Going to dance and play in the rain.  Mom's "cleansing" from all this "matter" some folks trying to "frack."  The moment of disCERNment last night when I summed it up so simply and brilliantly in my thoughts.....

OMG!  THEY'RE TRYING TO "SMASH/FUCK" MOM WITH A JACKHAMMER!  Nothing good will come from that!!  And then again....

Karma is an amazing teacher, isn't she?!  Chanting and staying in MY vibrational pflow....'cuz EYE ain't trying to go where they "think" they wanna go.  Tsk Tsk Tsk  The more you know......

That one time too many when you "poke" Mom the wrong way.  Consequences WILL be felt. UNIVERSALLY.  Listening to Daddy say, "Come in the house now, child.  Your Mother and EYE got some business to handle with some crazy folks.  And we want YOU out of the fray and the way."

And you know what?!  NO PROBLEMO!  Obeying without question.  For once, EYE'm just NOT overly curious or interested in watching.  These arrogant assholes don't even KNOW what's coming. "SMASHING MOM?!!"  SERIOUSLY, DUDES?!!!!

#sillyrabbits  #YOUwillNEVERbeGOD/DESS

Sippin' on my coffee and saying...."EYE told ya so."  NEVER fcuk Mother Nature.  She ALWAYS wins...especially when He is always at her side.

A warning from THEEir child.....




09/18/2016 7:04am

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02/21/2017 1:01pm

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