They hate...they denigrate...they imitate, copy and attempt to destroy if they can't control. They will steal ALL of your gold and your soul...IF you let them. They change their "loyalties" on a whim because they are jealous "sheeple." Fake people pledging allegiances to whoever is the flavor of the day. They don't know the way...but will always tell YOU which way YOU should go. Ask them where they're going, they don't really know unless the white Jesus tells them so. Can't handle the questions, yet they think they have all the answers. Their madness and ignorance spreading like cancer. And even when they cut you OUT, YOU are STILL the one they are talking about....

Because...YOU were the cure...the proof. 
But sad to say many can't handle the truth. 
The crust of the "problem" peeled away with the root of the solution. 
Saving, they're asking. But sickness, they're choosing. 
And sadly they didn't recognize the skill or the heal until the ill was terminal. 
What happens when you chose the hemlock heroin 
Over the heaven-sent heroine. 

Shit happens...and then you pay. One way or another. 
And some things, even Obamacare can't take care of. 



03/16/2015 4:25am

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