When life's journeys have allowed you to go full circle and re-connect (or realize you never LOST connection; you were just "distracted" by some nonsense and craaaazy almost insurmountable depression) with YOUR people, you give thanks....and continue the journey FORWARD and UPWARD to embrace the blessings that were meant just for YOU.

IJS When do trees grow "back" into the dirt? That's not "natural!"  ‪#‎PhysicsBitch‬

And the moral is: YOU better use YOUR blessings that GOD(DESS) gave YOU for YOU....because someone else most assuredly WILL and banking on that as we speak. ‪#‎getREAL‬




12/08/2016 11:35pm

Life is a journey but everyone have different type of journey in their life so we should learn lessons for that to complete well. We should be thankful to this lady for giving us lessons that are really beneficial.


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