GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE!  Amazing the challenges you can go thru...in the dreamstate and waking world (or is it reverse?  One is never really quite sure if you cater to the thinking of Don Miguel Ruiz).  In any event, dreams are said to be prophecies...messages...or just dreams.  On thing for sure, ANYTHING that comes at me 3 times is always a message.  And since a child, EYE had this uncanny "ability" or talent to dream in "episodes."  For a while, seemed like EYE lost my ability to dream.  Then it came back.  And now...so have the "episodes."

Long story short:  For the past 3 nights/mornings EYE have dreamed of (and excuse this for this is gonna get a little "gross") sneezing up snot while EYE sleep.  LOTS of brown "vomity" snot.  Like in just ONE sneeze, my pillow is totally covered in oodles and oodles of "vomity-looking" snot!!  Now the first night/morning EYE woke up from that dream, EYE was like "What the hell?!"  The second night/morning, EYE was like "Really, bitch?!  WHAT are you eating before you go to bed?!"  This morning EYE'm like..."Okay, okay...EYE get it now.  Message received."  

Perhaps it was a convo with my BMF last night.  Perhaps it was the 3rd time EYE have awakened in a "series" of time:  6:59am...7:00am...7:01am.  Coincidence?!  As if and NEVER.  NOTHING is THAT coincidental (as if there ARE such thing as "coincidences").  Perhaps it's the changing of the season...and the total acknowledging that EYE, in fact, am clearing my system and psyche of a lot of crazy, clogging, unproductive, "gunky shit" that's been keeping me from optimal physical, emotional, spiritual, creative and financial health.  Lord KNOWS that EYE have taken on a LOT of "toxins" over the years...some of my own and a lot of others.  EYE've consumed stuff that just wasn't beneficial at ALL to ME.  

AND it's also NO coincidence that as one starts to clear, "gunk" tries to find its way BACK in.  What didn't "destroy" comes back around for a 2nd shot.  It "misses" you..and the way you used to "house" it and "entertain" it.  It "tempts" you with nothingness and memories of the same ole same ole.  "Remember when?!"  Yeah...EYE remember ALL.  EVERYTHING....and nothing.  It wonders if it can find it's way back into your system.  But like a computer purging a virus, this time EYE'm upgrading the "virus protection team" and operating on a whole new system.  Old knowledge...NEW programs.  Timeless ANCIENT data....and a fail-safe like you wouldn't believe.

Oh yeah...did EYE mention had to do some "maintenance" on my computer this morning?  Screen went down.  So now EYE'm having to use an old standby model.  Emphasis on "old."  But the point is...EYE had a backup.  And the old STILL works for what EYE need it to do.  Will EYE stick with it?  Of course NOT!!  Just because you have a working Model T doesn't mean you continue to use it!!  THIS is called "making do" til EYE do better which EYE plan on being VERY soon.  But there is a message in ALL of this.  And EYE'm discerning and learning...and sharing.....in case somewhere down the line you fit in or see yourself in this...or maybe DON'T see yourself in this.  No more junk.  No more gunk.  Fresh and wonderful IN; brown gross unproductive snot OUT.  Season's changing.  And so am EYE.

EYE did say "long story short" a few paragraphs ago, right?!  Well, you know how writers are.  And since this is MY page, consider it my morning blog for Tuesday.

And to think...ALL of this was WITHOUT coffee.  Cranking the pot up...because today is a serious "work" day.  And just like my diligence to get my computer up and running before 8am on my own, EYE shall NOT be denied.  

What an Oracle can do!  And perhaps that's the biggest reminder and lesson to myself as well as to some of you.  ;-)




05/15/2015 2:20am

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09/01/2016 4:13am

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