An Oracle Story:  NO SHADE ON MY SHINE!

There used to be a time that I would "hold on" to things and people far past the time EYE needed to let them all go....thinking they would "come around" or "change" or show the very thing they're always asking or "expecting" me to do.....be supportive.

....til EYE realized some folks just be fickled, fukked up, fake and jealous for NO reason.  And the fact that they act "pissy" because I don't kiss their butts, entertain their "madness," go along with a "group" that serves ME no good in NO fashion or make their agendas more important than MY own mission, life or chosen profession has so much more to do with themselves and their own insecurities and issues than me.

And that's when I became ONE with my own teaching, realizing lessons are personal...and growth is not always a "group sport."   Still, ALL can (somehow, someway) learn from EVERY experience.  And people can only "wrong" you as much as YOU "allow" it.

Thus, the affirmation of the realization and revelation that you can't pick up YOUR blessings holding a hand full of shit.  And you can't rise to YOUR greatness carrying a whole bunch of baggage...YOURS nor anyone else's.

AND this is something EVERY person who has ever made an EPIC impact on the world has found out...unfortunately in nearly the SAME manner -- the hard way.  Just different faces and places.  Perhaps that's why experience is and shall ALWAYS be the greatest teacher of all.

So, in order to truly move FORWARD and RISE, I "let it go, let it go, let it go" (in my Erykah Badu voice) and washed my hands of the haters, the fakers, the drainers and the "never-gonna-BEs" and ALL the things that brought nothing good to MY pot.  And now I make them pay the "Universal cost" for not realizing the "present" they had in the first place.

And if they don't, it's STILL okay...because you can't miss what you never had.  And you can't go into spiritual and financial debt when you don't deal with drain in the first place.

And either way, folks PAY for what they learn...or don't.  ;-)

And the moral of THIS story is:  Don't keep pouring support into an empty pot with an obvious had a hole in it and planting in barren fields that NEVER yield a harvest.  There's only so much that alchemy one can do.  And while a great prophet supposedly changed water to wine, I have NEVER heard a story about ANYONE changing "piss" into Pinot.  IJS....

Don't hold on to waste, regret and non-productivity.  RELEASE IT!  There's a much bigger world...a much bigger mission...and a much bigger blessing and audience waiting just for YOU.

Proved...Proven...AND Proving!  NO SHADE ON MY SHINE!  I'll bounce it out of my atmosphere like a Serena Williams backhand.  :-D


Got SOUL?!  




08/05/2016 5:25am

I really want to say that I agree with your post wholeheartedly, but there are some points I disagree with it. As someone who has invested in the wrong person for more than 3 years, I take your point real personal. Sometimes it works, but oftentimes it does not. The only point I disagree with you, is not trying it and not pouring your whole dedication to it. It is not bad to try out new things, even if it may not work, what we should always remember is that better things will come from those which did not work out.

03/12/2017 3:09am

I agree with you about the concept of letting go of the tings that made you stuck in the past. Letting go means giving yourself a freedom from all the things that you are holding onto. Letting go for me doesn't mean that you are a coward. I think it is the opposite way around. Letting go means being brave enough to face what is ahead of you. It is an act of bravery since you are now going to change something in your life.


Your post is very inspiring, especially for those who are struggling to pursue their passion. I like how you became one with your own teaching. It is also good to realize that lessons are personal and growth is not always a group support. I definitely learned a lot from your post. I can say that it inspired me more to continue pursuing what I love to do.


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