Don't worry about trying to understand the masses...work with the masses...or constantly deal with the masses.  The masses, as a rule (their own Stepford one, no doubt),  NEVER follow the steps of an explorer or true pioneer.  They wait...watch...see if anyone else will...and will follow whatever they see a whole bunch of others doing.  

Mindless "sameness."  And WHAT can you accomplish DIFFERENTLY with THAT?!  #pointprovenEVERYday

And let's be REALLY real!!  ANYONE who dares to stand out, defy "assimilation," refuse "degradation" and spit total TRUTH is ALWAYS the FIRST to be criticized and crucified.  Countless stories of that time and time again.  So WHAT have we learned from THAT, boyz and girlz?!  The "fearful" have learned to do a "jig" in an ass-up position.  The "smart and true"....have learned "creative survival" and self-preservation.  Ahhhh....THAT'S what the true elders were/are teaching.....

TO THOSE WHO ARE DESTINED TO BE DIFFERENT:  CONTINUE TO BEAT TO YOUR OWN DRUM.  THERE IS A REASON "YOU" HAVE THE COURAGE AND SKILLS TO "STAND OUT."  Never allow someone who can't be different or original or "stand out" from the "mindless sameness" tell you that you shouldn't.  Remember, EVERY "Abel" has a "Cain."  And either you ARE an "Abel" or a "Cain."  Actions...will speak and show which is which EVERY time.  Wait for it...wait for it.....BAM!!!  There it is.  ;-)

Digressing to progress:  You can get a LOT done with a choice few than a LOT of nothing blocking you, stopping you, just there taking up your space and time AND food and wine just to say "wees in this togethers in the same boat" (no...no, we're NOT) and stinking up your garden like "doo doo" (or should EYE say "don't don't" as in "don't have time for THAT mess!")

EYE'm just saying....find the team that works FOR you and WITH you and ADDS to your life and succe$$; not drain from it and cause you all types of unnecessary distress.  Some want you to succeed.  Many want you to fail...simply because THEY can't succeed.  But THAT...is THEIR issue.  Don't make it yours.  Too much beauty to REACH for than to hold on to nightmares that will NEVER become dreams. YOU WANT TO SAVE THE COMMUNITY?!  SAVE YOURSELF FIRST!  Like everything else, it takes ONE step at a time.  DON'T miss the FIRST crucial one.  

That is why folks keep slipping and sleeping.

TIME TO WAKE UP NOW!!  ENJOY "YOUR" SUNSHINE!!  Save YOURSELF and protect YOUR home FIRST. Stay focused on and enjoy YOURSELF the gifts given to YOU from birth.  NEVER let ANYONE diminish or abuse your worth.  

And the Universe with do the rest.  Proved...Proven...and Proving.




10/23/2016 12:47pm

Time to wake up now means that we need to stop worrying about the masses. As we know that with the economy growth their requirements and with the fast tracks. We are messed up but its going to continue in the same manner as we have to do it for our survival for our families. We need to relax we need to calm down that's the only way that you will feel confident while handling all this and positive results will be there.

10/04/2017 10:45pm

I believe that every day is a new day for you to prove yourself not only to the people around you, but most importantly to yourself. Every morning means great opportunities. You have to make each of your days worth living. What I mean is, you have to make sure that you are able to satisfy yourself at the end of the day. You can do this by being careful with your actions and words. Time to wake up now, most likely for me means you have to do the things that you are supposed to be doing.


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