FRIDAY MEDITATION FROM DA ORACLE: EYE have found it much easier through my experiences to accomplish things by "solo-walking" than with a "group." See...most groups usually take more from me than they give. They always say what they can "offer." But it usually ends up being the ole "bait-n-switch" where it's REALLY about what EYE can offer THEM....for free. They want me to highlight, spotlight, give all MY time, energy and might and stand up for the rights of the "group"...at the expense of putting my own needs and dreams and rights...second.

Groups are good if you have no direction, need somewhere to go and would much rather be led than go through all that hard work of "leading" your own life. If you are perpetually lost and need someone...anyone for a sense of bearing because you have not been able to find that bearing where it truly exists...yourself, then perhaps you "need" a "group."But if you KNOW where you're going, KNOW what you are DOING and have the courage to actually GO there and DO it, groups have a tendency to "hinder" more than help. Proved and Proven.

Too many want to be a leader; but MOST can't lead. A real leader doesn't always jump at the chance to getting out front...for they know the real cost. That's what separates the REAL leaders from the "fake bosses." One knows the cost; the other is just trying to figure how to make the "cost" benefit him at the expense of the "group." And too many people will want you to "act" like a leader and do the works of a leader, but will expect you to remain in the role of a "follower" or "slave" to the cause...or the group...because, contrary to popular belief, not EVERY one wants to see YOU shine. They just want to see themselves shine...at the expense and time...of the group.

Ever tried to be the one to tell a group going nowhere that it's going...nowhere?! Groups...like the masses...don't always want the truth (if EVER). They just want to be...a "group." Because NUMBERS by itself make things happen, right?! Or...is it QUALITY versus quantity?! Business versus bullshit?! Walk versus talk?!

That's why Pioneers are known as "trailblazers" who many times...most times...ALL the time blaze a path alone...first...and even in the end. You can see it through constant history/herstory tales and documentaries. They separate themselves from the stagnation of mass confusion and delusion...and while others are talking, pioneers are WALKING. They are BORN to be different...by Divine design; NOT "mankind's design." They cater to a different calling...a higher vibration. They dance to the beat of a different drum. Hell...they even make their OWN drum!!

Pioneers blaze a trail that has rarely, if EVER, been explored. They dare to go...to do...to say what is the calling of the mission on their heart, mind and soul, regardless if it goes against the grain. They are not concerned with the "popular;" they are concerned about what's IMPORTANT and about fulfilling THEIR "purpose"...THEIR "passion." THEIR legacy. Something of themselves that maybe some child somewhere at some time will see themselves and will be inspired to resonate to the beat of their own tune as well. They just don't leave "grave markers." They leave a path of brilliance, blazed and cut with their own blood, sweat, tears and resilience. Who DARES steals this story undeserved and calls it their own?! That's why and when you can tell....the difference.

EYE don't really do groups. Got to much stuff EYE need to do that must be done...NOT for the group...but for ME...and a much bigger purpose and Divine plan that may only be seen by me and the Universe and NOT a "group." A group will want you to do what the "group" wants to do; but will rarely help YOU do what YOU need to do. Again, proved and proven.

People move at different speeds. Some don't move at all. But what if it's imperative that YOU move NOW?! No one knows YOUR story like YOU but YOU. NO ONE will help you with YOUR story and ending like YOU. YOU are the star of YOUR story. Whether you become a victim...or a victor depends on YOU; not a "group."

A group will make you wait on the "group." A pioneer does not wait...and says, "Don't hold ME back. If you're meant to be on my journey, catch up...and let's enjoy this trip. But KNOW....it's gonna be WORK. And EYE don't stop for mere sightseers, slow pokes and 'shade factories.'"

Tiz why you see Pioneers walking alone in the middle of the day or the dead at night. They are focused....on DOING...and not just talking. And they are walking into what some are afraid of: The unexplored..uncharted...unsaid...and the dark unknown. But only the Pioneer...can see the light in the darkness...and eventually proves...it exists. #mirrorreflection

The life of an Oracle....every day...and night.




08/17/2016 2:28pm

I really agree with what you are trying to point out. Pioneers are a group of people who commit to doing their own course of actions. They are the ones that are able to take the initiative in creating new things. A pioneer never depends on another person's help unless they really need to. It's not that bad to actually ask help or be dependent on someone. However, as a pioneer, it is their underlying duty to take the initiative of doing something that has never been done yet by themselves.


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