Welcome to a time where you MUST start to recognize YOUR "superpower."  It's NOT gonna come from some "super spook with grey hair and a long white beard" in the sky. (Funny how all European "patriarchal saints" tend to look just...like...that.)   It's NOT gonna come from all the good deeds that you've done for others.  It's NOT gonna come through hoping and wishing and mere passive means. (Living is an "active" role; suffering is passive.)  It's NOT gonna come from where you think it SHOULD come nor where you most expect it.  

It's gonna come....from YOU. That's right....YOU.  At that life/success or death/failure moment (and it can come in a variety of ways), the main thing...the main force...the main action that will have the MOST importance...is YOURS.  Do you breathe?  Or don't you?  NO ONE can be your "life support."  Many times...no one WILL be YOUR life support.  And there will always be others who will tell you what you should do...could do...but do THEY?  Do THEY know YOUR story?  Are THEY living YOUR worry?  Do THEY reeally know YOUR struggle...and how much energy it takes to smile through it?  Do THEY even care...especially when the cameras are off and the public's not around?

Bigger question:  WHY ARE YOU GIVING A SHIT WHAT "THEY" THINK?!  It's "live or die" time.  ALL OVER THIS WORLD!!  Don't get distracted by others from losing focus on the MAIN prize....YOU!  YOUR LIFE!  YOUR WELFARE!  YOUR GOD-GIVEN "BREATH!"  

If YOU were "GOD," what would YOU do for YOU today?  Think about that.  Consider that.  Take the "slave mentality" out of your "worry-ship" and take control of you "WAR-SHIP" and FIGHT FOR YOURSELF and YOUR freedom and YOUR happiness as much as you do others.

Remember this:  NONE of those others will go in YOUR grave.  So shouldn't the person you FIRST consider to save...should be YOU?!  #theFIRSTruleofCOGNIZANTresponsibility

That's was GOD/DESS' message to ME.  Other stories and messages may vary...for the simple fact that others lives vary.  But THIS is mine. Tested, tried and theory-proven. And it's time EYE'd follow my own advice.  After all, FAITH is more than believing; it's BEING.





10/24/2015 7:36am

There must be at least one quality of man which can never be obtained by any other person. This special quality is known as the super power of that particular person sometimes called as will power.


Ever since I was a kid, I've been really into sci-fi movies and books. As a little girl that time, Barbie dolls and stuff toys are really not my thing. For my 6th birthday, my parents gave me the best present I've ever received in my life. A complete set of Star Wars characters collectibles. I swear, I absolutely felt so cool about myself that time to the point that every school day, I always make sure that I brought one of the characters in my class. That's when my classmates thought that I'm a weird kid and a big fan of Star Wars. Superpowers, on the other hand, I'm really into X-Men and Marvel superheroes. Like who doesn't even know about them?

10/14/2016 1:04am



Many people are confused when they are asked which superpower they would choose because there are many kinds of them. They do not know which superpower is the best for them. Scientists says imagination is the best way to exercise your brain and keep it active. Imagination is the ability of creating new ideas or objects which are not present in real world. Researches have proved that this power of imagination has many positive effect on human body and mind. In developing children it teaches them how to communicate with other people, promoting their social skills. It also builds the power of self-endurance and fearlessness when we see our heroes fighting against villains and protecting the world.


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