Da Oracle's Rules For 4th Dimensional Living ('cuz you gotta get thru 4th D BEFORE you even THINK about entering 5D):

1. EYE laugh DAILY because humor is healing.

2. EYE only share my energy with people who make me smile and EYE can learn from. Hence why EYE seem to surround myself with "twisted geniuses." #Reflections

3. EYE don't hang around anyone crazier than EYE am. My "Tardis" might appear like a "Bat Cave," but know that EYE don't do "bats" or "bat-shit crazy," honey!! Tiz why the vetting process is sooooo essential for proper 4th Dimensional living. JUST SAY NO TO PROVEN CRAZY PEOPLE 'cuz their energies can spoil a wet dream!! And they neeeeeever bring ANYTHING productive to the pot! Seriously!! #LessonsNotToBeRepeated

4. EYE have learned how to say NO and disengage from "drainers, takers, stunters & fronters and closet haters" a LOT easier. The MORE you say NO, the easier it becomes. So much so, you build a spiritual and etheric "wall" (SEE, THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT, MR. TRUMP) to keep the crazies and drainers out that they can FEEL before they even ask or come your way. Baker used to call it my "inviso wall" because it would seem like EYE make myself "invisible" to certain people and energies. YUP...IT WORKS...STILL! Yeah...a few slip thru from time to time because they be like Kanye with no buffers and rational mental capacity. But that's when the 1st 3 rules kick in....and you use that energy for creativity and productivity. AND YOU'RE STILL SAYING NO AND KEEPING IT MOVING ON "YOUR" WALK as well as making others laugh who are no doubt going thru similar experiences. Energy evolves into "synergy" and it's a WIN-WIN...and proven in clear view for all of your to see....because that's what Oracle's DO.

Can ya hear me now? (*_*)