It always amazing to me the "testimonies" many gravitate to.  Many speak 'em...but when REAL souljahs share THEIR stories, it's either called "bragging" or something else.  But when you have been thru the fire COUNTLESS TIMES...fires that have burned EVERYTHING to the ground and stripped you of EVERY pearl and YOUR crown...and you find YOURSELF man/woman down and ALL those who you helped seem to NEVER be found or coming around...

...you realize what being a REAL "souljah/soldier" of Faith IS.  MANY "talk" it.  FEW "walk" it.  And when you share that proof and that truth and actually PUT those ACTIONS in use, folks who shout "stories" NEVER want to admit to the "gory glories" of the souljahs/soldier who arise from hell with wisdom and stories to tell...

...because it takes away from the "blue pill" that THEY were trying to sale.  And you wonder why so many end up in jail or on their last "exhale" because they were "waiting" for an "invented and lesser" GOD instead of looking inside and manifesting the TRUE "GODHEAD" in YOU.  Divine connection -- WITHOUT the greedy or clueless "middle men." And when you not only speak but SHOW this power in CLEAR view it puts a target on you from the clueless greedy few because many NEVER knew.  Or...they did and didn't want YOU to know because THEY wanted to "control" YOU.  Does THIS story sound familiar to YOU?!


Don't just look at GOD.  LOOK ALSO AT YOU....SINCERELY!!  And remember to NEVER take YOURSELF out of the equation. Faith without actual WORK is dead.  And GOD works THRU YOU!  If it's ALL on GOD, then what the hell are YOU supposed to do?!  Sit there and be lazy and clap and read fables over and over and expecting a change and good things to happen just because you're waiting for a cherry cloud like you're waiting on a bus?!!

So what makes it right for liars to tell these "stories" but REAL souljahs are denied THEIR "glories?"!  WHY are OUR testimonies called "bragging" and the fake ones get all the credit for....hmmm....now WHAT have you gone thru ALONE again?!

Anywhoo...STILL surviving AND striving in PLAIN VIEW and wondering:  So why YOU mad?!   

And even when EYE show AND prove MY story and truth with resilience AND proof, you STILL wanna throw "inaccurate shade" and deny?!  Even when MY truth could actually HELP you to rise?!  Wow!  Some refuse what is directly in front of their eyes.  Could it be that MY light and life proves your "stories" to be no more than a brazen lie?!

The beauty of wisdom...and the light.  Some things YOU just take YOUR lit lantern and say "good night"..and creep on like a thief in the night.  (Thanks Big Bro for the advice.  Securing MY "oil.")  

And as for all that other miscellaneous trouble and toil?!  EYE'll let YOU handle that.  Sounds like a personal problem to me.  And ya know what...EYE might have 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one!  LOL    

P.S.  HOW YOU LIVING...fa REAL doe?!!  #ShiningOrSalty  

And THERE would tell another story.  ;-)




08/31/2016 1:19pm

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09/07/2016 3:46am

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09/09/2016 3:30am

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