Still up...STILL working.  Hmmm....well, maybe time for a "powernap" at least.  And FYI...ANY one who ever says it's not about the money, DON'T do what they do...what WE do...PROFESSIONALLY!  IJS....for some it's a "learning hobby."  For those of us who are SERIOUS and "sensitive" about our shit...it's our JOB...CRAFT...PROFESSION...WHAT WE DO FOR A LIVING.  WE didn't wake up "yesterday" and said, "Hmmm...think I'll be a 'whateva' today."  MOST of us were BORN with the gift...and came to understand it later on.  Others found their gifts and talents along the way...and knew this was the ONLY thing they could ever do when it came to fulfilling a destiny...THEIR destiny.

EYE'm just saying....EVERYone might have a little "art" in them; but not EVERYone is an artist.  And that's why you don't see folks like Prince...or Sheila E...or Jill Scott...or Common...or Sonia Sanchez...or Herbie Hancock...or Kendrick Lamar...or J Cole for that matter doing a lot of stuff for free.

And that's also why plumbers don't come in and fix everyone's plumbing for free.  It's our TRADE, maaaaan....not a trade-off for "boredom" or poorly played cheap Jedi mind-fucks, disrespect, unappreciative actions and misunderstood personal missions of a higher calling. 

So YES...when THIS is what EYE do as a PROFESSION to  pay my bills....when this is my "trade" and craft"...it IS about the money.  Not always.  But the majority of the "free" is what you get on blogs and FB.  To help build YOUR event and YOUR product, you get what you pay for...and you don't what you don't.  Plain and simple.  Don't get me twisted with "Bobo" around the corner.  EYE am NOT "Bobo."  Check the resume...and the references...and don't insult BOTH our intelligences. 

Don't get it twisted with "novices."  WE are not "them."  Salute to my true entrepreneurs and artists by trade, gift and life; not by "trend."  It's not easy what WE do; but it IS what WE were "born" and "destined" to do.

NEVER SETTLE!  And NEVER settle for ANYONE trying to make you settle or "cheapen" your gift.  Your gift is your wealth.  Treat it as such...and YOU will ALWAYS eat!!  #asitSHOULDbe




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