GOoD SATURDAY U-N-EYE-VERSE!  Vibing on some great wisdom from my frat brother, Les Brown...and paying it forward in my own "Oracle" style.  Let's talk about "pluses" and "minuses" in your life...because there may be some just like me who need to be reminded of this.

Note: There are some things...and some people...EYE just DON'T DO anymore. PERIOD!  If it was never beneficial before...and EYE gave it ENOUGH opps to be beneficial...seeded enough into barren soil...and nothing to MY pleasure came out of it, the lesson was for ME...TO MOVE ON!

NOTE: Some folks LIKE "swill." Or act like they do. But if YOU don't, move ON.

NOTE: Some folks LIKE stagnation. Or act like they do...simply because, no matter what they SAY, their actions PROVE they can't grow. Ever tried watering weeds and hoping it will grow into beautiful flowers? DOESN'T HAPPEN!!  So stop waiting for a miracle that is will nor should EVER happen because it's not physically, spiritually, financially nor scientifically sound!  LEARN "YOUR" LESSON. And if YOU don't like the stagnation and being around folks who apparently do, MOVE ON.

NOTE: Some folks will want YOU to co-sign THEM and support their "nightmares" and delusions; but they will NEVER support your vision and REAL movement. EVER. They are just hardwired to be jealous insecure "crabs-in-a-barrel." And, rather than moving positively forward and upward and UPGRADING, they live to DEGRADE, constantly moving backwards and hating and knocking ANY thing that is not THEIR idea or what they can't control. AND they are VERY aware of who YOU are because YOU represent everything they are NOT. They know WHO you are (even if they won't admit it to others). They KNOW what YOU do (even if they don't admit it to others). They will "poo poo" and hate on EVERY thing you do...and then try to copy it behind your back, never realizing they are missing that one KEY element for success...YOU. These folks will NEVER "add" to your equation. They are petty and permanent "subtraction" factors whose only purpose at this point is to serve as "points of reference" in this thing we call life. And unless you're in the "loss business" (and WHO in their right mind and on their RIGHT grind IS?!), recognize these folks are the ones to NEGATE out your life. In fact, stay focused on YOUR path and just ignore their very existence for they seriously and really just don't matter in YOUR much bigger equation...and MOVE ON.

NOTE: It's NOT about what YOU should keep doing for others...especially if you are not doing it for yourself FIRST. Do NOT fall prey to "slave mentality."  WE are in the 21st century!!  The same old tricks should NOT be working right now!!  But, apparently since they are, here's some advice from Harriet T:  BETTER SAVE YOURSELF, YOUNG WOMAN AND YOUNG MAN...because you find out in very real terms that 90% of the folks you've helped in the past will NOT help you in the present or future. It's just the weird dynamics of human behavior and a growing culture of "selfishness" and "arrogance."  Or maybe it's just more obvious these days...because this energy has been around even since the days of Cain and Abel. And THERE is a story for you to mull over. EVERY Abel has a Cain. Which are YOU?  And if you're "Abel," WHO is your "Cain?"  Because trust...YOU have one....or two...or three.  But EYE digress...

It is NOT about waiting for what these others will do for you NOR allowing them to convince you that if you keep giving your precious time, energy and resources to THEIR causes/events, this will turn around and produce positive results and growth in your life. The ONLY thing these actions will produce are more lessons on who YOU should NOT be dealing with. Understand that, no matter how much these types say "WE," it merely and solely and has consistently proven to be purely and selfishly about THEM. YOU are "their team." They are NOT "your team." And somewhere they've gotten it twisted in their little minds that YOU are "obligated" to help them and YOUR hard work, connections and "rise" should be utilized to fuel THEM rather than fuel YOURSELF, thus killing TWO birds at one stone: They stop YOU from succeeding beyond them AND they get your energy and resources AND MONEY DUE YOU to do the "foul and selfish deed" to pushing them ahead of YOU...on YOUR strength. EYE can't tell you on how many levels how STUUUUUUPID this is!  Live and learn.  Or you'd better!!  The consequences for NOT learning are brutal at best; fatal at worse. 

Perhaps the only good thing about the above types EYE have mentioned is they are quite transparent in their actions. No matter their words, YOU will KNOW these folks when you run in to them...and LISTEN intently to them...and deal with them, observing their "walk." Their "MO" never changes!! EVER!  And if you stumble across these "examples," this is a lesson for YOU in choosing pearls over swine...and NOT giving YOUR pearls to these swine. MOVE ON...unapologetically and without hesitation. You owe them NOTHING. No explanation. No second chances. No reasons. TRUST...it wouldn't matter. It NEVER matters. Tested the theory countless times.  Proved it to be true EVERY time!  These types are ONLY concerned with what YOU can do for them rather than changing their own lives themselves to do better.  They don't want to "build together."  They want YOU to build THEIR house for FREE...and then not give a pass to enter it once it's built.  They do not WANT nor do they ever want to make things "fair" between the two of you. "Fairness" is NOT in their mind. Running a "game," stealing your "claim," and co-opting your "fame" is their sole purpose.  Don't get distracted by the smile so much that you don't see the knife that's about to go into your back.  Cain is always waiting to attack Abel...and claim his or her crops.  Age old tale of jealousy that lives on to this day.  Now that you know what it is and what will always happen if YOU don't react differently, MOVE ON!  REEMPHASIZING....MOVE ON...without warning or using any energy that will slow your exit out the door.

Under and innerstand that some folks are not and will NEVER be worth ANY of your energy or time or dime.  They are not even worthy of your arguments.  Changes nothing.  And believe me, EYE am still a "work in progress" and every day is a challenge to follow and PROVE my own wonderful advice. Tiz why EYE "show" it to you...because many TALK the "talk;" but only the few REAL ones walk the walk. Learning to say "Eat a dick, mothafucka" more so in my mind" these days  instead of out loud...and letting my absence speak for itself. The Dark Phoenix is on "focused" and "friendly fire" setting. Locked and loaded...but hands off the glock. #WinTheBiggerWarNotJustEveryMinorBattle ;-)

The added irony: These sad and notably disturbed and negative folks who won't look themselves squarely in the mirror (because even their own actions are disturbing to their self-conscious, which is why they need "entourages" to distract them from themselves) will ALWAYS tell "others" they don't know what happen. Trust...they DO. But the point is...while YOU have gone on to SUCCEED and be around a much more conducive and positive energy that fits YOUR purpose and goal, they will continue to do the very same thing they have always done.....

Which is......?????

Point proven and case closed. (in my Annalise voice) ;-)




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