By Val Jones (9/11/2014)

They all sound like parlor tricks
Candidates stunting for position
While citizens remain in submission
To a government who puts innocent people in prison
While killers run free
And because I have the nerve to speak out against it
YOU got a problem with ME?
Yet every four years
You require my vote
And I'm wondering who is the bigger joke
YOU? Or me?
For believing in a "democracy"
That still OBVIOUSLY views color
As a litmus test
To determine an arrest
What's the charge?
Who's at large?
Do I fit your description, Sarge?
Or do all black people look alike?
Even when the assailant is white
And dressed in blue?
And doesn't that describe many of YOU?
And isn't it sad
Or just plain bad
That even when we are the President
You continue to treat us like a second-class resident
Forgetting the fact that THIS country
And THIS government
Owes a major debt to its freedom and technology
People who look just like ME!
And while we worry and fight
For another country's right
MY liberties are shattered
Walking in the day and especially at night
Booooogie man with a badge and a gun
Who's got innocent victims on the run
Wrong is right and right is wrong
And every 4 years I hear this same ole song
As you beg my apology
And say you promise to get it right this time
Well, excuse me if I say
Kiss my ass
And I'll just get mine,
And excuse me or not
As I take my votes AND my wealth
And put them to use on someone else
Who doesn't put MY freedom and needs
On a shelf
Or in a grave
See what happens
When slaves misbehave?!





11/07/2016 5:21am

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