Poetry did NOT start in an "open mic."  
With a three-minute clock
To impress those
Who never read
Anything beyond
Their own prose
And who cater to whatever trend
With the wind

Started with minds
And brave hearts and mouths
That dared to speak
What scared teachers wouldn't teach
Or preachers NEVER preach
Words that jumped from the brain
To a book
Which many now overlook
Or don't bother to read...

Freedom did NOT start on a cross.
It started when someone decided...
There would be no more lack
Nor loss
No catering to some "undeserving boss"
Freedom started with a will
And an act
To get UP off the cross...
And refused to stay on their knees
Just to please a master
Who kept perpetuating the disease
Of non-reciprocal servitude
To please THEIR needs
While controlling others 
For nothing
And promising a lie
Of what will be received
When they die


HOW would THEY know

Since NO one has come back
To say



All people who do "spit poetry"
Are not necessarily poets

And all slaves
Don't want to be free

At the end...or the beginning
Of the day

The outcome and tolerance of such
You and Me

And that's why it's called

And choices are personal

Even GOD knew that
that's why SHE gave you


Is a walk; not just a talk 




10/24/2016 6:48am

Poetry is something that give us time to think about our own self to share our thinking with the world related to everything happening in this world. Poet use to write mostly on those moment with thought them very hardly. In every person's life here is something important which he want to share but he couldn’t due to some reason but poetry is the way of writing about feelings.

04/12/2017 6:01am

I like making poems, since the time that I fell in love with someone that I can't have. I tell what I feel through it, I express the things that I want to that person. I have never done this until I melted into her. I guess putting someone you love as an inspiration will make you do things that you are not used to, the things that you didn't imagine you can. I appreciate your post, about the birth of a free thought, I find it interesting. Thank you so much!

10/26/2016 9:28am

Oh I love this, this could easily be the best song lyric ever, you should so product this! It will be a hot!

03/01/2017 7:12am

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