GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE!  Woke up this morn with a clarity.
1)  EYE have known...and KNOW some of the BEST people in the entire world.  Best in spirit...Best in talent...BEST PERIOD!  Honored and blessed by the ones EYE call "real friends."  You mean so much more to me than EYE sometimes share.  Only child, military brat, on my own for so long in this war type of thing.  My apologies for not opening up sooner.

2)  EYE have known...and KNOW some of the FLAKIEST FAKIEST PHONIEST FOLKS that have ever walked the earth!  They'll smile in your face...steal YOUR gold...and stab you in the back like Cain.  And they NEVER change!! It's a wonder they have 2 legs and don't crawl on their bellies.  In fact, EYE'd actually prefer the "natural" snake because it's less dangerous in REAL life.  But, as life is a balance, EYE give thanks for the lessons learned and not to be repeated.  IJS...WHO in their RIGHT mind needs to be bit more than once by the same predator?!

3)  EYE have seen some of the richest, smartest, realest and most compassionate folk living in a trailer park...and EYE have seen some of the poorest, "fronting-ness," incompassionate "soul-less" in denial individuals living in mansions.  Ironic, isn't it?  The balancing act once again.  MONEY doesn't give you class.  CLASS gives you class.

4)  EYE have known...and KNOW...and ARE one of those folks who have given the shirts off their back, the food off their plates, the last dime in their pockets...only to receive "crocodile tears" and jeers from those who think you've changed when you see too many REAL people die in vain...so YOU decide to "change the game" and protect your OWN name and fame and live YOUR life to the fullest and happiest while focusing on YOUR gain.  And these "other" folk...these so-called "Christian" folk who tell you it's the "Lawd's will" that you give until you bleed and you'll receive your reward once you "cross over" to the land of milk and honey are ALWAYS the ones "talking" that shit but they NEVER EVER walk that walk. NEVER!! WATCH THEIR ACTIONS!  Or rather, the lack there of.  Don't believe the smoke.  There's no fire; just an entrance to hell led by those who promote it and profit off of it so well.  IJS...  Feel FREE to prove me wrong.  Actually, EYE wouldn't mind that...for once.

5)  EYE have known...and know...statistics. Death...prison...terminal unhappiness...walking zombies not even realizing they're already dead.  NOTHING you can do about them.  Try as you may, there really is NOTHING you can DO about them...because THEY don't do what THEY need to do.  Their burden may or may not have started out "personal."  But their lesson IS personal.  And if YOU constantly take on THEIR burden and lesson, that becomes YOUR stressing and blocks YOU from YOUR blessing(s).  Next thing you know, you've got TWO people drowning because once refused to swim on its own.  Again, you don't have to believe.  Just practice the reverse...and prove me wrong...for once.

6)  EYE have known...and KNOW folk who stunt soooo much for public approval and attention...but do soooo little for personal comprehension and self-development.  They long to belong to something...ANYTHING that makes them feel special.  And they think that a status...a title...an entourage...a "look" is gonna do it.  But after all of that, the most important "look" is the "look" from the inside.  And that's why soooo many are afraid to be alone with themselves...because their self-conscious knows what their conscious refuses to admit:  Got a LOT of shit you're trying to cover up behind that "status" and "look," huh?!  *Refer back to point #2.

7)  EYE have known...and KNOW folk who will share info like this DAILY for free...because they feel compelled to share the truth in a world which would rather prefer the lie.  They actually TRY to make a difference...to their own detriment.  No sacrament given to THEM; just sacrifices expected.  And while truth is rejected yet once again, a "pimp pastor" and some Pharisee and Sadducee can make MEGABUCKS selling lies and "enslaving souls"...AND psychiatrists (who are often tremendously fucked up people themselves) will charge you a TREMENDOUS fee for the hour giving you far less wisdom for your stress.  And yet the artist and activist who says, "Here's a pearl.  Now pass it forward and throw a little in the cup so EYE can keep making this coffee and serving it up, if you don't mind" is supposed to feel OBLIGATED to save the WORLD for FREE and not themselves in the process?!  GTFOOH  And take that "Willie Lynch" philosophy and jedi-mindtrick with ya.  It has little effect on "free and constantly evolving minds."

Yup!  EYE woke up in total clarity this morning.  But perhaps the main thing is....EYE woke UP!  #doubleentendreintended

So many didn't...and haven't...and won't.  #doubleentendreintendedagain




09/06/2016 6:58pm

Eyes makes us see everything that God has made. It would help us appreciate every single thing in this world, even the problems. Eye (I) always pray every morning, thanking him for another page of my life. Every morning of waking up reminds us that, no matter how hard life is, there is tomorrow morning that is waiting for us. Eye like reading your post.


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