Some folks are as wishy washy and as flighty as a tattered leaf in a hurricane. EYE might be spacey and steadily in the "comos"...but EYE stand by my principles...regardless. And this "jumping" from one "clique" to another, frontin' and stunting for attention instead of growth or trying to "steal friends" or contacts behind backs because YOU don't feel "special" any more (if you ever did) is soooo immature and the mindset of someone who, no matter WHAT they say, they OBVIOUSLY have nothing of significance going on.

Note: EYE don't try to "steal" people away or tell folks who they should like or not. It's THEIR business. Everybody's grown....sorta. Maybe. Anyway...EYE treat grown folk like grown folk. And if EYE find they're childish, EYE don't need to be dealing with them anyway. REAL grinders don't have time for that. Business is done in the light of day; not the daycare.

Note: If you "steal" someone "away" from me, they were obviously never "mine" to begin with. And EYE know too many REAL folks to worry about some pretenders who just "stunting" for position and brownie points. Just keeping it real. NEVER lose sleep over what you never had. Focus on what you DO have and you'll see you'll have more than most!

Note: If EYE helped you and supported you in the past....AND YOU KNOOOOOW WHO YOU ARE (Why name names and make the "irrelevant" relevant?)...and you don't receive my "support" now, YOU FUCKED UP!! Plain and simple. And EVERY body who REALLY knows me know EYE give the shirt off my back and will go without just to help someone else. HOWEVER, even Da Oracle is not above learning. And casting pearls to swine and planting in barren, jealous fields only results in the growing of weeds and the choking of real crop. Soooo....EYE packed the rest of my seeds and moved on to better planting. Besides....EYE use shovels; not hoes. 

IJS...EYE don't need your awards and EYE don't need your acknowledgement. NEITHER justifies what EYE do or don't do. Money for a job well done and respect from the REAL ONES with true credibility and experience do THAT.

Note: If you KNOW that EYE've been struggling...and you were NO WHERE to be found....and all of a sudden you see me creating a "buzz" for myself and YOU want to jump right on in and want to "fly me" like TWA or want me to focus on YOUR dream once again more than my own, ONE of us clearly has not learned shit!! And THAT one ain't ME!!  MY main priority.....is ME and MY business and MY bills and MY health. Everything else comes AFTER that! And EYE don't mind sharing...but there will be NO eating off MY plate from the crops EYE made FIRST before ME. That was just naivety and ignorance on MY part. A lesson not to be repeated. Giving thanks for the blessings that have come from well-earned lessons.

Note: EYE keeps it as honest and as real as EYE can. No time to cover up lies, play this person against the next, worry about who thinks WHO is "more important" or worry about someone else's issue more than my own NOR put MY dreams on hold for "illusionary payoffs" that NEVER happen. AND JUST POINT BLANK, EYE HAVE NO TIME to do anything that doesn't make ME smile and puts a little gas in MY tank and food on MY table and bring joy to MY life. If you take on a whole bunch of bricks and stack them on YOUR foundation...but your cornerstone is not secure, everything can come crashing down at any extra stress. And NONE of those bricks will help "rebuild" what fell. LIVED the lesson...LEARNED the lesson...and SHOWED YOU the lesson.

MISSED THE LESSON?! That's YOUR problem. MY lesson is to keep it moving. Paid it forward...now it's time to pay ME. And EYE got REAL work to focus on. Not pipe dreams.

IJS EYE am MORE than just a "storyteller." But whatever YOU think EYE am to you is what EYE'll be. However, that doesn't mean EYE have to stick around for your opinions....especially when it doesn't benefit MY walk. 

Learning is personal. And so is your journey. GOT MIND?! #gotmine

(The "Anti-Media" Media) 



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