When you focus on everyone else's dreams, YOUR dreams always come 2nd...and you find you don't have the energy or time to make YOUR destiny come into fruition. REALITY CHECK: What if the world is waiting on YOU...and not just the person you're helping?

And the moral of the story is: There's a difference between being "selfish" and "selfless and STUPID!"

Distractions can kill YOUR dreams. NEVER put YOUR gift or YOUR dreams or YOUR mission 2nd to someone else...because you can best believe "they" won't do the same. Proved...Proving...and NO NEED to see it proven again.

HAPPY "YOU" YEAR.  And YES...make YOUR vision FIRST priority!!  Energy (and money) flows where attention goes.







10/08/2016 12:14pm

I love what this post stands for, "happy you year!" There shoud be such a day where one can without shame celebrate themselves. So yeah happy you day!


This is very true and relatable. I was once very conscious about what is happening around me and what other people thought of me. But that limited me to reach my dreams. Eventually, I learned to disregard other people's judgement of me and jut live my life as to how I want to and it worked for me. If certain things makes us happy and it is moral at the same time then go for it. After all, we are achieving happiness on what we do and that's the most important thing.


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