It's a mixed bag of thoughts in the air and in my head this morning.  STILL giddy from a wonderful week/weekend of acting and hanging around the type of people EYE truly LOVE being a part of.  Been a minute.  A looooong minute.  And looking forward to more of THIS as this part of my talent repertoire has just never found the outlets to explore and expose itself in this arena until now.  The talent?  ALWAYS there.  The places and people....were NOT.  Once again....law of attraction and focusing on your own manifestation working beautifully.  Note to self:  Continue doing more of THAT...and dealing more with what IS and not trying to build on or grow or repair or correct what's NOT.  Lessons learned; blessings earned.

And with that being said, the thoughts of Robin Williams comes to my head.  And the many reactions of his passing.  Some expected; some disappointed; some...just sad.  Not just sad in a "sad" way but sad in a "some folks will NEVER get it" way.

So...you know me.  Da Oracle.  "There is no spoon."  Rules are good.  But some rules are meant to be bent and broken...especially when very heavy things are on the line and reality dictates the "rule" is far in the way of the REAL lesson.  On a particular page, EYE was "inspired" to shed some "light" on the subject of depression and Robin Williams death....because a post was getting too deep...and some where getting WAAAAY misguided and oblivious to a much deeper subject.  Wonderful and needed dialogue was going on....good or bad.  However, the poster felt the need to delete the post because so much dialogue was going on.  Too me?  It was good that this dialogue was happening.  It's dialogue that doesn't happen ENOUGH on depression.  It's DEEPER...MUCH DEEPER than people think or can even imagine.  As one poster said:  "Six words can't express an illness that kills one person every forty seconds. And six million prayers won't cure it."  Religion is NOT the answer.  And what's truly sad is to see a very sick, twisted and sad set of dynamics that continues to raise its ugly head and shows why we are a society full of delusions and ills and a generation that's lost forever and too arrogant to see it or turn itself around.

RELIGION has become our new slavemaster!!  People always want to feel like religion is a "cure all" to EVERYTHING.  On the contrary, RELIGION is the cause for more wars and separation and "mindfucks" than anything else!!  DO NOT GET SPIRITUALITY AND RELIGION TWISTED!!  ONE IS YOUR CONNECTION WITH A HIGHER POWER....WHATEVER THAT POWER IS CALLED!!  It has NO "one" name and it is NOT no "one prophet or person."  It is a UNIVERSAL LAW of natural and ethereal events...and it occurs in EVERYTHING and EVERYONE whether you believe in it or not.  It needs not "belief."  It just IS.  The "belief" part comes when WE figure out how WE are connected to it and how that wonderful power can flow and manifest thru our words and actions.  And that can be done in a VARIETY of ways and forms.  

HOWEVER...man/mankind (including woman/womankind) get shit soooo twisted and have to put stuff in a tiny little box to fit in their tiny little heads so they can make this EXPANSIVE wisdom fit in their tiny little brains...and don't understand that true spirituality is an ongoing process til you get...wherever you're go when you "transcend."  And even THEN....its something more.  We just won't know til we get there.  All that's to say is...to think "Religion" can cure addictions or problems of ANY kind is such a flippant excuse to take YOURSELF out of the equation for your own responsibility and healing.  And to think "religion" and your relation with GOD can "cure" depression is just plain STUPID AND IGNORANT!!  Some of the most hard-core people (soldiers, actors, freedom fighters, griots) are some of the most GOD-LOVING (no matter HOW they view it or call it, it's STILL a respect and understanding of a HIGHER Authority/Power) people on this whole planet.  But the things they have seen and been thru are not "cleansed" or "erased" or "eradicated" or become like they NEVER saw what they saw...been thru what they been thru...feel what they feel...JUST BECAUSE they say they "looooove and believe it GOD."  THAT'S DELUSIONAL...and the thoughts of someone who's OBVIOUSLY not been thru enough to truly KNOW what EYE am talking about.

Oh but believe me.....you will.  You will....EYE don't speak from what EYE read...or been told...or been programmed to think.  EYE speak from what EYE KNOW!!  What EYE have EXPERIENCED!  What EYE am QUALIFIED to speak on.  MY life.  MY stories.  MY very REAL reality.  MY trauma and depression.  GOoD Little Princess who had it all...and lost it ALL...in a fall not all to my making.  And yet it was.  Naivety and having no fear of playing with "snakes" can do a job on a person's psyche.  Being brilliant...and realize ignorance seems to be preferred over brilliance can be eye-opening.  To find "love" is not really "love" and, at the end of the day, you better grow some bigger balls and a stronger vagina and some thick skin and realize there is a REAL war going on...and you better realize that the MAIN person who has your back....is YOU.  EYE KNEW that my Parents "had me."  EYE KNOW that Baker "tried" to "have me."  The problem was...he didn't always "have himself."  And everything else?  Well....let's just say...EYE depend on ME and MY "source" of Universal Power/Knowledge/Manifestation and EYE listen more to people's actions more than their words.  Words....can fuck you up!  Seriously!  Especially when you don't resource the intention and source behind them. 

That example EYE just gave is why you can get some of your most close-minded fanatical "Christians" to easily lose ALL their faith and beliefs when some very REAL tragedies smack them in their faces and severely whip their asses.  All of a sudden, all that "bravado" talk means nothing...and they become confused to what's happening.  YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING?!  THE TRUTH THAT YOU DENIED YOURSELF!!  YOU DIDN'T REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW BECAUSE YOU COULDN'T GO OUTSIDE OF YOUR BOX OF "KNOWING" AND YOU NOW REALIZE THAT LIFE...AND DEATH...ARE MUCH BIGGER THAN THE BOX IN YOUR HEAD!!  DUUUUHHHHH!!

Sorry...sort of...for that bit of attitude.  But you just get soooo tired of trying to explain something to folks who think they know everything and show they know nothing.  And you're trying to do it...NOT for yourself...but in hopes that when their time of realization will come, they will be a bit more prepared.

BUT YA KNOW WHAT?  You got to know when to hold them.  Know when to fold them.  And know when to let it go.

Which takes me back particularly to our current generation.  We have a generation of "fad followers."  "Lazy babies."  Arrogant non-thinkers and non-talents who think just because they ARE that they KNOW and should be respected for their ignorance they CLEARLY show with everything they say and do.  They don't know that they don't KNOW....and they don't CARE.  YET, they expect those who DO know to "respect" their ignorance and not correct their insolence.  And when WE find we can do neither and just leave them be to their own demise, THEN we be "hating" and don't want to "support" or "build" with them.

YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS, YOUNGBLOOD!!  EITHER YOU'RE WILLING TO LEARN...OR YOU'RE NOT!  But NO ONE should be responsible for YOUR ignorance and arrogance when you totally disrespect the process that life is NOT just a rap video, a WorldStarr moment, a night at the Source Awards, a slam poetry experience, a six-word story, a good weed session, a "turn up" or a sitting on the front row in your mini trying to get the pastor's attention while the pastor (who's sniffing blow on the side) is looking at his wife's best friend with bedroom eyes.

IS THIS ALL YOU WANT YOUR LIFE TO BE?!!!  Then have at it then.  Just saying....some people find their own ways to cope with the ever-growing madness.  And some find they can never cope...and opt out.  EYE...under/innerstand either way.  Being ORACLE has nothing to do with it (or maybe it does).  Being ME....has EVERYTHING to do with it.  EYE don't deny what EYE feel or KNOW just because others can't go that deep.  Your shallowness or your "surface-level" knowledge or friendship stops not my flow or quest for under/innerstanding the MUCH BIGGER and DEEPER picture.  Your "close-mindedness" will not fill my "closed casket."  So tell me why EYE should even give a damn about you like that?!

EYE'm just hear to drop seeds of reality and truth and awareness.  Some pick them up and know what to do with them.  Some are totally confused what they are.  Some are just flat out jealous they didn't think of them in the first place.  Some just kick them away like they're nothing....then long to find them when "their drought" hits.  And some...are in fear of the seeds...because THEY know their is truth in those seeds.  And with truth....some will awaken to what's REALLY going on and be free from the lie.

And then...right then...someone might heal themselves...and pass it on.  Oh what a HORRIBLE thing is that happens.

Why EYE choose to be IN it...but not OF it.  And when the disrespect and the arrogant ignorance and the close-mindedness comes, EYE drop the seed and keep it moving like Johnny Appleseed...never looking back...for my job is done.  Take it or leave it alone.  And the outcome from that point on is on YOU.

And yet...WHY is it when the shit finally hits the fan and the awareness FINALLY sets in, EYE am always one of the FIRST they come running to....and never seen to under/innerstand that all EYE can do is watch from a distance?

Not my lesson to learn anymore.  You got me once.  Not again.  Off the cross...

Yeah....this is a LOT going on in this post.  Pick and choose what was meant for YOU....because somewhere in this, there is a message for ALL.OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN....EYE UNDERSTAND!  Brilliance is a blessing AND a curse...and one rarely understood and always criticized by eyes who only see what their minds allow them to see.  Salute to those who SEE...and BE MORE....regardless.  It's an art; it's a uniqueness...and it's done ONLY by a few.  Thank YOU for bringing it WELL!!  Rest In Peace 




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