TODAY'S THOUGHT TO THINK ON FROM DA ORACLE:  It never fails to amaze me how some are either so unaware or so insensitive to a history/herstory that continues to play out on a major daily scale.  It always seems that the plights and woes and scars and atrocities and holocausts of Black people...African-descendant people...people of the darkest indigo hue are ALWAYS thought of as less than anyone else's.  

Like the "black-n-blue" scars from whips and rapes and lynchings and burnings and hanging (and on and on and on) are so covered up by the "Black" that one doesn't know nor recognize the damage.  It's like our INCOMPARABLE BRILLIANCE..UNTOUCHABLE CREATIVITY and AMAZING AND NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE RESILIENCE to NOT be completely wiped out by an insecure, maniacal, obsessive and obviously inferior type of "mankind" (obviously proven and to this DAY because you have constantly shown YOUR "Creators" from your existence that, like Cain, you prove to be soooo very jealous at our very existence and so greedy like a wanton whore needing constant sex for  our treasures and art that you continually claim, REname and imitate)...it is like that "obsession" has made you even crazier than the disease and disturbed mentality YOU brought on these shores (of by the way WE were already HERE.  Don't let that all the "slave stories" fool you.  EVERY African did NOT arrive here on the good ship "Jesus".  Like nearly every other continent, WE came here first.  Too bad you wiped YOUR "his-story" books clean of those truths.  And WHY?!  Oh....EYE think the answer was given earlier.)

The fact that Black history is given the shortest month of the year when it is 24/7, 365/366 days of the year is more than an "insult."  It's a disservice to higher education...which is perhaps why America continues to be ranked lower than some countries.  Not EVERYONE who rises on a lie is considered a "worldly scholar."

From day one, you have disguised, deceived and compared  WITHOUT true comparison.  NO ONE's pain is like ours.  NO ONE's story is like ours.  NO ONE's life is like ours.  NO ONE's struggle is like ours.  NO ONE's past is like ours.  NO ONE's constant and continued misery is like ours.  EVERYONE ELSE can "hide" who or what they are.  There IS no "hiding" from being Black...even though some sad broken souls and "slaves" still try to no avail.

That is why EVERY day, EYE accept my beauty...EYE accept my brilliance...EYE accept my past...EYE accept my resilience...EYE accept my story with open arms and learn from it.  More and more, EYE learn from it. EYE DEFY THE LIE...AND THE LIARS.  EYE DEFY MISEDUCATION...AND ASSIMILATION WITH NO INTEGRATION OF MY TRUE INTEGRITY. EYE DEFY SOMEONE WHO SAYS "WE ARE THE SAME."  NO...we are not.  And that's okay.  Uniqueness is a gift; not a curse.  Only to those who are jealous of what you have and obsessed with being YOU and/or diminishing YOUR uniqueness to build their own "emptiness" up does it become a curse.  And sadly, THAT curse can come in EVERY color...just like ignorance.

More and MORE, EYE find MORE stories to learn from that put the pieces together to the puzzles EYE have always had questions to.  No "Kizzie" here.  EYE just don't "accept" stuff at face value.  MY parents taught me to question and research EVERYTHING...and SEEK THE TRUTH.  Then NEVER be afraid to speak it.  And EYE will NOT hate myself nor lie or deny my own worth just to "get along" with someone who can't stand to be blinded by MY natural shine.  YOUR personal issues and ignorance shall NOT be the main focus of MY life.  EYE know how to keep it moving.  And EYE know how to stand MY ground.  And....EYE could give a DAMN whether you "like" me.  But you WILL respect me in my presence....or consequences earned will be "learned."  The REAL GOD doesn't make punks!

And it's that type of brilliance and courageous spirit that can put a target on your back.  Why?!  But then again, EYE think EYE have answered....why.  Your "denial" or "approval" is not necessary.  Truth is VERY good at standing on its own.  And the few stories that have NOT been "rewritten" prove that very "truth."

MORE AND MORE, EYE accept the powerful BEing that EYE am.  ALL life came from Black...the DOMINANT color and gene....NOT the recessive one.  That's SCIENCE.  Yet...you deny science?!  Well, what can you expect from a type that denies GOD.  Yet another sign that GOD/DESS is obviously BLACK.

But that's another story for another day.....




07/26/2016 10:33pm

I do agree with your points, with having only a few points to disagree with. No race is superior to another. I agree with you, that the black race has been mistreated ever since history and they didn't deserve that. They should not be looked down on, seeing as to how many famous black people made great achievements engraved in history. God made us all equal in his eyes, and we should be able to respect everything and everyone, no matter what race.

11/24/2016 6:40am

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Black American History interests me. I like how brave black people were back then. It's unfortunate when they undergo slavery and maltreatment from other races. The blacks are brave to fight for their rights and overcome their challenges. It disappoints me that up until now there are still racial discrimination. I'm still hoping for that change that people will learn to love each other despite the color or the race of the person.

06/28/2017 2:55am



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