by Val Jones

When you find YOU
It will bring you peace
It will answer your questions
It will make YOU smile
It will make some nervous
It will make some wonder
It will make some not understand
They can't feel you
They can't hear you
They can't touch you
They will want you to change
Into something you never were
Nor was never meant to BE
They can't see
They can't understand
That you were merely a "gift" in their presence
A "present" in their time
A traveler passing through
On a journey to parts unknown
Called by the winds 
To a destination of your own
"They" were not your "home"
Something else was
And you had to find it
Because YOU knew
Was somewhere else
Somewhere within
Somewhere beyond mere mortal women and men
You were just a traveler
A teacher passing through
Dropping precious seeds and jewels
Yet, they never knew
Or know
That though they feel they can't see you
Can't feel you
Can't touch you
You did what you were supposed to do
By touching them
And leaving them with a gift
You have already touched them
And left them with a gift
A gift
A gift
That they refused to open
And it's not your fault
They missed their gift
It was just yours to drop off...

And keep it moving




This was a wonderfully made poem. I really like the way you focused on the word "you". It really brings the essence of helping motivate and inspire someone. You should create more motivating poems like this. This really hit me hard, especially coming from a depressed state. Thank you again for sharing this inspiring poem, and I wish you the same!


The Gift is such a flattering poem. This is the first time for me to read about the work of Val Jones. I can see that she is a writer that is full of emotions. Furthermore, I somehow felt connected to her as I read her work. I hope to read more in the future. I will definitely continue to follow the updates on your blog.

11/08/2016 5:36am

Great piece of poem. This is very inspirational. Thanks for this poem.


Thanks for this beautiful poem. it's very inspirational.

11/08/2016 6:07am

Well said Jones. Its totally depends on you. All problems will gone when you find yourself.
This is quite inspirational poem.

11/08/2016 6:10am

Well said Jones. Its totally depends on you. All problems will gone when you find yourself.
This is quite inspirational poem.

02/28/2017 1:40am

Nice written & very inspirational poem. Keep sharing :)

02/28/2017 1:45am

Thanks for lovely poem, i really enjoyed it.

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