People who are NOT artists or entrepreneurs do not understand the life or priorities of artists/entrepreneurs. While you can fairly depend on your weekly/monthly work check, an artist or entrepreneur depends SOLELY on their skills and their own labor to support self. There is NO "healthcare." There is NO "cushion." There is NO "paid leave." There is no "automatic salary." There is whatever YOU bring to the table that week...that month...that period...that pays your bills.

Now, of course, you've got those who will say, "Well why don't you get a 'real job?'" Do you know HOW INSULTING that is to an artist/entrepreneur?! THIS IS A REAL JOB....which requires MORE effort...MORE time and sadly give "less constant" payoff than those "real jobs" where people sit on their asses barely doing nothing and collect a check...aka "government/company welfare."

So the next time you wonder why artists/entrepreneurs are more frugal with their time and their skills AND their money, understand WE are in the business of making the world LESS boring and giving people something MORE to take their minds off the madness and "mundane-ness" of societal woes. And THIS takes LOTS of work...LOTS of creativity...LOTS of dedication...LOTS of energy....LOTS of time...and LOTS of money which does NOT come easy nor frequent.

People who DON'T know and DON'T do what we do take a LOT of things for granted...expect WAY too much while giving WAY too little...and wonder why artists turn their backs on certain segments of the society or community. See all of those Hollywood stories and "Unsung" episodes?! You think EVERY artist had hard times due to drugs?! WHY do you think most of them even turned to drugs in the FIRST place?! When you give...and you give...and it doesn't matter, the harsh reality makes you find "coping" mechanisms. ME? EYE choose coffee and absence...and whatever EYE need to bring ME back to Square ONE...and get me to the NEXT level. Note: Just watching folks watching YOU and not understanding what you do CLEARLY does NOT do it. NO payoff in that whatsoever. You live and learn. And giving thanks...because "some" didn't live and learn...in time.

Think it's easy being an artist/entrepreneur?! Quit YOUR day job and try living OUR lifestyle for 2 weeks...and see who you go running to for help!! That's why there are so few REAL artists. Contrary to popular belief....REAL artistry and successful entrepreneurialship is NOT a dime a dozen. Many "talk;" but they can't really walk the proverbial and actual WALK. And note: When you are doing it SOLO DOLO with NO support, NO sponsorship, NO spousal or family backup, NO real community support, it makes it even MORE of a miracle to maintain. Smiles and creativity hide the pain. Loquacious vibrational sunshine combats the rain. And to continue to do the SAME thing or deal with the same folks who bring you NO profit or ADD value to your life....IS INSANE.

Lesson...in REAL artistry....no fake, no front, no buffers...from Da Oracle.
If you don't know, NOW you DO! Be sure to share THAT answer when they wonder "where" EYE'm at or WHY EYE do what EYE do...or DON'T do what EYE do. EYE have NO MORE TIME for anything that doesn't bring added value to my life. And dying in regret that EYE didn't make this move sooner...is NOT the option.

YOLO...in THIS plane. Make it GOoD...for YOU. Anything else is just...residual value at best.


You cater to THESE rules:

Rule #1: Military brats are like their parents..."baby soldiers." We are TRAINED to survive...by ANY (and EYE do mean "ANY") means necessary...with or WITHOUT troop support. Don't test...or you might find out what's REALLY behind the smile and what's DEEP inside the core.

Rule #2: Military brats are primarily "peacekeepers"...like our parents. But if we HAVE to, we''ll drop a bomb and clear the ROOM!! And then laugh about it later. ‪#‎POW‬

Rule #3: We "choose" not to be "hard" (in "today's weak ass misguided terminology") because WE know you can't make money from jail...BEEEOYTCH!!

Rule #4: We drink and we cuss....to keep from killing folks who sorely DESERVE IT! Trust me, it's better we say "Fuck it" than to actually DO IT to you.

Rule #5: If YOU cool, WE cool. If you're not, stay out of our faces. We don't do cliques and don't give a fuck about entourages....unless it's OTHER military brats

Rule #6: WE HATE FAKE SHIT AND BORE EASILY! That's why we keep to ourselves a lot. WE NEVER bore "ourselves." But seriously...some of you bore the SHIT out of us with that same ole same ole ain't worth a damn and not going nowhere nonsense!

Rule #7: WE ARE BRUTALLY HONEST! And we like it that way!!

IJS In case you didn't know. NOW you do. 




1. People who are soooo desperate for attention and affection that they jump from bandwagon to bandwagon and on EVERY bandwagon they see moving simply because they are afraid or CAN'T move alone.

2. People who are soooo "thirsty" that they make friends with you ONLY to steal every idea or claim that you have. They will literally look you in your mouth and steal the words right out from you, then turn around and repeat them to the next person in front of your face like THEY said it first! These are the ones who "roll up" on you fast, try to be your best friend even faster, will LIE to attempt to compare their lives with yours...and will use you and throw you under the bus at the 1ST opportunity or when offered a bigger banana. The operative word: FRENEMY.

3. People who are soooo "cultural" or "revolutionary" that they have NO sense of practical reality whatsoever. Will NEVER work for the white man but will BEG from the Black woman CONSTANTLY. And instead of learning and WORKING WITH the Black man that's actually TRYING to work it out, they will jump on THEIR backs, try to tell THEM what THEY need to do, expect THEM as well as the Black woman to do all the work....and then sit back and ask, "Now where's MY cut?!" FuthaMucka WHAT?! GTFOOH

4. People who are SOOOO mindless and so "ridiculously religious" that they only allow their "pimp pastors" to speak for them and tell THEM what's in the scriptures instead of reading them themselves. Note: When a wise one said "Study ALL the scriptures," HE was talking MORE than just the "few books" left in the King James Version. And we won't even get into WHO and WHAT King James was and REALLY about. If you STUDIED, you'd already know! But you can't tell a mindless Futhamucka nuttin'! Pimp got dat ho's mind!

5. People who are sooooo "image conscious" that they have totally ignored being "substance conscious." They think what they wear and what they have makes up for the fact that they are EMPTY on the inside. Empty of substance...empty of knowledge and application...empty of REAL spirituality...empty of knowing and loving SELF...empty of REAL friends and family...empty of truth. They "hide" behind their "flash" and "flair" to ignore what's not really there. And when they run into folks like me who just don't care, they instantly become jealous, insecure and combative....because they see something they don't have. REALNESS These folks are in for a hard lesson. Let them fall. It's the ONLY way they'll learn...IF they learn at all. ‪#‎toughlove‬

6. People who say "WE" a lot when their actions prove they only mean "ME." Without asking, they are quick to say, "WE gonna do this!" "WE gonna do that!" And after you've gone through YOUR struggles and journeys and trials and finally made it back up the ladder of success, they are quick to say, "WE made it." Note: Unless WE are talking "French," THAT word needs to be put in its proper perspective and definitive practicality of what that word REALLY means and relates to the situation. "Oui Oui" The operative word: LEECH.

7. People who are afraid to stand by you even when they claim they like and admire you because their "entourage" or their "clique" got a problem with you (usually due to jealousy, insecurity and something ridiculously "internal" and "irrelevant" with those people themselves). These people are fickle and flighty. Will fold on minimal weight and fly away at with a strong breeze. They will NEVER go through a storm with you....and quite probably can't go through a storm THEMSELVES without the "help" of the clique. They never stand alone. They stand "ON" others. And if YOU happen to be one of those "pioneering souls" who DO stand alone, they can't afford to stand with you (even if they admire you) just in case you fall...for they MUST have the "clique" to fall back on. And if you miraculous "make it," they'll be one of the first to "Facebook" love in a like or two...but NEVER in person where they might be seen by their "clique crew." They are a LOT like #4. Many ARE #4. Either way, they are not worth your time and effort to figure out. Just know, they ARE what they ARE...it IS what it IS...and it's all GOoD. Better to know and keep it moving rather than get caught up in someone else's emotional "fickleness."

ALL 7 of these types are potential "haters-in-training." They may change; they may not. But their "future" actions are of no consequence as WE are dealing in the NOW. So, the moral of the sermon is this: Stay clear of THESE types...and you'll find yourself happier, your shine brighter and your life wonderfully evolving.

These are not "theories." They are TESTED TRUTHS...proved, proven and proving!




Many of you....well, "some" of you may be feeling the "pull" right now.  The "shift."  The "vibrational change."  Today, upon talking to a close friend, EYE described it as that very strong "vibration" that a rocket ship goes thru as it's shifting to break free and take off.  THAT is what is going on with some of you right now.

Don't be afraid.  It's a necessary and natural separation process of breaking from the "old" to the "(k)new."  It's like when you are being born...or hatched...and you break thru the "egg of containment."  It feels.....weird.  Scary.  Unsettling.  Your body is experiencing things and pains you've never felt before.  Your mind is going in 50 directions at the same time trying to figure out what the hell is going on.  Your sleep patterns are SHOT!  And you're having some of the weirdest dreams (or ARE they "dreams...or messages?") you've ever had.

You're finding that old things just don't suffice for you any more.  People who are NOT on your "vibration" are just not IN your "vibration."  That's because you just shifted to a brand new "flight path"....one that is geared and in tuned with YOUR growth and YOUR path.  It's NOT about anyone else right now.  It's about YOU.

When angels grow wings, each set of wings are "personal."  Just because one angel gets them doesn't mean another automatically gets them.  Some of you are finding your own "angelic power"...your own "course"...your own "flight path."  And with this, it feels you are being pulled...or rather distracted from your much bigger purpose because you're either afraid to leave something behind...or you feel you just don't want to leave something behind because your compassion has you locked into a situation that is NOT yours to fix.


Every "sentient" being evolves even MORE when they become "self-aware."  NOTE:  Self-awareness and self-absorption are TWO different things.  Some people are "absorbed" into their own egos and have NO clue the connection of themselves and the much bigger Universe.  On the other hand, "self-awareness" is the under/innerstanding of YOUR connection with the much greater Universe...and how it all applies, operates and evolves.  Someone ELSE's connection has NO bearing on YOUR connection...in the same token that ONE TV plugged into an outlet will NOT turn on the juice of another TV that is not.  Comprende?

It may seem hard...but it's REAL...and in the end...or the beginning (depending on your perspective), it's very fair.  The ONLY person YOU are responsible for saving at THIS juncture is SELF.  All others you can only offer advice and guidance.  But the "responsibility" lies within each person to save SELF...think for SELF...do for SELF...and all else will fall into place.

DO NOT GET DISTRACTED by fear.  By lies.  By guilt.  By tricks.  By false leaders.  By fake people.  By any and EVERY thing that drains YOU and your precious resource NEEDED FOR SAVING YOU.  

DO NOT GET DISTRACTED BY ANYTHING NOR ANYONE which does NOT bring YOU peace of mind and disrupts your path or clouds YOUR clear vision of happiness.  If you are confused, STOP.  BREEEEEEEATHE.  SEPARATE YOURSELF from other's energy (or rather, "dis-energy).  Go to YOUR "personal" place of peace.  BREEEEEEATHE.....and inhale.  BREEEEEEATHE...and exhale.  BREEEEATHE....til you feel the rhythm of your heart and your breath sync.  BREEEEATHE....til you feel YOUR oneness with the wind.  BREEEEATHE....til you feel the vibration of the ground beneath your feet.  BREEEEATHE....til you fill YOUR cup filling up!!

Now....SHAKE!!!  SHAKE IT OFF!  All the dirt.  All the mud.  All the lies.  All the critics.  All the drama that's NOT yours to have.  All the "empty shadows" that are not really there.  All the ones who are pulling you to join them in their mediocrity which was NEVER your destination.  SHAKE IT OFF.  SPREAD YOUR WINGS.....


It's RISE time....and the "Mama" bird has just kicked you out of the nest so SHE can heal her own wounds.....and FLY EVEN HIGHER.  #OraclePhoenixRising

On "Self-Rising" Sabbatical....and prepping for MINE.  
Are YOU prepping for YOURS?  



Inspired by Blood Moon.  Filling up my cup with gain, happiness and success.  Emptying out the non-productive, non-constructive, loss and less.
RISING with the best.
Dropping all the rest.
Attracting potential.
Subtracting pretenders.
Dropping even more useless debris...and preparing to rise even higher.

Interesting how people "hear" the word rise...and yet STILL don't understand when you're NOT in the same space.  Hmmm.....educational malfunction of some.  But that's none of my business.  ESPECIALLY since EYE gets NO busine$$ from the ones who drain and stay the same and tried to claim my name and fame but couldn't maintain the shine when their "fake gold" turned green...showing the immaturity and inexperience and REAL substance (or not) of someone who proved not worthy to be on the Queen's team.

Inspired by the Blood Moon.  Happiness is NOT jealousy.  Success is NOT loss.  And people who DO should NOT pay the cost
Of people who don't.  Won't.  Can't.
No Cains on this journey.
STRICTLY...PROVEN...ABELS.  #lawofattraction 

The irony and last laugh of a Phoenix Oracle who proves you can be "global"...but around "local mentality," they'll NEVER see or believe til it's on that "screen" in the sky....

And by then, you already said goodbye.  No need to ask why.  It's obvious...to all who REALLY know and matter.  Such chatter...from a "small" one who's not so small at all.  And CLEARLY soooo much more than mere "local."  But whatever make ya feel good about yourself.  LOL  Past tense...and prepping.


You'll see...or not.  And perhaps this is just a chemtrail....a bread crumb for those who are attempting to take a very REAL journey to MORE...and need a very REAL example of WHO and HOW.  REAL examples do so get lost "here" amongst all the fakeness.  Look for the ones that shine in the dark...in the mud.  Look for the ones that grow wings and fly beyond.  But don't look too long...because they will NOT stay too long....IF they are real.  ;-)  Chickens cackle in coops.  Eagles and Phoenixes fly to the open skies and a much broader and bigger Universe.

A visionary doesn't look at what's directly in front of her/him.  A visionary looks BEYOND.  An traveler GOES BEYOND.  And an empathic Oracle is already BEYOND.

Military brats!  WE are INDEED a "different" breed.  Thank GOD/DESS!!  Comes in hand in REAL times like these.

Yup.  Prepping MY soup for the journey.  And if you're not adding to the pot, you don't get a chance to stir. The lessons you finally learn.  Mama said, "Don't let everyone in your house.  And DEFINITELY don't let everyone at your table."

EYE was Daddy's little girl.  NOW...it's time to be more like Mama for a while.  Utilizing more COMMON SENSE COMPASSION...than just pure heart. It's a balancing act.  And a sign of maturity. You HAVE to keep it REAL.  Especially when sooooo many DON'T!

And in keeping it REALLY REAL, for the first time in a loooooong time, EYE can feel a REAL smile.  

Wow!  Who knew that menopause could have such a positive effect?  There's something about saying, "EYE don't give a FUCK about anything that has NOTHING to do with ME" that's sooooo refreshing and FREEING.  Especially when you gave so many times to the bank....and was left overdrawn nearly every time.  

Can you feel the change in the wind...and the season?

A natural occurrence that happens regardless of unnatural circumstances...and even sometimes because of.  It's called...

Physics, bitch!

Hmmmm....EYE feel a fresh cup brewing.  Time for a toast with Mommy.  YOU know where.  ;-)

It's funny.....  Some folks hate to be alone.  Probably because they can't even stand the truth of themselves.  ME?  EYE loooove being by myself.  It's one of the FEW times EYE can experience the truth and really get to KNOW ME.  NOTHING like learning from life and the angels and the ancestors....without distractions or interference.  

Fuel for a very REAL journey.  RISING......



As EYE reflect days before the anniversary of my husband, EYE'm reminded that people "talk" about grinding HARD...but when you are an only child with both Mom and Dad deceased...AND a hubby who was murdered with the killers never brought to justice....AND people pulling on you here and there for this or that...and a town that doesn't support the truly positive or progressively thinking worth a DAMN (not unless they can make money off you FIRST and dumb you down to bow your heads and stroll behind them), you truly don't know WHAT "grinding HARD" and alone is.  It's a struggle beyond proportions.  It's a testament.  It's perseverance that many "talk" but rarely WALK...alone. It's a RIDICULOUS journey...even when you're with someone.  It's CRAAAAAZY RIDICULOUS when you're alone and on your own.  

You'd be surprise how many people try to take advantage of that.  You'd be surprise how many people think because you "appear" wounded that you're not aware of EXACTLY what's going on.  You'd be surprised at what some folks will do....or SAY they will do...and DON'T.  You'd be surprise of the excuses....and the constant "apologies" or "backstabs" that some EXPECT you to accept.

You'd be SURPRISE at how many people EYE let "live"...but just walking away.  Military brats.  We're soldiers like our parents.  Don't tread on us....OR.

Going thru a "war" of society...of spirit...of ignorance...of jealousy...of insanity...of depression...of corruption....with your integrity and your mind and your skills AND your heart intact is NOT an "easy" thing to do.  In fact, it's MIRACULOUS!  It's something far too many "think" they can do...but when it comes to actually DOING...it's a different ball game.  Many give advice on what they don't know...what they don't do...what they have NEVER been thru.

Many...don't have a clue.  And want pats on the back for "riding backs."  To those who DO...and continue to pursue YOUR dreams and goals REGARDLESS and in spite of, SALUTE from one who KNOWS...from one who DOES...from one who will tell you....TAKE CARE OF YOU...FIRST!  

EYE come up on the anniversary of a loved one's birthday....and remember ANOTHER loved one who EYE lost in January of this year.  One of the FIRST to reach out to me upon my husband's murder...even though SHE was outta-state and EYE had no way of know HOW she knew!  #TwinSpirits  A wonderful spirit who took care of far too many more than herself.  EYE have learned from the life, lessons and influence of BOTH.  And EYE vow those lessons shall not go for naught.

You may think EYE am here for "you"...but, truth be told, EYE am HERE for ME...FIRST.  GOD's gift and charge.  All else is gravy.  Now....time to get refocus on the "main meal."  And THIS TIME?  EYE get to eat FIRST!

The GOoD thing?  Connecting with those who TRULY get it and "worthy" of being on MY team.  It's not about what EYE can do merely for "them."  It's about what we REALLY can do for each other...or at the very least, they're not draining me of my resources merely because they're too damn "greedy" and "thirsty."  Such an ugly trait...and DEFINITELY not welcomed NOR responded to on my (K)NEW journey.

Yeah...EYE said EYE was "off the grid."  And EYE AM....for "others."  In "maintenance" mode.  Re-inventing and Restoring.  RISING out of the ashes others left that EYE had to sweep away to discover my precious "coal" again.  EYE am "off the grid" of what everyone else is doing.....and ON the grid FULLTIME (like the FULL MOON) for MYSELF and focused on what EYE am supposed to BE...and BE DOING.  

Bout time!  And sharing a REAL testimony...because don't you get tired of these fake ass mofos who talk this shit but they are everything BUT legit?!  Hold 'em up to a little fire and watch 'em melt like cheap wax.

Maybe that's why EYE'm always burning candles and incense.  To remind me....some things just need to be burned off to reveal a NEW flame...a NEW fire...a new air...a NEW story.

Or maybe EYE'm just a "pyromaniac-in-training" as one of my friends said.  LOL  You never quite know when you're dealing with a "Phoenix Oracle."  We looooove keeping things HOT!!!  Or maybe EYE just love the color reddish-orange.  And lookie lookie...it just happens to be a Blood 



There is always that "official" moment when you need to release the final "purge." And though reasoning is not always necessary nor a given, it's MY way of "closing a chapter" for those who EYE know will STILL swear to the end that they "never knew." Yes...YES you did. They will swear to the end that they were never warned. Yes...YES you were. They will swear to the end EYE never showed them love. And waaaay too many (or at least, those who REALLY matter) will KNOW that to be a lie! They will swear to the end that EYE "misunderstood" their intentions. No...NO EYE didn't.

But, after all is said and done, when you can walk away KNOWING you gave your all...and at least gained a lesson from it, it's ALL GOoD. Some things aren't for EVERY body. And EVERY body is NOT for YOU. However, those who ARE will do MORE than "say" it; they will SHOW it. They will RECIPROCATE...not merely in "empty pretty words," but in REAL actions. They will not expect you to give what you don't have just to "save them" and they won't expect you to pay the cost for THEIR dream when you're struggling to pay the cost for your OWN dream.

AND they will under/innerstand your position, your vision and your heart...as your journeys will be similar. NOT THE SAME (for journeys are like snowflakes...UNIQUE). However, they WILL be similar...in struggle, in perseverance, in learning, in experience, in dealings with "cray cray" people who you can eventually learn to laugh together about. They will be similar in the RISE.

And if you're lucky (well, luck really has little to do with it)....if you're "in sync," you'll actually find yourself rising together.

NOTE: Light attracts TWO things: MORE light....and bugs. You must learn to embrace one...and brush the other off. Actions will show what part of the lesson you actually discerned...and choose to practice.

It's all GOoD. It's all LOVE. And like the seasons, it's time for a fresh change.

Embracing the RISE of a new day....and a fresh cup. Ummm...Ummmm...GOoD.