08/27/2016 7:07am

Some people believe that having a pet such as a cat or a dog helps old people to live a more enjoyable life and to stay healthier. Pet is best friend for people.

09/05/2016 3:14am

In my opinion, news about animal abuse generates more negative reactions from people than news about violence against human. I think some people choose pets over certain people because they think that these certain people are not worth being around. It is my contention that if I knew someone who is boisterous and bothersome, I would really opt for the pets every single time.

09/22/2016 4:19pm

There's no questions electric dog training collars are a misunderstood dog training tool. In fact, most dog owners consider its use to be cruel and ineffective. However, when used properly, an electric collar is a very humane way to train your dog.

05/15/2017 9:34am

Pet food slogans such as organic, human grade, holistic and natural may increase sales, but miss the point. If pet health is the objective, a totally new approach is needed.

05/16/2017 8:33am

This blog is really useful. Pet care is a critical obligation of pet proprietorship.

06/04/2017 10:19am

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