People always want YOU to do what THEY won't do and will NEVER do.  These same folk but will "talk" and stunt about it like mere "talking" and FB stunting is gonna get the job done.  But does it EVER?  And then they add insult to injury "assuming" that because YOU can do what YOU do (naturally gifted AND "trained" to do), they can easily do it too...whether they are skilled or not.  That's like having someone who plays the board game "Operation" go into a hospital and say, "I'm ready to do surgery now" when they never spent ONE day in medical school.  What patient in their right mind would allow such an unprofessional ego maniac to even touch them?!  What business in their right mind would allow such proven unprofessionals to "represent" them and think their business will flourish?! WHAT fools allows someone who is NOT an "audio production expert" do their commercial...and assume it sounds the same?!  Perhaps that's why REAL professionals choose REAL professionals.  And posers choose...well, ya know.

DOUBLE insult to injury is when these same folks will want the PROFESSIONAL to come and "support" that which was stolen from them.  They actually EXPECT you to "reward the lie" and the effort of attempting to block the value of the real and attempt to steal the claim and rewards that are due the original sower of the actions and seeds.  Yet...somehow the "sower" survives...takes what few seeds he/she has from the piles of manure...and walks away to plant another day in soil more nourishing and fertile and worthy of the sower's efforts, learning from the experience....and learning never to repeat the same mistake...because it is what it IS...and it isn't what it isn't.

AND THEN, those same fickle fakey "Judases" who realized all they tried to steal and deal didn't become the meal they were hoping...because they were missing the main indgredient:  The original sower.  And that's when they attempt to "waddle" back to the "promised land" of the "chosen one" and attempt to graze in the "green grass" that the sower has managed to miraculously manifested out of his/her hard work, sweat, tears, creativity and sheer will.  And they say things like, "Look how GOD has blessed you to share with us!"  And/or "Look...we did that shit, didn't WE?!"

Once you get off the floor laughing, remember WHY circuses are only temporary. NO ONE wants to live permanently with all those clowns and all that shit!  #realtalk   #FUCKficklefakefolk

P.S.  Just sharing a story...or is it "just" a "story?"  (says the "professional edutainer")  ;-)




12/03/2014 12:33pm

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