GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE!  A morning purge to go along with the coffee.  And some very REAL facts:

It's incredibly difficult...IMPOSSIBLE even...when the weight of the world is on YOUR shoulders...and more will drop MORE weight on you than take it off...just because...YOU are who YOU are.  Forget the fact that you have your OWN burdens to carry (MORE than many can or will EVER imagine).  And let's be completely for real.  FOLKS DON'T CARE LIKE THAT.  CLEARLY AND PROVEN!  Very VERY few really EVER give a fuck about YOU.  Most just care about THEIR burden...and THEIR "come up"...and THEIR fame...and THEIR agenda...and THEIR movement...and what YOU can do to add to THEIR increase...regardless of YOUR decrease of time, energy and funds.

And all that weight comes on YOUR shoulders and buries you under a TON of rocks and mountains of shit, most which was never yours to carry.  And ALL that drains continues to empty the pot of pure coffee which is now only running on fumes and ONE bean you haven't used yet.

And does anyone ADD to the pot they drink from?  Ahhhh.....there be the continuous tale for the ages and eons.

ORACLES can do MANY things.  But, even in the movie, The Oracle had HER team that was for HER...not the other way around.


FINALLY after shaking off the dust and distractions that would divert me from MY own rise, EYE am starting to embrace what is for ME and ME ALONE.  MY time in the Sun, uninterrupted.  MY fresh air, unpolluted.  Planting seeds EYE created in MY garden and preparing to eat FIRST from the crops EYE made...BECAUSE EYE AM DUE!  BEEN due.  Just...shared...too much...and waited...for...nothing. 

With all these "team" and "movements,"  where was MY team for MY movement?!  And believe you me, if it's only "TEAMVAL," EYE can do that ALL day EVERY day.  It's when folks jump on and jump off like a carousel because they wanted a ride...not to help.  Learning to discern more with my MIND than my heart.  ;-)

AND FINALLY...as EYE was reminded yesterday after the acknowledgment of the miracle of still doing what EYE do ALONE....FINALLY...the magic and sincere words came:  "YOU are NOT alone.  NO ONE should have to do all of THAT alone. NO ONE.  Especially for all you have done for others and have been through.  Just know...YOU have a team that's for YOU.  Don't worry.  WE GOT 'YOU.'  WE...ARE FOR...YOU."

And when they actually show and prove it (NOT the "talk" but the WALK), all you can go is say:  Thank you... (SOMEBODY GETS IT! ABOUT TIME)

EYE'm just saying....BEFORE you drop your "weight" on ME, have YOU lifted ANY of MY weight off?!  Do you "assume" that EYE have nothing else better to do but stop MY vehicle and give free rides to every person heading in some direction that THEY don't even know?!  Do you feel soooo "entitled" that EYE should "automatically" help you whether YOU have proven to MY that YOU warrant MY help or support?!  

Does not MY empty plate deserve food FIRST for MY all my work?!  Or are we stuck speaking French again, like everything EYE do is "We We?!"

OR are YOU waiting for ME to "HAVE YOU" before YOU "GOT ME?"  THAT'S NOT HOW THIS WORKS!!! THAT'S NOT HOW ANY OF THIS WORKS!! (in my Esurance voice)  

You live and learn.  And hearing, seeing AND feeling the Divine Parents and my Oracle Mom Reverent June Juliet Gatlin smiling.  "About time, BELOVED...about time."

It's true.  What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.  You'd be amazed WHO gets mad at that.  (Usually the ones who NEVER wanted you to rise...OR didn't want you to rise BEFORE them...even though YOU helped!  Man....some folks.  Note it.  CLOCK it.  And ELIMINATE IT FROM YOUR PATH and keep it moving.)

These days, EYE laugh more, stress less...and dismiss "pests" with a quickness.  NO drain in MY gain.  You live and learn.  Well..."some do."  EYE did.  EYE'd rather be a living activist ENJOYING my life than a dead martyr who who died for those who didn't know how to enjoy their own life and worth, more or less yours.

EYE got my own burdens.  EYE am NOT here for YOURS.  But you can learn from MY lessons tho.  Got mind?! 

EYE got MINE!  ;-)




10/08/2016 6:16am

Team always do good job than single person because many minds and thoughts can do special job when they think about same topic together. So we should try to have a team always to do special job.


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