GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE! And a GOoD morning INDEED. Anytime there is REAL CLARITY, it's a GOoD morning. The problem is...sometimes WE don't want to admit the clarity...the obvious...the revelations...the message...the brilliance...the bullshit...the trick...the game...the REALity.

When you really SEE what it IS...and ACKNOWLEDGE it, there's only 2 things you can do: RISE...or fall.

EYE told you all a year ago EYE was "falling UP" because falling down is ALWAYS the same results...especially if you don't learn and act like you know.

Now that you know...or SHOULD know...what YOU gonna do, Geraldo?!

Stay with love...and you're always safe and will always RISE. Work outside of love, you better be ready for anything. And EYE do mean "anything."

Welcome...to the desert...of the REAL. It ain't just a movie, dawg!!

RISE...or not. In other words, don't just wait on "Jesus." Be your OWN "Jesus" and create your own miracles.

Or are you just "talking?" Interesting times....GOoD MORNING! (double entendre intended...AGAIN) 

Today's Message from the ONE who sees it ALL and shares the gift. <@>


p.s. But DON'T think EYE'm gonna FREELY share it with any and EVER body. We all see THAT doesn't make sense OR cents. #PHYSICSBITCH



12/04/2016 11:05am

Wow! really nice post you talk about a motive and good point eyes its our secret box its tells all that we hide form to other. We never deny this truth that eyes is react and show our inner condition so we never hid our inner condition.


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