"Morning coffee" with Mom. The weather so changeable these days!

And I laugh...to think...I'm just like Mom. Hot and cool at the same time.  I mean, who ELSE can go from 58 to 88 degrees in an unbelievably short time?!  I got a tank top under my turtleneck just because.  #alwaysready

So Nature be changing...just like me.  Fickle? NEVER. Variable? Always.

Ever evolving...and being the ONE constant through all sums.

And always wondering....will mankind learn in time?

With all this talk about CERN and the economic and global destruction that lies ahead, has anyone thought of any other solution other than one that involves "drought" or "dead?!"

I have.  It's called...."FOCUS ON YOUR HAPPY."  Heaven is a place as much as a concept...and a concept as much as a place.  On Earth...as is in Heaven.  It's a walk; not just a talk.  

And if you're going through some hell right now, maybe you're focused on the wrong thing...or the wrong people...or both.  Reassess your math and add a dose of common sense for balance.

But I'm not a paid counselor...yet.  So enjoy the free lesson.  Most life lessons cost.

Anyway, back to MY peace. All's GOoD in my world. Staying focused. New Creation time. Building MY "Ark." And connected to MY "Source." 

Harvest time.

Message.  Drops seed and connects back to Nature.






04/04/2016 1:11pm

I loved reading this article for this reminds me about focusing on life's happiness. Like this Love Your Life: Living Happy, Healthy, and Whole by Victoria Osteen, I also have learned here that no matter where we are in our life, no matter what responsibilities we may carry, we can find peace, balance, and enjoyment in every area of our life and 'we' have the complete power to do it, it all starts within 'us'.


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