1. People who are soooo desperate for attention and affection that they jump from bandwagon to bandwagon and on EVERY bandwagon they see moving simply because they are afraid or CAN'T move alone.

2. People who are soooo "thirsty" that they make friends with you ONLY to steal every idea or claim that you have. They will literally look you in your mouth and steal the words right out from you, then turn around and repeat them to the next person in front of your face like THEY said it first! These are the ones who "roll up" on you fast, try to be your best friend even faster, will LIE to attempt to compare their lives with yours...and will use you and throw you under the bus at the 1ST opportunity or when offered a bigger banana. The operative word: FRENEMY.

3. People who are soooo "cultural" or "revolutionary" that they have NO sense of practical reality whatsoever. Will NEVER work for the white man but will BEG from the Black woman CONSTANTLY. And instead of learning and WORKING WITH the Black man that's actually TRYING to work it out, they will jump on THEIR backs, try to tell THEM what THEY need to do, expect THEM as well as the Black woman to do all the work....and then sit back and ask, "Now where's MY cut?!" FuthaMucka WHAT?! GTFOOH

4. People who are SOOOO mindless and so "ridiculously religious" that they only allow their "pimp pastors" to speak for them and tell THEM what's in the scriptures instead of reading them themselves. Note: When a wise one said "Study ALL the scriptures," HE was talking MORE than just the "few books" left in the King James Version. And we won't even get into WHO and WHAT King James was and REALLY about. If you STUDIED, you'd already know! But you can't tell a mindless Futhamucka nuttin'! Pimp got dat ho's mind!

5. People who are sooooo "image conscious" that they have totally ignored being "substance conscious." They think what they wear and what they have makes up for the fact that they are EMPTY on the inside. Empty of substance...empty of knowledge and application...empty of REAL spirituality...empty of knowing and loving SELF...empty of REAL friends and family...empty of truth. They "hide" behind their "flash" and "flair" to ignore what's not really there. And when they run into folks like me who just don't care, they instantly become jealous, insecure and combative....because they see something they don't have. REALNESS These folks are in for a hard lesson. Let them fall. It's the ONLY way they'll learn...IF they learn at all. ‪#‎toughlove‬

6. People who say "WE" a lot when their actions prove they only mean "ME." Without asking, they are quick to say, "WE gonna do this!" "WE gonna do that!" And after you've gone through YOUR struggles and journeys and trials and finally made it back up the ladder of success, they are quick to say, "WE made it." Note: Unless WE are talking "French," THAT word needs to be put in its proper perspective and definitive practicality of what that word REALLY means and relates to the situation. "Oui Oui" The operative word: LEECH.

7. People who are afraid to stand by you even when they claim they like and admire you because their "entourage" or their "clique" got a problem with you (usually due to jealousy, insecurity and something ridiculously "internal" and "irrelevant" with those people themselves). These people are fickle and flighty. Will fold on minimal weight and fly away at with a strong breeze. They will NEVER go through a storm with you....and quite probably can't go through a storm THEMSELVES without the "help" of the clique. They never stand alone. They stand "ON" others. And if YOU happen to be one of those "pioneering souls" who DO stand alone, they can't afford to stand with you (even if they admire you) just in case you fall...for they MUST have the "clique" to fall back on. And if you miraculous "make it," they'll be one of the first to "Facebook" love in a like or two...but NEVER in person where they might be seen by their "clique crew." They are a LOT like #4. Many ARE #4. Either way, they are not worth your time and effort to figure out. Just know, they ARE what they ARE...it IS what it IS...and it's all GOoD. Better to know and keep it moving rather than get caught up in someone else's emotional "fickleness."

ALL 7 of these types are potential "haters-in-training." They may change; they may not. But their "future" actions are of no consequence as WE are dealing in the NOW. So, the moral of the sermon is this: Stay clear of THESE types...and you'll find yourself happier, your shine brighter and your life wonderfully evolving.

These are not "theories." They are TESTED TRUTHS...proved, proven and proving!





12/13/2016 12:17pm

There are different type of people and here we can know about their 7 types to stay clear. We should beware of people because some of them make relations with us just for their benefits and to hurt us.


As I was reading this post, I thought that the best thing to do is to avoid these kinds of people. But I realized that it would do no good. I think that a great way to deal with these people is to just understand them. Maybe they have compelling reasons why they act that way. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Keep blogging!


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