until some of YOU are ready to do PROPER business and come to an understanding of what REAL business and "support" is, BYPASS!!  Because EYE most definitely will.  Until then, consider this a lesson of love because some of you who CLEARLY should know better apparently don't.  And SOMEONE's got to tell ya.  Never let it said you weren't told.  

P.S.  Are you using your social media for promotion as well as for fun?!  You're busy saying hey to "Bae Bae" and "Jo Jo" and talking about how much you "turn up."  But are you turning UP your "business promotion" as well?!  And some of you are "too busy" (so you say) to use social media, YET you expect the world to know what YOU are doing.  

HOW?!!  EVERYBODY AIN'T A PSYCHIC!!!!  And if you take a minute to notice, nearly EVERY business is on Twitter.  So there MUST be "something" to it.  But you go ahead and keep telling your "inner circle" about how much of a star you are when the much bigger world doesn't even have a CLUE who you are!  REAL TALK!!

And that's another thing:  The WORLD is a BIG place.  And EYE'm specifically talking to the "small-town" mentality.  If, even for a second, YOU think you're gonna trap the OCEAN into your little "fishbowl," you got another "think" coming.  The much bigger world does NOT care about your "local" anthem or how they do things in the 'ville.  If you plan on STAYING in da 'ville for the rest of your life, go ahead then.  But if you're planning on doing something BIGGER, YOU'D BETTER THINK BIGGER!!!   Law of attraction says small shit does NOT attract BIG change!  THINK MORE.  BE MORE!!!

In summing things up.....

EYE learned the hard way thru experience that you canNOT support everyone nor expect everyone you support to support you back.  When YOU are an entrepreneur and rely totally on what YOU bring in from YOUR craft....not your "bosses' job," you better learn to wise up QUICK!  Lest you find yourself homeless and alone...and all those folks you supported now gone.  First rule of GOOD business:  learn to support SELF...FIRST!!!

It's hard...and it's not fair.  But it is what it IS!!  Business...REAL business...takes a mentality...an understanding...a courage...an undying patience...and an investment.  

AND it takes a REALISTIC approach to the ebb and flow of continuous business.  You want somebody to do business with YOU, do business with THEM. You want somebody to support YOU?  Support THEM.  For many of you, EYE already "gave at the office."  Been there; done that; didn't work; got the lesson and moved ON.  So don't ask me to give not a second of my time or dime until YOU give back.  It's REAL like that!   And EYE won't be mad if you don't ever support me.  It's your prerogative...like it's MY prerogative to make you "nonexistent" in MY world and success.  Ain't nobody got time to waste on crying over spilled milk.  You just keep it moving and find those who you CAN do business with and who appreciates what you do.

And you'll find, end the end...IF you survive the lesson of better business, it's ALL GOoD.

IJS.... It's amazing (or maybe not) how it's when you stop paying attention to those who cause you lack that you find yourself back on YOUR track and the path you were meant to be on anyway.  NOW...don't look back.  Just keep moving forward.  Do better business...learn from your mistakes AND your successes.  

And RISE!!

THIS was the FREE class.  The next will will cost ya!  Hey...that's BUSINE$$!


This is gonna come off as a "brag" instead of "fact."  But it IS FACT.  Excuse the "military brat" flava of how we say things.  We do it with the utmost respect...but come off with 100% REAL "attitude" because it's all we know and were taught to do.  Be TOP gun about your shit!!  That being said:

EYE have gotten to know a LOT of folks in my lifetime...and have had the earned pleasure of meeting and knowing some of the BEST in the best in entire entertainment industry and the world.  But let me digress for a moment:  EYE am a military brat.  WE are USED to the best.  We have seen things, HAD things, experienced things, been a part of things, know things and been places where many could only HOPE to go.  We didn't do it with a big "entourage" or "hyped" media flair with cameras and fake friends around ALL stunting for some "spotlight" of their own and waiting to step on YOUR back in a sec to do it.  WE DON'T DO IT WITH "CLIQUES"...because ALL brats are basically "solo" folks...unless we're around other brats...because WE know THEY understand.  It ain't easy being breezy...and yet it IS...for us.  #naturalbornsoldiersWE have a "standard."  A HIGH STANDARD...that's passed down from our Soldier parents and environment.  And even when our situation becomes low and it seems like we're "bottoming out" (well...you rarely see THAT from a brat 'cuz we're gonna hold our head up and make it look glorious regardless), we STILL have HIGH STANDARDS.  Perhaps our biggest downfall in trying to be understood and liked...is that we will share our world and our blessings too freely.  And in the end, we will STILL be disliked and dismissed by those who think WE think we are the shit!  Well, frankly my dears...WE ARE THE SHIT!!  And we tried to share it with you.  BUT....your jealousy of who we ARE and what you're NOT proved too much for any type of REAL "working" relationship.  Too many don't want to learn to earn.  They just "assume" the privilege that they are on the same level with the same toys (even though most of those "toys" are YOURS).  Yet another reason why you can't share everything with everybody.  And everybody doesn't belong at the same party.  

Now...digressing again to progress:  EYE know a LOT of truly talented folks.  BRILLIANT folks!  REAL STARS!!  And EYE know a lot of "wannabes."  Now EYE'm not knocking your grind.  Keep grinding...HARD.  A REAL STAR KNOWS it doesn't happen over night and doesn't matter how many groupies you have or what your "clique" thinks.  The industry is a "clique" all to itself. Been here longer than you.  Will be here AFTER you.  And you don't bring "IT" to YOU.  YOU rise to IT!!  But some of you are bringing you "C" and "D" game and comparing to those who always bring their "A" game...at the worst a "B+" game on a bad day.  And YOU want to put yourself on the same pedestal without earning the privilege or skill respect.  NOW WHERE DEY DO DAT AT?!

But to the point.  EYE know a LOT of truly talented folks.  But under/innerstand that EVERY body EYE know is NOT on the same level.  Your music...your poetry...your hip hop may be good for YOUR immediate surroundings.  But that doesn't make it good for the world.  Just because it sounds good to YOU doesn't mean it will sound good Universally.  And there are TWO different "Universes" that have formed.  One is NOT the same as the other.  And the sound and vibration does NOT cross over to BOTH even though it can cross over to one.  ONE has HIGH standards...and the vibrations are ALWAYS as such, even though the style may vary.  The other....just doesn't give a fuck about style or talent as long as a buck as made.  And depending on your mindset and action will determine which Universe you are mainly a part of.

With that being said:  There are "Universal Soldiers"...."floaters"...who can maneuver thru BOTH Universes  Our rolls are NOT to stay in one as we are primarily of the other...the HIGHER realm.  We are just "experiencing" and "teaching" and giving people a chance to hear and see more.  We are "in it" but not "of it."  WE are here to "light" things up.  WE ARE FEW!!  Don't get it twisted that there are a LOT of us.  There are NOT.  And if you're truly honest with yourself and open your eyes and minds, you will clearly see that and discern who is WHO.

STILL...there are those "deceivers" in the "underworld Universe" who thrive on chaos and slavery of the mind and spirit.  They pretend to be "Higher Realm Soldiers" when their "high" is always on the low.  They want followers.  They want slaves.  They want people to be the same and NEVER grow.  They want people stalled so they can't go.  They ALWAYS try to hold the REAL back.  And they have the nerve to "compare talents and experiences" with the true "Higher Realm Universal Soldiers" when, in fact, their only talent and experience they have is from the "underworld."  They have NEVER gone BEYOND that world nor "crossed-over"...because they can't.  (NOTE:  Be careful and understand the term "crossed over" because WE don't mean the same thing as "them."  The one and ONLY thing "they" are good at is "twisting minds and words"...just like a chain.  See the connection...."slave?")


Again....digressing to progress:  And there we have it in a nutshell.  Sometimes you HAVE to digress to progress and LEARN from the past...bring it to the present...and make it work for you in the future.  Learn what you didn't/don't know.  Learn from those who paved the path before you.  DON'T expect them to repave it for YOU.  They've earned their time of enjoyment and passed the wisdom down to YOU.  It's YOUR fault if you choose not to nourish the seed and see a viable crop grow.  THIS is how you work the present...and plan for the future.  YOU LEARN FROM THE PAST...BRING IT TO THE PRESENT...MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU IN THE FUTURE...AND GIVE THANKS AND APPRECIATION IN ORDER TO GAIN MORE BLESSINGS.  It's not an either or.  It's an ALL OF THE ABOVE.  And if you don't do it, you stay in the "underworld Universe"...full of yourself...full of arrogance...full of incomplete teachings and understands...full of NOTHING.

EYE've seen the "underworld Universe."  Or seen enough of it that EYE was willing to experience. HATED IT!!  Well...hate is such a strong word.  Let's just say, EYE didn't like it.  Couldn't feel it. It's drained me far more than anything EYE have ever known.  NO PURPOSE.  NO SOUL.  So EYE chose to RISE.  Dropped a few seeds AND unnecessary baggage to lighten my already heavy load and headed back/forward/upward to friendly skies.  Before insecure, lying, greedy eyes, EYE did it with NO disguise and NO "backing" from ANYONE except for the Most High Universe.  EYE didn't just "talk the talk."  EYE "walked the walk."  STILL "walking the walk"...in clear view in front of ALL of you.  And this isn't about what THEY do.  It's about what EYE did and STILL DO....and MY STORY, MY EXAMPLE, MY LESSON PAID FORWARD EARNED FROM MY DUES.  And leaving THIS message to you which is ALL that EYE am Divinely "required" to do:   

Beware the "underworld Universe."  It's a trick...a lie.  There IS no "bye-n-bye."  Just bye....to EVERY thing YOU hold/held dear.  Unless your dream is phoniness and fear.  And ain't NO money can wash all that away.  

EYE'm just saying.....EYE know some of the most BRILLIANT talents in the Universe!! Hell...EYE AM ONE OF THE MOST BRILLIANT TALENTS IN THE U-N-EYE-VERSE!!  PROVED...PROVING AND PROVING!!  And though there are many on their "grind," comparing yourself to some of these brilliant folks EYE know or to ME is, not only an insult to THEM, but an insult to ME.  


EYE have SHOWN you EYE have HIGH STANDARDS.  Brats only like the BEST!!  EYE gave the less a few clues (hell...a LOT of clues) and a "minute" to straighten it out.  Instead, they "twisted out" MY name, MY mission, MY words, MY dreams as well as MY success and MY path.AND EYE TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY BECAUSE EYE ALLOWED IT...EVEN WHEN EYE KNEW BETTER.  You live and learn...and you DON'T make the same mistakes on the next journey.  NEXT JOURNEY/LEVEL STATUS!!!

Bottom line:  You just can't give EVERY one access to your pearls and wisdom.  No casting pearls to swine, said Big Brotha.  Got it!!

IF you truly wish to be on that HIGHER level as the "brilliant," many of you MUST STEP UP YOUR GAME AND YOUR GRIND!!  In the REAL Universe, "mediocre" will NEVER be considered "brilliant."  Just ain't happening, dawg!  You gotta work at that shit if you're serious about getting on that REAL "next level."  And EYE am NOT here to help you do that.  You missed that blessing.  But EYE didn't miss mine...nor will EYE choose to take my hands off of it just to go back in time.  

There was a time when even Harriet Tubman says, "This is my last trip." Now all EYE can do is leave a chemtrail.  Those who get it, GOOD.  Those who don't, not my fault.  Seriously!!  EYE am NOT here to "spotlight" everyone from "Podunk town, USA."  EYE am first and foremost here to spotlight ME...and that which makes ME shine and feel GOoD!!  My standards, MY tastes, MY talents, MY vibrations AND MY friends are UNIVERSAL.  HIGH LEVEL UNIVERSAL.  To focus on less would be a horrendous disservice to MYSELF and the BEST.  Law of Attraction states EYE have "attracted" the BEST because EYE AM THE BEST AT WHAT EYE DO!  EYE have no more time...LITERALLY...to focus on anything other than MY Divine mission and path...and MY Ascension.  EYE have been given HIGHER ORDERS in no uncertain terms that, unless EYE TOO want to die on a cross that wasn't meant for me to carry, EYE need...EYE must...EYE HAVE TO "let that bullshit go....and focus on YOUR REAL and productive and evolutionary shit!!"  Yup!!  That's exactly how MY Divine Parents would say it...because they were and ARE SOLDIERS...FOR THE GOoD!  And they taught me to KEEP IT REAL!

And this time, the "hardheaded" military brat who always has to SEE and felt she had to save the "lost souls" is listening and saving SELF from a hell EYE am NOT from...by going back/forward/upward toward home....because the air is fresher and cleaner and much more beneficial for ME.  And the GOoD vibrations?!  MAAAAN...can't even describe.  If you're worthy and truly work toward it, you'll see it and feel it for yourself.  Yup...THIS one is a personal journey.  No "puff puff passing."  Smoke THIS one all to yourself and enjoy a REAL high for a change.  ;-)

And if you find that this serious heartfelt story, lesson and wakeup call to MANY of you is "hate," then happy falling....'cuz in the words of Kermit the Frog:

"But That's None of MY Business!"   #getREAL



Waking up this morning...noting transitions of ALL kinds are going on and at an all-time high. It's like a time of ALL FULL MOONS where the tides are extreme and trying to find that balance is an art...a gift...and that key to helping you make it thru the "storm(?)"....
....whatever it is, it is NOT to be denied...even though far too many are doing just that. Too many things going on....WAY TOO MANY at the same time. The best...AND the most bizarre. The brilliant...AND the most ratched! The OBVIOUS. The vibrations are being determined...even if YOU don't want to determined where YOU want to stand. 

It is IN our control...and OUT of it at the same time. There is a "flow"...a "rhythm"...a "vibration" that only demands what will sanely fit. Anything less will NOT do. It's a rhythm that EVERY one can't dance to. And those who CAN are realizing they can ONLY dance to this higher vibration. It is NOT one of "limitation" but rather one of Universal Inclusion and Elevation. NO traps! Pure FREEDOM! Pure WEALTH in sound and thought. Pure RESPECT and TRUTH and SINCERITY. Sign on the door says NO FAKES OR TRICKS ALLOWED IN THIS CLUB. It is EXCLUSIVE....and yet open to those who deserve to be there. It's a club that's partying all over the world. And it's named....THE RAPTURE! 

Please take your "religious semantics" out of the "term." THAT type of limited thinking is NOT a part of the club and awakening. It's shut down too many REAL movements and prophets and proven to be what one of the greatest of ALL teachers called "a den of arrogant insecure Pharisees and Sadducee aka Thieves in the Temple." Oops...YOU have been called out AGAIN. Guess EYE better make my plans to keep it moving because the story is ALWAYS the same for those who REALLY tell the truth and pull the covers off the lie. And "ASCENSION" is the name of MY game these days; NOT crucifixion. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

But EYE digress to progress....

Too many are ignoring the change...the times...the moon...or the earth that's moving faster....those moments where you are seeing extreme madness...and gladness...the best and worst of times at the same time. Being an empath makes me realize WHY my body is being constantly pulled apart...and how EYE must focus on the center...the key...the ultimate essence and power that will pull me thru. It's is NOT just a "HE" nor a "SHE".....it is WE....a force and connection undetermined and unnamed by ANY religion or limited mindset. It is a vibration older than time and nameless no matter theological "masters(?)" labels. Note: If those "masters" truly KNEW what to call "IT," do you REALLY think they would tell YOU...especially since the main goal of any and EVERY "wayward master" is control: of the mind and wallet?!

These are the things EYE am waking up and being urged to pass on to you. Spilling out divination like a bucket with a big hole in it. Not control of the flow; just letting it go....because something much greater is telling me so.

We are NOT here to "help others" at the risk of sacrificing ourselves no more. WE do NOT "die" for the cause. WE LIVE FOR A MUCH BIGGER CAUSE! Get that weight...that salt...that dirt...that drama...that lie...that life(?) that's not meant for YOU to have off your wings...off your back...OUT of your Spirit...and RISE!

And remember...it's a PERSONAL flight paid for by the ticket YOU purchased. But there will be MANY on the plane. AND OOOHHHH WHAT A PARTY IT WILL BE! FIRST CLASS NEXT LEVEL STATUS ALL THE WAY!! Just telling ya what EYE see...and KNOW. OracleVision.

And with that, a Queen's gonna rest. Awakenings and Evolutions ain't no joke!! That's why many can't do it. But those who know....KNOW. Soooo....the body is forcing me to call an "off" day (or maybe EYE should say an "off weekend.") And isn't it soooo ironic? It WOULD be today. And funny...even though EYE'm "off," EYE'm still ON! (double entendre intended) 

When you're in line and in the zone and in the proper vibration, it IS what it IS.

SHABAT SHALOM. (Again....take the "semantics" OUT of the term and just enjoy the spirit of what means and all about. PEACE AND CEASE...THE MADNESS! We are ALL either ONE...or we're NOT. PERIOD! 

Look to your left. Look to your right. Look ahead...and know your back is already covered by who's to your left, your right and in front of you. Or at least...it SHOULD BE! If not....then STOP. CEASE THE MADNESS. AND FOCUS ON "YOUR" PEACE. And remember, it doesn't start with "Him" or "Her." It starts with YOU.

Got balls?!!

Salute to those who "get it." Sorry for those who don't. And Hi FIVE to those who can discern who's WHO. Yup...it's REALLY "REAL' now. 

Peace, Power and MIND. 



Some folks are as wishy washy and as flighty as a tattered leaf in a hurricane. EYE might be spacey and steadily in the "comos"...but EYE stand by my principles...regardless. And this "jumping" from one "clique" to another, frontin' and stunting for attention instead of growth or trying to "steal friends" or contacts behind backs because YOU don't feel "special" any more (if you ever did) is soooo immature and the mindset of someone who, no matter WHAT they say, they OBVIOUSLY have nothing of significance going on.

Note: EYE don't try to "steal" people away or tell folks who they should like or not. It's THEIR business. Everybody's grown....sorta. Maybe. Anyway...EYE treat grown folk like grown folk. And if EYE find they're childish, EYE don't need to be dealing with them anyway. REAL grinders don't have time for that. Business is done in the light of day; not the daycare.

Note: If you "steal" someone "away" from me, they were obviously never "mine" to begin with. And EYE know too many REAL folks to worry about some pretenders who just "stunting" for position and brownie points. Just keeping it real. NEVER lose sleep over what you never had. Focus on what you DO have and you'll see you'll have more than most!

Note: If EYE helped you and supported you in the past....AND YOU KNOOOOOW WHO YOU ARE (Why name names and make the "irrelevant" relevant?)...and you don't receive my "support" now, YOU FUCKED UP!! Plain and simple. And EVERY body who REALLY knows me know EYE give the shirt off my back and will go without just to help someone else. HOWEVER, even Da Oracle is not above learning. And casting pearls to swine and planting in barren, jealous fields only results in the growing of weeds and the choking of real crop. Soooo....EYE packed the rest of my seeds and moved on to better planting. Besides....EYE use shovels; not hoes. 

IJS...EYE don't need your awards and EYE don't need your acknowledgement. NEITHER justifies what EYE do or don't do. Money for a job well done and respect from the REAL ONES with true credibility and experience do THAT.

Note: If you KNOW that EYE've been struggling...and you were NO WHERE to be found....and all of a sudden you see me creating a "buzz" for myself and YOU want to jump right on in and want to "fly me" like TWA or want me to focus on YOUR dream once again more than my own, ONE of us clearly has not learned shit!! And THAT one ain't ME!!  MY main priority.....is ME and MY business and MY bills and MY health. Everything else comes AFTER that! And EYE don't mind sharing...but there will be NO eating off MY plate from the crops EYE made FIRST before ME. That was just naivety and ignorance on MY part. A lesson not to be repeated. Giving thanks for the blessings that have come from well-earned lessons.

Note: EYE keeps it as honest and as real as EYE can. No time to cover up lies, play this person against the next, worry about who thinks WHO is "more important" or worry about someone else's issue more than my own NOR put MY dreams on hold for "illusionary payoffs" that NEVER happen. AND JUST POINT BLANK, EYE HAVE NO TIME to do anything that doesn't make ME smile and puts a little gas in MY tank and food on MY table and bring joy to MY life. If you take on a whole bunch of bricks and stack them on YOUR foundation...but your cornerstone is not secure, everything can come crashing down at any extra stress. And NONE of those bricks will help "rebuild" what fell. LIVED the lesson...LEARNED the lesson...and SHOWED YOU the lesson.

MISSED THE LESSON?! That's YOUR problem. MY lesson is to keep it moving. Paid it forward...now it's time to pay ME. And EYE got REAL work to focus on. Not pipe dreams.

IJS EYE am MORE than just a "storyteller." But whatever YOU think EYE am to you is what EYE'll be. However, that doesn't mean EYE have to stick around for your opinions....especially when it doesn't benefit MY walk. 

Learning is personal. And so is your journey. GOT MIND?! #gotmine

(The "Anti-Media" Media) 

When people think they can be YOU and do all the things YOU do.....let them. And get out of their way. Don't help them. Don't allow them to "leech" from you unceremoniously and unappreciatively like YOU owe THEM something. You don't. You've open the door...and they brought their own shit into YOUR house and expect YOU to play "maidservant" and "butler." How uncool is that?

Then, they proceed to "claim" they do all YOU do....without ever really know ALL that you do....in front of or behind the scenes. They think they are YOU. And they want YOU to "support them (?)" in the fallacy. They deserve no support. They flunked your teaching. So STOP being drained and focusing on that which bears no positive return. Pack your lesson plan and go back/forward to your own studies and don't worry about the "special class." You put in your time at "detention teacher." Now walk away and save YOU. Don't show your "copy catters" how to be YOU. This is something they can NEVER do anyway. They can't even be THEM. That's why they are trying to BE YOU. They think they already KNOW everything. Your struggle...your life...your faith...your power...your talent...your skill...your will...your woe...your pains...your gains...your drama...your hardship...your plan...your style...your path...your walk. They've talked themselves into seeing you from a distance (not nearly as close as they think they were) and "deducing" it must be a "cake walk" that easily doable...because their lack of REAL knowledge and history doesn't allow their arrogance to understand that they barely know shit!! And they're quite unappreciative of ANY thing of REAL value as EVERY thing is like a cheap trick these days.....quick and easy. Or is it?

Let them have all the fun of finding out for themselves...BY THEMSELVES....that there's a WHOLE LOT MORE to it than meets the eye. And THOSE lessons are ALWAYS "personal."

To those who REALLY know.....THAT....can be your biggest karmic retribution of all times. The very certain reality check of the arrogant and unknowing.

Life ain't no crystal stair. And everybody can't make the climb. Why some learn how to fly....and some never made it to the first step. Life lessons.

(The "Anti-Media" Media)

REAL'ISDOM: When you're on an "ascension," some music just does NOT cut the mustard. You don't want it too LOUD or too crass. You don't want it too old or too wack. You don't want something "okay" for a minute. You want something that will last. You don't want it to keep you stuck in the same place doing the same thing and never getting out of that same spot. You want it to make you remember....wht you knew....what you forgot you knew...what you didn't know that you knew....and then bring you into something NEW. And you want something that's gonna heal AND empower you at the same time....without having you wait for some "ship" to come and sail you away. YOU are aware that this particular music will help YOU save the day....because it's one with YOUR soul and lifts you higher to the inner and outer power in YOU that connects to the bigger and sooo much greater beyond that all try to name but is nameless....and tameless...just like spirit.

If some of ya REALLY know what EYE'm talking about, let the REAL church say "Amen" and "Ashe'!" Let the Rapture and the Rise continue. Onward and upward.

Ohhhh....and to think, some of ya thought it was some "hocus pocus spooky" shit. Tsk Tsk Tsk

That's why EYE drop clues...and messages. The rest? Well, that's up to YOU.‪#‎personaljourneys‬

First was the word...the sound....the vibration. And man and woman have been getting down ever since to get UP. Thought you knew? Now you do....again.

(The "Anti-Media" Media)

Needless to say, my Dad (the original King) and Baker (my Prince Husband) "spoiled" or "groomed" me for any other man that would dare to take court with Da Oracle Queen.  Just saying......during a "grief" period after losing Bake, EYE lost my mind and "kissed a few frogs;" but that was then.  And this is NOW.  And, not ONE, but TWO kings showed me how Kings are SUPPOSED to be with their Queens.  They were not perfect.  But they were far from "ordinary" men.  They did NOT expect ME to take care of THEM...but rather, THEY were there for ME....AND wanted me to fly, excel and BE THE BEST EYE COULD BE!  They did not put me "beneath" them, but raised me up with them and even above them during those times needed.  

And trust me, my very own Queen Mother taught me as well how to be a resilient lady AND soldier at the same time.  EYE don't falter over broken nails and flat tires and no one to share the bed with.  EYE like MY bed to myself.  More room for ME!  And EYE loooove being the FIRST to eat from the food EYE prepare.  MY Father and Mother and the King EYE married would ALL agree that's a GOoD thing.   Luckily EYE figured it out in time before EYE shared so much of my treasured wealth that there was none left to share or live on.  Ahhh, the harsh lessons life can teach one so fair.  No, my sweets....life is NOT always fair.  But it is indeed a learning experience and an adventurous journey.   ;-) 

EYE am a LEADER; not a follower. EYE didn't "choose" to be a leader. EYE was born into the role....to explore, to seek, to manifest, to create, to go beyond. EYE was born with the name FAITH. So EYE just don't "speak" it; EYE live it and PROVE it. EYE walk it daily. And EYE don't walk in another's footsteps. EYE walk in my OWN! And if there is someone who wishes to walk WITH me....cool. EYE don't expect you not to walk YOUR path, just like you shouldn't expect me not to walk MINE. But if we're walking in the same direction and can skip down the road, holding hands and sharing some laughs and adventures, that's a wonderful thing!! Who knows where it might lead?!
But if you're pulling me off MY path to facilitate YOURS at the risk of me not facilitating my own, KNOW that EYE will "drop hands" in a heartbeat and stay on MY path....because that's MY mission and MY ordination and destination.  And just because YOU eat doesn't mean EYE automatically shit unless that food is going directly down my throat.

Here is ONE thing EYE know!  People come and go.  And if YOU are not prepared at some point in your life to have your OWN and BE ALONE, you're gonna have an interesting reality check to come your way.  And that lesson will be YOURS and YOURS alone to learn.....as spirituality and lessons are ALWAYS "personal"...whether we choose to accept or not.

Thanks to the original King and Queen AND the Prince who would be King for infusing me with the same message:  BE YOUR OWN.  HAVE YOUR OWN.  WE'LL ALWAYS BE HERE AND YOU'LL NEVER BE ALONE.

True...true.  It may not be EVERYone's story.  But it IS mine.  Living...learning...and even loving.  HOWEVER, love is precious like water.  And EYE don't believe in wasting it on barren fields and illusions.  Plant a seed in sand and what do ya get?  ;-)

IJS......EYE don't do "frogs," wait on "fairytales" and anything less than a PROVEN King shall NOT be a part of MY castle.  EYE can build alone by myself utilizing my own wealth of resources and be GREAT without having someone siphoning my energy and resources just to merely offer "time" and "companionship."  Time is precious....especially at this stage of life.  And "companionship" EYE can find anywhere.  EYE don't like being bored and NOT desperate nor so lonely that EYE will accept just any old thing.  EYE never bore me.  And EYE am REAL GOoD at being alone and creating alone until something is worthy of MY interest and time.  EYE am NOT looking for someone to take care of.  QUITE the reverse!!  EYE have LOTS on things on MY priority list to take care of...and at the top of the list is someone named "Valerie Faith."  Under/innerstand the gift....or don't unwrapped the package! 

As my Queen Mother would say, "If it doesn't make sense, it doesn't make cents...and vice versa!" 

And don't get it twisted.  You STILL have to get past the KING and the Prince.  And they are very much in the mix!  #alwaysaroundme   ;-)

Now...."armor UP" or bow OUT.  Da Oracle Queen has work to do.   IJS

(The "Anti-Media" Media)

REAL'ISDOM: A great way to "free yourself" is to not give energy you don't have to anything that brings no reciprocity or productive return. We've been "trained" to give and give and give. But when WE ask others to give back, acknowledging and appreciating the contribution we've delivered through time, the whole situation changes...and you start to see the hypocrisy of many you deal with. Lessons. Next thing you know....YOU are empty from giving to a dry cell and you find yourself without anything left to give back to YOU. MORE lessons.


EYE am learning to say the wonderful word of "NO" more and more these days. This little word has added more than the talk of many who offered no more than talk...and even less than that. Fighting so hard for another's freedom at the risk or casualty of losing your own is NOT a "God-given" order. That's the order of greedy men (and women) would sit and gather paychecks while a people struggle to make sense of it all. And there be the rub. There IS no sense in nonsense. NONSENSE. NO IN SENSE (or cents...or peace...or freedom)

If you're gonna "celebrate" freedom today, how about celebrating your OWN in the process and acquiring your own independence as well? Say NO to nonsense and YES to smiles, happiness, prosperity for ALL...and first and foremost that includes YOU! Fight for YOUR freedom...and celebrate YOUR strength, accomplishments and independence.

For the record, the land is ALWAYS free and ONLY truly owned by the MOST HIGH!! It's the people who are NOT. Consider that an Independence "sparkler" for your mind. Let the DNA explosions begin!! 


(the "anti-media" media)