NEVER underestimate the brilliance and resilience of a military brat. We've seen what you haven't seen. We've been where you've never been. We know what you'll never know. Tiz why we are "open-minded" enough to recognize truth in ALL its forms...and why we are REAL quick to call a lie a LIE...with exclamation marks and NO apologies. 

WE follow a HIGHER order. But if that order doesn't make sense, WE WILL QUESTION IT...and prove why it doesn't. Your inability to accept facts is NOT our concern. WE are not here for your amusement at OUR expense. WE try to make things better; not go along with the "fuck up." A "fuck up follower" is NOT who WE are or what OUR "higher command" trained us to be. 

WE experience the greatest love and the greatest loss...the BEST and the WORST of BOTH worlds at the same time...and THAT is an accomplishment in itself to balance that out. Tiz why "accomplishments" come as second nature to us.

And although we strive for peace and love, we are NOT afraid to "go THERE." WE don't just stay on our knees; WE know how to get UP and "whup ass"...and pray that we don't have to do it again. But if the need be....we're equipped for the role. #bornsoldiers

And while others "wait" for miracles, we know that, when given that freedom to think and figure it out and away from all the pollution and jealousy that can surround us (like "Cains" hovering over "Abels"), WE are the "miracle" waiting to happen in every situation we find ourselves in.

SALUTE to the DOERS. SALUTE to the THINKERS. SALUTE to the "ABELS." SALUTE to the "DIFFERENT ONES" who dare to be MORE. 

WE don't cater to "fashion." WE ARE THE FASHION, BITCH!!

And jealousy just fuels our fire. wink emoticon




02/20/2016 3:32pm

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I salute those people who are in the arena of military. Being in that placement is not easy, it takes perseverance and courage, you also need a discipline to yourself. It's very unique seeing a woman in a military field, because in the mind set of the people men are mostly in that area. But of course we don't shouldn't underestimate women with their capacities, though they are the mostly are required to stay at home and take care of their children, and has light work only, not as though as the work of men. I am very inspired by your post.

08/08/2016 6:23am

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