Now HERE is the irony and a very REAL testimony of Da Oracle Val Jones....and about BUSINESS, especially in the "Nam" -- a little place that could be ANYWHERE but let's just say it's somewhere that's irrelevant...AND relevant to the matter.

MANY that EYE have supported have NEVER supported back. EVER!!! Not even a PENNY!! Not ONE commercial have they had me do. Not ONE flyer have they commissioned me to do. No ONE OUNCE of REAL business have they shown MY way. The weed man" or the liquor store gets more love than ME; yet EYE'm expected to do 10 times for work. And for WHY?!! Because EYE am supposed to "give back" to the community?  EVEN when said "community" NEVER lives up to BEING a "community" nor gives back?!!  Instead, they choose to "climb YOUR back" to success off YOUR work, effort and time. Then, they will attempt to rob you blind of your credit, your money AND your precious time. Crab-in-a-barrel mentality that shows they stay in "Cain" mode ALWAYS trying to take out Abel AND the truly "abled"....yet professing to the "LAWD" of all they can (but can't) do.

THEN...they STILL expect...assume...require(?) the very person they DON'T support and stab in the back to give THEM "free" press...FREE support...FREE work...FREE EVERYTHING! Ask them in WHAT way have they even imagined that they've EARNED this reward?! They'll only say....because EYE'm doing this for "us." There was NEVER any "us"....ONLY "them." And there will NEVER be any "us"...because "Cain" never did know how to share or give credit where credit is DUE.

And all this does is drain YOU from doing what you should have been doing...FOR YOU...and others who PROVE they KNOW how to do REAL business with YOU. And when you DO this, the ones who NEVER contributed in ANY way other than lessons on who NOT to deal with and what NOT to do get upset and feel "sumkindaway." Why YOU mad?! Because EYE don't give you a chance to sip me DRY (with yo "thirsty ass!")?!!

Perhaps THAT'S why folks like Oprah and whoever don't look back to certain areas.  Perhaps YOU have only heard a one-sided story of WHY the person turned their back on their "community."  Perhaps...it was the "community" that turned its back FIRST...and the person found a REAL community to "commune" with elsewhere.  Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.  And sometimes...in order to have "something," you must leave "nothing" in the past and walk towards a BETTER future.

And THAT'S why you DON'T see me...and EYE do NOT support ignorance, disrespect, lack of reciprocity and basic bullshit "totally self-serving" behavior or "cliques" who gravitate from one place to another and NEVER do anything other than what they have always done....NOTHING significant!! Fool me once? EYE was just giving you a chance to show your class. Fool me twice?! Awwww naaaah, nukka. With THAT, you can kiss my....

Well...you already know. True story. No repeats. NO sequels. NEW chapter. You don't look back nor wallow in what never WAS. You gravitate and ELEVATE to what IS.

You RISE with the BEST and those you can grow with and gain from. And you let the "less" and those who drain you and just plain don't "get it" -- either by choice or their own failed growth and understanding -- fall by the wayside. You are NOT obligated to help "fuck ups" or those who will only fuck up YOUR business simply because they can't grow and DON'T want YOU to grow beyond them. That's a personal problem that folks like that should deal with "personally'...or with their psychoanalyst -- who by the way, gets PAID for their counseling services!!

Lessons in reality when it comes to doing business and choosing WHO to do business with. P.S. YES...even my PAGE is a "business." If you haven't contributed POSITIVELY and PRODUCTIVELY, don't expect or assume you own any "space" in this place. Your ignorance or denial of the fact has place in MY space or "home." EYE don't shit in YOUR toilet. Don't shit in MINE....unless you pay the toll. ‪#‎ITSABOUTBUSINESSBITCHES‬ 




09/29/2016 3:00am

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