#FlashbackFriday   Sooooo....about that St. Augustine's connection.....
Both me and my BFF majored in Political Science at FSU.  And our class took a bus to Raleigh for a symposium on Politics and Crimonology (or something like that).  WELL, with us BOTH being Pisces...and you know how the Pisces can get distracted (or bored easily), WE decided to stroll the yard.  

WELL...it was "Hell Week" (not like we didn't notice that when we got off the bus.  Pisces notice EVERYTHING...whether we act like we do or not).  And with me being a Zeta and she being a Delta, one thing just led to another...and next thing you know, we're hanging out with frats and sorors on St. Augustine's campus and watching all the step shows.

Sooooo....it was time for the bus to return to FSU.  So what does two Piscean cheerleaders who were always a bit into checking out whatever was REALLY happening do?! WE STAY to watch all the step shows...figuring somehow, someway we'd make it back to Fayetteville.

Long story short....EYE fell MORE in love with my frats of Phi Beta Sigma from St. Aug that night.  Thanks for the ride back home, brothas.  Blue love forever!  <3

It's TRUE.  The Black Greek family IS family...ALL OVER THE WORLD (even if it's not exactly in YOUR city or campus.  IJS... You just gotta know where to look.)

Side note:  EYE married a man from St. Aug.  Yup...that was Baker's alma mater.

Side note:  At a basketball tourney, EYE was seated by this wonderful young man who EYE had struck up a wonderful convo with.  We laughed, joked, talked about the other teams and such...and EYE went off into this tangent about how EYE could not STAND St. Aug's basketball coach.  LONG STORY SHORT:  Game time...Broncos against St. Aug...Player introduction...the guy EYE was talking to...WAS THE COACH'S SON -- HARVEY HEARTLEY JR!  And he just looked at me and smiled.  #mouthdrops

GOoD TIMES...GOoD TIMES!!  *as she sips coffee and sings "So Hard To Be a Brooooncooooo....."   #actuallyitsNOT




07/01/2016 3:49am

When talking about being a student, those times spent with teachers is always the best. I remember when I was just a fourth grader, my teacher always tells us to value those people who are a big help to us because they are the source of the strong foundation of who we are. So true. My teachers- the very best who help us have this good education which is very important in life. Thank God for them.


At the point when looking at being an understudy, those times went through with educators is dependably the best. I recollect when I was only a fourth grader, my educator dependably instructs us to esteem those individuals who are a major help to us since they are the wellspring of the solid establishment of our identity


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