EYE'm too busy and focus-minded to be hanging "just to be hanging and be seen." When you see ME, it's with a purpose. EYE socialize and network where EYE feel it will actually be WORTH my time. Business over BS. Reciprocity over Ratchedness. Productivity over Promises that NEVER happen. "Think Tank" over just "Turnt Up." Don't get me wrong. EYE still party! But if EYE came around you 100 times supporting and got NOTHING from it but a shot liver pouring down shots to dull the boredom, lack of reciprocity and the fact there was NOTHING there for ME, it doesn't take 101 times to realize "your surroundings" is NOT where EYE need to be.

IJS...NOT on the clock for YOUR "grind." Just keeping it business and 100!!  ;-)  Not rocket science, yo!! ‪#‎basicmath‬

"The Reality Poet/Storyteller"
Who needs to make things up when you LIVE it?! 



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Was there really nothing for you?


It is always hard for me to do what I've planned.

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