ORACLE'ISDOM: EVERYbody ain't your audience. Nor will they EVER be. They may watch. They may peep. They may spy. They may copy. They may lie. They may sabotage. They may "pretend" to be your friend. But they AIN'T "your" audience. (Okay...for those of you who are grammatically "anal" -- "THEY ARE NOT YOUR AUDIENCE."  Better?)

You will KNOW your audience because they will KNOW YOU...appreciate YOU...love YOU...support YOU. Continuously. The understood and reciprocal exchange of love when you're dealing with a higher order that is the gateway to YOUR heaven. On Earth...as is...

But you gotta be aware of YOUR travel and YOUR lane and YOUR audience first. And you do that by, at first, honestly acknowledging YOUR lane and staying in it. Now, of course, Da Oracle can do MANY lanes...because EYE have LIVED many lanes.  But not everyone can (because they have barely lived one). So PLEASE. STOP THE COMPETITION THERE...before you hurt yourself. EVERYTHING IS NOT A COMPETITION!! But EVERYTHING is a lesson...and can even be a blessing...IF you learn. So rather than "competing with me, HEAR and HEED the wisdom EYE am freely sharing. FREELY sharing. Personal and corporate consultations you must PAY. It's in the job description. #professional

KNOW YOUR LANE! Become a "BE-YOU-TO-FULL BEAST" in YOUR lane! And if you swerve out of your lane, before the impending crash, don't worry. There will always be someone like ME glad to show you the ropes of how to get back in your lane. It's what WE do. It's what EYE do. It's what MY FATHER taught and trained me to do.

When you need to drop a message, you call on a saint. When you need the lanes enforced, you call on a soldier.





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