GOoD MORNING U-N-EYE-VERSE!  A very special "Hump Day Greeting" from Da Oracle.

To my "true blue friends" -- the ones who stick with you thru thick and thin...the ones whose resilience and brilliance are mirrored by my own.  EYE LOVE YOU DEARLY!  YOU are amazing.  WE ARE AMAZING!  We smile...we walk...we talk...we go through our lives and about our way with some of the most incredible passion for life that many can only hope to speak about.

WE let those "infirmities" and illnesses that would flatten a raging bull PUSH us to go beyond the pain and any doctor's "assumption" or naysayer's limited "understanding" of what our quality of life should be...and WE take charged and MAKE it BE what WE want it to BE.

WE are the "textbook anomalies" they can't figure out and do studies about.  But DON'T let them do a study on YOU.  You already know if they don't "understand it," they attempt to dissect and destroy to fit their own imperfections of insecurity.  And if you're like ME, ain't NOBODY got time for THAT.

WE, according to the "books," maybe be suffering from something that could take us out TODAY....or propel us to our greatness RIGHT NOW.  WE choose the latter...and live OUR lives fully EACH day, learning (many times the hard yet very REAL way of the world) to do it without depending on anyone but ourselves.  (But isn't THAT who you are SUPPOSED to depend on FIRST?!  Maybe if you didn't give ALL your resources away to barren sources, you've have something to depend and fall back ON when times get lean for YOU?!  Ask me about it sometimes.....or watch my videos and posts).

WE don't just "wait on the Lord" or pray for miracles from sources yet proven nor ask the world to pray for us like the world don't have other problems.  WE LIVE...."BECOME" THE MIRACLE...AND THE "EXAMPLE"...AND TELL THE WORLD, "NOW WATCH THIS."

When "they" tell their "tales," it's called a "testimony."  When WE tell OUR true stories, it's called "bragging."  Notice how the truth has ALWAYS had a "swagger" about it?!  It's because it IS.....whether folks choose to believe it or not.  And it's because it's impenetrable and impervious to others' assumptions or approval.  It's just.....the WAY WE ROLL!

To my "true blue" friends who are going thru sooooo much right now....YET you are making some of the most amazing things happen IN your time WITH your time, let me say THIS:  DO NOT GET DISTRACTED!  DO NOT DESPAIR!  YOUR LIFE WILL BE EXACTLY HOW YOU WANT IT TO BE IF YOU FOCUS FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE ON YOUR OWN HAPPINESS!!  Your "true" friends will "get it"....because the "Law Of Attraction" suggests they going through the same thing.  

And as much as some of you look to ME for inspiration, EYE/I am truly inspired and uplifted by some of YOU.  It's what WE do.  

And KNOW this:  Many "speak" it and "preach it"....but they NEVER DO IT.  THAT would take a "personal strength" like no other. And is far more easier SAID than done.  But let's be perfectly honest:  Folks can fake that shit on Facebook, but REAL LIFE is another thing.  (Listen to their "actions," not just their words.)

As I told a friend last night, if I die tomorrow, I'm gonna be doing exactly what I want and WHO I want to do it with TODAY!  We're ALL gonna die.  Not meaning to sound morbid...it's a fact...and the recycling continuity of living.

But if you're so focused on preparing for your death or so concerned with making the world your bitch, WHEN will you start to LIVE?!  FUCK casket flowers and tears!  FUCK "temporary fame."  Going for MY "heaven" and "fabulous" NOW.

And the rest will take care of itself....just like WE take care of OURSELVES!  The few...the fierce...the resilient...the brilliant...the inspiring...the untiring...the REAL.  WE make the BIGGEST struggles look easy...and the smallest things look amazing.

But isn't that what REAL "Souljahs" are supposed to do?!  And EYE/I would KNOW.  EYE/I am a BRAT!

And BRATS don't quit....unless the shit ain't worth it. And LIFE...and the quality of it and peace of it all will ALWAYS be worth it.

And if that's TOO MUCH ATTITUDE for some of YOU....don't care.  This message wasn't FOR you.  Then again....maybe it was.

So to all my "true blue" who are going through some of the most incredible "transformations" and "tests" like you've never had before:  Don't worry....it's just our bodies and spirits preparing for the "Universal shift" that is occurring.  And from one who has went from "nothing" to "everything" in less than a year, "transcending" before I thoroughly enjoy my "harvest" is just out the question!  EYE'M COMET-SWERVING, BABY!!  (Drama-swerving TOO!  ;-)  )

So, let this burst of resilient energy and healing light of love hit YOU where YOU need to be hit at.  Release your burdens of others and saving the world....and save yourself!  LOVE YOURSELF!!  <3 <3 <3 

And know, if YOU don't "live YOUR life," somebody else out there will make a feeble attempt to.  And that's just NOT "natural."  IJS...





05/27/2016 3:59am

There are many things to be feared in life. Everyone experiences fear. No ones good at everything. We all have something that we struggle with, something that another can do better than us. The good news is that it doesn't matter what you fear, because there are a few basic ways for dealing with fears. Fear is only in our mind. According to other researchers: 80% of our fears never happen. I am now starting thinking the good things that will happen in my life.


Everyone has their own hardships in life and heavy loads to carry. There are a lot of things that might take us down but everyone has the choice of their own if we allow these troubles to bring us down or to find solutions to these problems and fight it. Your friends are indeed incredible to stand all the struggles in their lives and most importantly, they did not forget to smile no matter how hard the struggles in their life. Fear is always there, it is not easy to diminish it. Fear is always part of being a human, and we cannot deny the fact about it. Be brave enough to fight all the battles in our lives, don't let the problems and circumstances of life bring us down and steal the joys in our heart.

08/25/2017 4:02am



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