REAL'ISDOM: When you're on an "ascension," some music just does NOT cut the mustard. You don't want it too LOUD or too crass. You don't want it too old or too wack. You don't want something "okay" for a minute. You want something that will last. You don't want it to keep you stuck in the same place doing the same thing and never getting out of that same spot. You want it to make you remember....wht you knew....what you forgot you knew...what you didn't know that you knew....and then bring you into something NEW. And you want something that's gonna heal AND empower you at the same time....without having you wait for some "ship" to come and sail you away. YOU are aware that this particular music will help YOU save the day....because it's one with YOUR soul and lifts you higher to the inner and outer power in YOU that connects to the bigger and sooo much greater beyond that all try to name but is nameless....and tameless...just like spirit.

If some of ya REALLY know what EYE'm talking about, let the REAL church say "Amen" and "Ashe'!" Let the Rapture and the Rise continue. Onward and upward.

Ohhhh....and to think, some of ya thought it was some "hocus pocus spooky" shit. Tsk Tsk Tsk

That's why EYE drop clues...and messages. The rest? Well, that's up to YOU.‪#‎personaljourneys‬

First was the word...the sound....the vibration. And man and woman have been getting down ever since to get UP. Thought you knew? Now you do....again.

(The "Anti-Media" Media)



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