GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE! YUP!! How EYE wake up in the morning....regardless! THESE are the times we're in right now. You no longer have time OR resources to be concerned about some shit that's just NOT working for YOU...nor has EVER worked for YOU. STOP trying to fix somebody else's shit...and fix your OWN. And understand, if all these "big wigs" and "loud mouths" can't fix their own mess after all this time, how do YOU think they would EVER fix or care about YOURS.

THEY say: "Well...now it's time to work together." Code for: It's time to circle the wagons and drain this country (REAL talent) for ALL it's got. They bought the "blue pill BS" and we sold them some "tainted red." NOW they ready for the killin'!

Yup. That's EXACTLY what "they" mean. Killin'! Like in "The Purge" or "Hunger Games." Told ja, EVERY thing ain't just a "movie," dawg! And YOU'RE busy concerned about what "they" are gonna do OR do for YOU?! Child pleeeeeeease!! You better get on YOUR grind....build up YOUR shine...stop wasting time...and cut OFF any dead weight that drags you behind. It's REALLY real now. And THAT'S how REAL "Raptures" and separations begin. Some make it; some don't.

Where do YOU fit in and what are YOU actually DOING about it?!‪#‎thedifference‬

Survival of the fittest...and those who "get it." Today's Message from Da Oracle.




I think wake up not only means wake up from sleep.It also means that wake up from the long sleep which means just recognize yourself and your worth.This is the message i think you want to give to all.

01/27/2017 11:13pm

Indeed. Thanks for enjoying my blogs. I don't always respond to each comment but I'm glad for your energy and taking the time to comment.

01/27/2017 1:14am

Hello there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading your articles. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects? Thanks!

01/27/2017 11:11pm

Follow some of my video blogs at www.youtube.com/valjonesdaoracle. I discuss some of same things I write about. And thank you so much for your energy and enjoying my blogs.


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