EYE love MY people....emphasis on MY people.  That is not color nor gender specific.  It's a love thang.  A spiritual thang.  A true connection to my presence...and presents.

Worldwide...EYE have the most wonderful connections
And giving thanks as you hung thru my trying introspections

You just can't believe
Some folks don't want to
Nor want YOU to achieve

They'll spend more time deceiving...themselves
And try to strip YOU of your story...and wealth
And that....struggle...of seeing "death"
(And not necessarily for YOU  ;-)  )
Had to find a creative way to come out and be felt
By those
Who you truly feel comfortable with

Ahhhh...and there it be
Dealing only with the audience that's made
Just for ME

The blessing to end ALL stress
MY heaven on earth...and a shelter from all this mess

Just sharing....as always
Better days
Are here....

EYE have learned the reason why you don't cast pearls to swine.  EYE have learned hard lessons thru the test of time.  EYE have LEARNED that many can be blind...and choose to be.  They will blame their insecurity on YOUR efficiency.
They will want company in their misery and will NEVER obtain their destiny
But none of that, in REAL time, should ever stop ME
From BEing or DOing ME

EYE have learned to embrace MY gifts...and drink the wine EYE make...first.
EYE have learned that some can be like "Cain"...and will always do their worse.
EYE have learned that with some...you don't give a second chance  
After the 3rd time.
EYE have learned....that the REAL reason EYE shine
Is because EYE CHOOSE TO...
And EYE CHOOSE to apply and stay focused 
On MY happy and MY gifts
And when EYE treat MYSELF like EYE wanted to be treated
EYE naturally uplift
Someone who is worthy
Of my presence
And presents

But some....
Will NEVER touch my "bow" again

And please believe a fake smile
Does NOT hide the heart that pretends
And just because EYE no longer harbor the pain
Nor the unnecessary drain
And just toss it to the wind
EYE am WELL aware
You don't give 2nd chances for the 3rd time
To folks who have proven NOT to be friends

You move forward to what IS...for YOU
Not what isn't....
True...and truth 

Just basic common sense and cents
Not always applied
Until now

are gifts too!

Yup...THIS is going in the book...
AND the play! 




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