What EYE DO like: Folks who talk about business and ACT upon it, not BS'ing or trying to blow smoke up my ass....AND PAYING ON TIME!  Note: EYE might have been born at night, but not LAST night. (Well, actually EYE wasn't born at night at ALL and that's perhaps a bigger point. But EYE digress to progress....)

What EYE DON'T like: Folks who want you to put THEIR stuff as priority without any paper and expecting you to spending priority time on "illusionary" like you have nothing else better to do. Even worse, they want YOU to put YOUR REAL SHIT on hold for theirs, like whenever THEY "make it" (code phrase for when YOU "make it" FOR them), it's all gonna be good and you'll be squared away. HOW MANY TIMES DOES THAT REALLY HAPPEN?! Wait for it....wait for it...wait for it....my point. Tested the theory enough times to give you actual factual and consistent results....NONE!!

NOW, that being said....Da Oracle loves her fun and will do a lot of stuff out of "love." BUT the ONLY thing EYE'm doing out of "love" and for free on THIS JOURNEY is for ME...because EYE knoooow where the "pay off" is coming from. And even what EYE "appear" to be doing just for "fun," has a "marketable" value to it. EYE have a vision...and a goal. And EVERYTHING EYE DO has a purpose for ADDING to my life; NOT subtracting!! NO, EYE don't put MY shit on hold for ANYONE else EVER again. NO...EYE don't put YOUR shit above MINE unless you're paying BIG BUCKS NOW and the check has CLEARED!! And even THEN, it's doesn't take up the majority of my time. Again, EYE have MY goals and visions to work on. And those WILL be done. 

NO...EYE don't need some insecure jealous "crab-in-a-barrel" ego-maniacal ass in my camp who feels like what EYE'm doing is taking away from them and they want ME to help THEM get over FIRST while they climb MY back to "fame and fortune" land....OR acting like they're trying to do ME a favor by giving me some token "handout" when EYE'm the one who's expected to be Cinderella and send THEM to the ball for the bigger prize and big dance on MY efforts while, once again, EYE "bow out" and refuse to meet the "Prince" myself. WTF?! OR someone who's selling one of those "pie-in-the-sky" stories of fame and glory and LOTS of money that's gonna come "one day" like the land of milk and honey in "heaben." NUKKA...THOSE TRUSTING DAYS OF "SWEET WORDS WITH NO SUBSTANCE OR FACTUAL PROOF AND PROVEN BANK STATEMENTS ARE OVA!!" EYE'M LIKE JERRY MAGUIRE: SHOW ME THE MONEY!! If not, take a bow and have several seats! And watch a pro at work...from a distance!!

P.S. And if you come at me on some BS business tip just because someone LESS experienced and LESS intelligent and LESS credible "fucked you over" YET you paid them well...AND you expect to hold ME accountable and shortchange ME because of YOUR error, know this: EYE WILL CHARGE YOU DOUBLE JUST FOR THE INSULT!! EYE COME WITH RESUME, REFERENCES AND RESULTS! PAY OR BEGONE!! Honestly...can't miss nothing or what you never had. And EYE'm not desperate for nonsense and "non cents."

With that being said (consider it my weekly "business enema" session where sometimes you just need to flush that shit out your system and keep it moving...emphasis on KEEP IT MOVING), back to happy thoughts and happy vibes. Weekends were made for Michelob...and occasionally fun and PRIORITY finance and the fam that makes you smile the most. The rest...can wait. Got some LIVING to do. Just saying....life is short. And EYE'm look at EVERY day as one to enjoy....ESPECIALLY my weekends. And unless it's BIG DOLLARS on the line NOW to pay my bills NOW, it can sit and chill like tomorrow's leftovers. IJS Just because it's YOUR priority doesn't make it mine! Relevance has an order.

Alright...nuff talk. EYE got some miracles to create and some money to make. And it's CLEARLY apparent the only way to do is to do it MYSELF since folks always want YOU to do the work but take a bow to their nonsense.

And STILL they don't know me. Ahhhh....but they WILL. Keep watching...or not! And thanks for the inspiration. EVERYTHING is used as fuel these days. EVERY thing. 

Hmmmm....and wondering....Is this one of those "time of the month" rants that seems to have coincided with the fact that my menopause is STILL in "perimenopausal" stage?! Naaah....that's just me being ME. Still...think EYE'll go make some brownies. Feeling the need for some chocolate. LOL


On another note: EYE guess the "forest fire" did give me a light after all. "Smokey" saying thanks. LOL #privatejoke



And unless it's BIG DOLLARS on the line NOW to pay my bills NOW, it can sit and chill like tomorrow's leftovers. IJS Just because it's YOUR priority doesn't make it mine! Relevance has an order.

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