Watching the Jimi Hendrix documentary...and reflecting on a convo with some of my peers earlier...and wondering WHY is it when YOU are the imaginative, creative, shining one who actually wants EVERYONE to shine WITH you, you ALWAYS have to go OUTSIDE of your "community" because your community doesn't want YOU to "outshine" THEM...and "they" REFUSE to shine above the "status quo." Sooo, you ALWAYS have to go OUTSIDE of your own community to grow and shine and find others who genuinely embrace YOUR shine and want to see more.

Where you SHOULD be free is where you feel the most imprisoned and drained. And where they don't initially know your name is where you'll ALWAYS find your freedom to do YOU and build your fame.

Does that EVER change?! At least 100 years and more says....it doesn't. And that's so sad on so many levels. Took me a loooong time to finally come to grips with that reality. Mercury in Retrograde reflection of undeniable truth and proof. The more you know....seems to always be your downfall in traps of the jealous, blind and insecure sheeple. No wonder....

No wonder..... #doubleentendreintended 




I shine in many things. I always want to shine in my new career. I'm trying to blog right now. I'm still afraid to try new things. I always go for my comfort zone. This time, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. I'm the type of person that loses herself in a song. I've tried to record a new song and upload it on social media. I could blast my headphones that could easily lighten up my mood. I still can't get over of my experiences. I like chilling and just doing whatever my mood.

05/15/2017 1:00am

I believe every single person has his/her own time to shine. And when that moment happens and you think no one supports you even the community where you belong, so be it and just keep on shining. After all, you aren't born to please them. Just surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Surround yourself with people who want to see you grow and shine. I'm sure there will always be people who will support you, whether in your shining moment or even in the dullest moment of your life.

07/03/2017 2:56am

I relate to this so much! I always wonder why people feel threatened when someone in the community is known to be the “great” one. What hurts me is the fact that people will do everything to outshine other people just because they don't want to feel like they are being degraded. Having someone in the community who shines the brightest because they are good at something does not make us less of a person. We have to support that person because we are not supposed to outshine each other. We all shine in our own ways and there is no reason to dull other people's shine.

08/26/2016 8:22pm

Shining of these personalities and different stories will inspire a lot of people in the community. I get some of those points from your side which is great for us. I wish that the people can enjoy and make their life extra ordinary.

10/12/2017 10:25am

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