REAL'ISDOM: Just because EYE make it "look easy," does NOT mean YOU can do what EYE do. YEARS of experience, training and naturally ability play out in full view. Fakes and "frenemies" just don't have a clue. The doors that EYE opened were for ME...and for you. Free riders, backbiters all stunting for position. Not ONE had my back while vying for my submission. Still MY mission was given from a much HIGHER power. How can EYE NOT SUCCEED in MY time and MY hour?! No need for insecure cliques or a flaky entourage. No need to be "small" when EYE was born to LIVE LARGE. No need for the love that never was there. It was MY lesson to learn to beware how EYE share. And in the midst of it all, the Queen rose from the fire. Stronger and wiser and inspired to fly HIGHER. With the motto: Think More. BE MORE. AND DO MORE... She shedded her ole dust and let it drop to the floor. And if ANY of this is making YOU feel "sumkindaway....."

Then that means that EYE have done MY job for today.

And YES...EYE do it WELL. Check that...BRILLIANTLY! Check the car fax and the references!




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