How does an Oracle get over it?


Second:  EYE don't take no shit...not even from myself.  So WHY would EYE take it from somebody ELSE?!

Third: EYE've learn to release IT...all the "sh" that is not MY "it."  Can't fix what you didn't break.  Can't make crooked straight.  Can't expect stupid to be smart.  Can't expect a hater to have a heart.  Can't be anyone else but yourself.  Can't expect proven leeches to not attempt to drain you from your wealth.  Can't expect sheeple to be courageous people.  Can't expect everyone to treat you as an equal. Can't expect the blind to always see.  Can't expect someone else to fully see YOUR destiny (especially when they can't even see their own.) Can't save the world, but you can save YOU.  And talking to yourself is fine; but at the end of the day it's about what YOU are going to DO.  RELEASE what doesn't motivate and bless you and let go of everything that tends to stress you.  NO flight can reach maximum heights with too much baggage.  And seriously, YOURS can get heavy enough! Other folks' baggage is just NOT yours to carry...especially for free!  Even Delta charges for extra bags!!!

Fourth:  EYE do ME.  There is and can NEVER be ANY competition in that.  NOBODY can do ME better than ME...no matter how hard they try.  And learn to laugh more at those stupid enough to "attempt" it.  Some/many will never be able to "find themselves."  But what does that have to do with YOU?  Let their life lesson be THEIR "LIFE LESSON" and YOU continue experience and enjoying YOURS.  If everyone was a follower, we would have no pioneers...no inventors....no one to raise the bar or question the "control sameness" of those who can't think beyond their own noses or false teachings.  Do YOU....and LOVE it!!  If you don't, perhaps there is a lesson in that...which is, "STOP doing the "you" that others think YOU should do and have the courage to be a thinking individual."

Fifth: Humor is indeed healing.  It clears the mind, lightens the spirits and helps you to breathe and refocus.  Revisit the 3rd and 4th steps.......laugh more....and learn from EVERYTHING.  Friends, foes. life's wonders AND woes.  EYE learn from it all...and make a clear conscious effort to NOT REPEAT the same classes twice.  Graduation doesn't come by being held back or sitting in the same class day after day.  Life goes ON...with or without you.  WAKE DA FUKK UP AND GROW...or miss it and miss out.

Sixth:  Learn from ALL but gravitate to those who are MORE successful and "together" than YOU.  If you are the MOST successful and smartest and most talented person you know, you reeeeeally need to upgrade.  And egos don't fuckin' count.  Gravitate to those who are SHOWING it and have actual proof.  NOT just that "legend in their own minds" bullshit.  Someone else's "pipe dreams" will NEVER accomplish a damn thing for YOU.  LAW OF ATTRACTION!!  What and WHO are YOU attracting?!  Success....or stress?  That's why EYE try my best to upgrade "something" every day!  Even if it's just my "vibration."

Seventh:  Embrace YOUR spirituality.  Religion and spirituality are TWO different things.  One is controlling and limited and only truly connects you with the one who wants to be empowered by YOU, your mind and your money.  The other is freeing and connects you directly to the Source which serves to empower YOU so that YOU have a clearer picture and direction to YOU, your mind and YOUR prosperity.  One makes you feel "scared" and forces you to deny everything that's different from it.  The other frees and opens your mind enough to see and discern all points of views...and clearly pick the one which works best for YOU with respect to another's culture which may work best for them.  Religion is a "mass" event.  Spirituality is personal.  So is death...and life...and the ULTIMATE connection.  Get my point?  #nuffsaid

And when all's said and done, a soldier queen doesn't look too bad for all the wear and tear of being on the planet for 5 decades (in THIS lifetime, anyway) and walking the path of my bloodline warriors/seekers/teachers/pioneers.  STILL here...and rising to reclaim MY throne.  And this isn't even my best yet.  Rebirth....and REbuilding...again.  This time....MY way.  Game of thrones?!  Nahh, baby.  Game ova!  NEW MATRIX!!  And the ONLY games EYE play are the fun ones with REAL players who know and respect the REAL game.

Watch and learn (or not). After all, choices are personal.  And one should always choose what works BEST on ALL levels for the individual.  THAT'S how you learn how to, not only survive, but strive...and get OVER that hump.  Proved...Proven...and PROVING!  HAPPY HUMP DAY!!




10/27/2016 3:09pm

The concept of the coffee chat is very lovely. The thoughts which she has been shared with us is like a life experience of her. Such a positive approach by her is very impressive.

02/25/2017 8:04am

I find the content selfish. It's like telling me that I don't need someone who can't make me successful. I know that we must think of ourselves sometimes, but we should not just think of ourselves everyday. If someone needs our help, why don't we carry his baggages? As Confucious said that if there is something we do not want others to do unto us, we should not do it to others. But I respect your opinion.


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