The irony....there is NEVER a day that EYE am without pain.  NEVER.  Don't even REMEMBER a day EYE was "pain-free."  After a while, you just adjust...and get used to it.  Some people will NEVER get this...even though they wanna "assume" they do.  But can YOU imagine a day...EVERY DAY...with body pain?!!  Some days are better than others.  Some days are worse.  YET....people think THEY are exactly the same as me...struggle and all.  Even though...THEY have a "team."  A "family."  A "support system."  THEY think THEY know ME or MY grind...or feel MY time should automatically be an "obligation" to make THEIR lives comfortable because that's all a part of "giving back."

But WHO gives back to ME?!  WHO helps ME with MY pain...and MY grind?!  Hmmm...processing...processing....uploading facts.

Believe me...EYE don't WANT your sympathy.  Just letting you know why you DON'T have mine...or my efforts or time...especially when it's distracting me or taking me away from dealing with my OWN pain and grind.  IJS...Suffering for someone else's pain has NEVER proved to be a positive or productive thing for ME.  And when the "savior" needs SAVING...all you get is "empty prayers" and not a PENNY to pay a bill from the ones YOU helped to pay THEIR bills.  Just keeping it real.  

Again...processing...processing...uploading...facts AND reality.  #AintNothingChristianAboutThatShit...or maybe it IS.  ;-)  #religiousironies

ORACLE OBSERVATION:  That moment when you give thanks that you WOKE UP and smelled the roses...YOUR roses...before they were laid out across a casket for crocodile tears to lie about the years of "fake love" and "misuse."  It's okay.  Really.  EYE allowed myself to be used.  Just like EYE now allow myself NOT to be used!  Lessons learned are ALWAYS blessings earned.  Just keeping it very REAL...which is what a LOT of folks DON'T want you to do.  Speak truth.

But THOSE folks are NOT a "priority" in my life...as the reality suggests EYE was NEVER a priority in theirs.  And lies NEVER trump truth.  And so...it goes.  Karmic justice...and evolution.  Survival of the fittest.  Saving your OWN soul and spirit!!!  ARE YOU HEARING ME?!  Maybe...you should.  You'll be better off for it...and will know why......

FIRST priority on THIS journey?  MY survival. MY happiness.  MY grind.  MY shine. Unless you're paying, YOU come....later.  Because my art...my passion...my love...is ALSO my BUSINESS!!!  MY JOB!!!  Just keeping it 100.  

Bitter?  Nooooo.  BETTER, baby!  A wake up call and learning lesson for ALL.  You strive when you release the baggage you were never meant to have.  You LIVE when you learn to let go of things that keep you from living. And those who can't deal?  Well...that's THEIR lesson to learn and baggage to carry.  Focus on YOUR path...and YOUR lessons.  Tests are personal...and so is the grade given.  





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