My problem is NOT with Donald Sterling...per se. My problem is with the attitudes and the system that ALLOW Donald Sterling to STAY in power and do what he does....WELL before this latest episode. MY problem is with the NAACP -- an organization with a history of "selling out" for the biggest check and honoring and giving mofos a "pass" due to their pockets while NOT honoring some of the truest pioneers and activists in the country. But then again, can much more be expected from an organization that ousted one of its staunchest founders - Ida B. Wells-Barnett (a pioneering abolitionist who was "Rosa Parks" BEFORE Rosa Parks) and replaced her with a white woman because they said she was just too vocal and too black?!! (Wow. Sounds familiar)

EYE'm just saying......why EYE don't do organizations and mega-preachers. The money trail always leads to some shit that doesn't NOTHING for my better health, sanity and welfare. Hear the interview in the link below....and do your research BEFORE you react...or you're just no better than the problem. And if you still just can't handle the truth...well, that's YOUR problem; not mine.


P.S. GOoD MORNING U-N-EYE-VERSE!! How's THIS for some morning coffee?! Black coffee...no sugar; no creme. The kind that wakes ya up RIGHT.  Now have a GOoD Day!!  #DaOracleSpeaks



11/24/2016 4:19am

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