Tiz the season for HAPPY thoughts.  YES, there is drama in the world.  YES, there is pain in the world.  Been there; suffered a LOT already.  YES, a global awareness is needed.  

And YES...the EARTH is working it out...HERSELF, revealing and cleansing EVERY foul spirit to Nature.  #Nibiru  #Shiva  #Revelations

That being said.....as a "Divine Daughter" of the MOST HIGH, heed this:
Whether you know me or not....WHEN your FIRST contact in "introducing" yourself to MY "elevated vibration" is speaking "destruction" and "drama" without even as much as a greeting or gift, you can be SURE that EYE will kick you OUT my vibration.  House Rules.  #doubleentendreintended

CHOICE:  Everybody has one...designed to THEIR spirit.  Choosing Shiva The Creator.  Not Shiva The Destroyer.  FEELING the need to FEEL something different that FEELS GOoD.  And when you find your personal joy and Divine peace, WHO would want to destroy THAT?!

Point and double entendre intended.  #answeriswithinthequestion

"Shiva the Creative Goddess" is CHOOSING to BE BLACK, BRILLIANT AND BE-YOU-TO-FULL while embracing and emitting peace, love, lessons, truth and reality....with a taste of humor and "swerve."

And anyone who has a problem with you naturally shining and being happy in YOUR natural habitat is a Cain...waiting to pull that same move again.  #colornotspecific

P.S.  Law of Attraction says you attract what you are.  And you repel what you're not.

In the words of the great Buddha:  "Bitch...Don't Kill My Vibe!"



TIZ THE SEASON!!  That "bi-polar" energy of great joy AND great pain that can get you caught up in either too much sunshine or too much rain.  BALANCE.  That's the key. BALANCE...in ALL things.  BALANCE.  And it seems the Earth, HERSELF, is working it out NATURALLY.

Sometimes people forget we are ALL "immigrants" on this wonderful "ark in space."  Even those of us who were here FIRST forget.  Remembering tho...

Soooo....tiz the season of life hacks, reboots and restoration.  Still vibing on the "temp" computer while waiting for my personal Christmas gift (a "highly suggestive"  purchase forcibly encouraged by the Divine "Torus" flow)...and still rebooting and restoring for a glorious New Year.

IS IT ME?!  Or did Mercury in Retrograde (which is actually supposed to come the 1st week in January) feel like it came last week?!  EYE keep telling folks that time is moving FASTER!  If you ask some of your TOP scientists who are not afraid to tell the truth, THEY will tell you the same!  But EYE digress.....

Soooo.....things should be on point and even BETTER next week.  Taking on NO additional drama or draining energy.  Tiz NOT the season for THAT!  STUFF IS HAPPENING, GOoD PEOPLE!  If YOU are not tuned into your natural "bliss," then that means you are tuned into someone else's unnatural "bullshit."  AND WHO WANTS STINKY FAKE MANURE UNDER THEIR HOLLY TREE?!!  (Fake fertilization days are OVER, yo!  Time to GROW out the muck and evolve into the light!)

That being said.....EYE'm just gonna balance between play and making money...and see where this refreshing (k)NEW flow takes me.  Thanks for the "push," Divine Mom and Dad.  EYE obviously needed it!  Got stuck in "safe mode" and allowed waaaay too many viruses in my system and matrix.


RECOVERY in operation.  REBOOT is going beautifully.  RESTORATION is feeling wONEderFULL.  And EYE'm just passing on the vibration to someone who may be going thru the same thing and feeling alone and scared.  

It's okay.  You're not alone.  Take it from ones who knows.  Don't look OUT to look up.  Look IN..to find YOUR support.