CEOracle-isdom: Forgiveness is NOT an excuse for not accepting responsibility for what you did or didn't do. All too often, people ask for "forgiveness" after the fact like that should automatically absolve them from consequences THEIR actions resulted in.

And although people can be forgiven, certain actions (especially when you see a pattern) should not. Rewarding bad behavior or results never leads to lasting success and is "anti-good" on ANY level.

The good of it all: You live and learn and move forward, realizing that some in your past were merely pages in your story and never meant to be in your future or "later chapters." That's LIFE...and how you you grow. Lessons are meant to evolve from; not get stuck in. That's why it is called......change.

Evolution is not about "forgiving" the wrong; it's about moving forward to what's RIGHT for YOU without regrets and enjoying YOUR life regardless.




08/14/2016 10:58pm

I agree that some people do ask for forgiveness so they can get away with the consequences. I hope that people would own up to their fault and say sorry sincerely to the people that they've hurt. People do say sorry just for saying sorry. Things do not work that way. I hope people would change for the better and would really ask for forgiveness to the people that they've hurt.


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