EYE have to admit it. The world is FULL of "cliques." Even when you roll "solo," you roll into "cliques." Even Jesus and his disciples were considered a "clique" by those who didn't understand or couldn't fit in. Cliques are apparently a part of human behavior. Like minds who can roll separately yet together at the same time. No wait...THAT'S "MY" version of what EYE have determined to be MY "clique." 

In any event, EYE'm finding out just which is MINE...and EYE LIKE IT!!! Military brats...yeah, we're a clique. Conscious folks with attitudes (so others say)...yeah, we're a clique. Radio people...poets...artists...people with HIGH standards."  Yup!  A different breed indeed and definitely a clique...even among OTHER cliques.  Churchy folks...most definitely a clique!  Bullshitters...yeah, THEY have their cliques too. Insecure mofos. Folks who hold folks down 'cuz THEY can't step up. Yeah...they're a "clique" as well. But, let's move on...a point made in more ways than one.

Just saying...Cliques are apparently a part of human behavior...and represent that need to belong to someone other than yourself. Then you have those like me...who could really give a "fuck" about a clique in it's "literal" sense. Only children don't grow up LONELY children just because we're only children and love to roam "solo."  Trust me, EYE've felt more alone in a room full of people than being totally by myself.  But in a REAL world, cliques have their purpose.  And it's imperative to know YOUR "clique." YOUR "family."  YOUR "troops." YOUR "team." YOUR folks that YOU relate to best. The folks you can laugh, cry, joke and grow with as well as grow old with...and do it with no real drama. You know...how "families" are SUPPOSED to be in its truest form. It would be something else if EYE never had that. But being that EYE was blessed with a REAL family in EVERY sense of the word from the beginning, EYE give thanks for that wonderful reference point my parents gave me as well as the teaching of what a REAL "family clique" is supposed to be.

Under and INNERstand: The ones who truly appreciate you will let you know. The ones who truly support you will let you know...no matter whether the public is watching or not. The ones who want the BEST for you will let you know. The ones who want you to NOT outdo THEM will let you know. The ones who just do things for public attention will let you know. The ones who just want you to do something for THEM will let you know. And the ones waiting on the fence trying to decide which way the wind will blow stronger will let you know (not loyal worth a DAMN!). 

IJS...Clarity will ALWAYS let you know what is what. Give thanks for clarity. And ACT upon that wisdom...or suffer the consequences for not acting. Glad MY folks waited on "Dorothy" while she took her little trip thru "Oz" and waded my little footsies thru a TON of manure until EYE finally "cliqued" my heels, threw some water on those b'ishes, said goodbye to those flying monkeys and fake wizards...and found my way back home. OZ...an interesting place indeed...and yet not. Over it now. Sooooo OVER it. (double entendre intended) Let's get back to business...and what WE do. 

P.S. How is YOUR "clique" working for YOU? And is it actually working for YOU at all? Or are you just "convenient outsider?" Have you LEARNED anything from the "meal" EYE just laid on your plate? Or will you walk away still hungry for food you'll never find unless you look inside yourself and be totally honest?!

When you get my age, life and time are both TOO PRECIOUS to question and not know. It is what it IS. It ain't what it ain't. EVERY thing can be a lesson to learn. And denial will NEVER be a "super power." And if YOU haven't figured any of that out...hate it for ya. EYE have. 





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